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龙湖实验中学九年级英语教案:Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark2

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Ⅰ. Learning goals

1. Review grammar: tag questions

2. Talk about yourself or your partner with the target language used to.

Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points

1. I used to be really quiet.

I know. Now you are very outgoing.

2. Did you use to have straight hair?

Yes, I did.

3. Did you use to play the piano?

No, I didn’t.

Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Points

1. Yes/No questions with used to

2. Statements with used to

Ⅳ. Teaching Methods

1. Teaching by explanation

2. Pairwork

Ⅴ. Teaching Aids

1. Pictures of people cut out from magazines or newspapers

2. A tape recorder

Ⅵ. Teaching Procedures

Step Ⅰ Revision

Check homework. Ask a student to hold up the picture given to him yesterday or a picture he/she collected himself/herself to the class. Then let him/her read out his/her article about the person in the picture.

Step Ⅱ 2a

This activity provides listening practice using the target language. Point to the picture and ask students what is happening. Elicit answers from students.

Play the recording for the first time. Students only listen.

Play the recording a second time. This time ask students to put a check in front of the words they hear.

Checked words: quiet, outgoing, friendly

Play the recording. Students fill in the blanks with the words they hear.


quiet outgoing friendly sports

Step Ⅳ 2c

This activity provides oral practice using the target language. Focus students on the conversation in Activity 2b. Ask a pair of students to read it to the class.

Have students work in pairs. Move around the room listening in on various pairs and offering help

if necessary.

Step Ⅴ Grammar Focus

Ask different students to say the statements and the questions and answers.

The following are noteworthy:

1. When we write statements, we use the words used to.

2. When we write questions, we use the words did + use to.

3. When we answer a question with used to, we use did or didn’t.

Step Ⅵ 3a

This activity provides reading and writing practice using the target language.

Point to the pictures and ask students to tell what is happening.

Ask different students to report his/her answers like this:

Step Ⅶ 3b

This activity provides oral practice using the target language. Focus attention on the conversation. Ask a pair of students to read it to the class.

Step Ⅷ Part 4

This activity gives students an opportunity to use the target language to talk about themselves. Ask students to complete the work in groups of four. Ask a few students to tell the class about the other students they have talked to.

Step Ⅸ Summary

Say, In this class, we’ve talked about what you used to be afraid of and what you are still afraid of using the target language of this unit.

Homework 《双语报》B版 Section A 与《随堂》Section A

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