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龙湖实验中学九年级英语教案:Unit 1 How do you study for a test2

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Teaching contents

Section A 3a , 3b , 4.

Learning goals:

1. Learn these new words:

specific, memorize , grammar , differently , frustrate , frustrating , quickly, add

1. Talk about the way of learning English well by reading or writing an article. Important and difficult points:

Structures: 1. S+ think(s) + a present participle phrase+ is/ was a great/ bad way to do…

2. find + O + Oc

Teaching procedures :

Step 1 Revision

Ask some students how they study English , get them to answer individually . Step 2 Fast reading

Get the students to underline the following new words in the article in 3a on page 4 as quickly as possible

specific, memorize , grammar , differently , frustrate , frustrating , quickly, add Step 3 Word learning

Get the students to read the new words after you ,explain the use of some new words for the students.

frustrate –frustrating – frustrated ; quickly –soon --fast , add + a clause ; add… to…

SB Page 4 , 3a .

1. First ,ask one volunteer to read the article aloud to the class .

2. Have students read through the passage one or two times and complete the chart on their own .

3. Correct the answers .

The students read the article in 3a aloud. Help them to understand some complicate sentences:

1. Lilian Li said , for example , said , the best way to learn new 2. 3. Step 3 Pairwork

SB Page 4 , 3b .

1. Read the instructions to the class and ask a pair of students to practice the sample conversation .

2. Then in pairs ,have students make their own conversation according to activity 3a .

3. Ask some pairs to present their conversations .

SB Page 4 , Part 4 .

1. Ask students to check what they do to learn English in the chart .Then get them to work in pairs to interview their partner .

2. Call some pairs to act out their dialogues in front of the class .

Step 4 Follow –ups

Complete the exercises in Follow-ups for Section Aon B4 in Student Times . Homework

《极限突破》Section A

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