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龙湖实验中学九年级英语教案:Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark4

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Ⅰ. Learning goals

1. . Review the words and languagepoints in SectonA and Section B

2. Learn to write about how aperson has changed using the target language used to . Ⅱ. Teaching Key Point

Practice reading and writing using the target language.

Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Point

Write a passage about how someone’s life has changed.

Ⅳ. Teaching Method

Practice method

Ⅴ. Teaching Aids

1. A projector

2. A sample version

Ⅵ. Teaching Procedures

Step I Revision

Review the target language presented in this unit. Then make sentences using the words "used to" and the guessed activity. Demonstrate how to play the game.

A student pretends that he/she is drinking milk.

T: What is he/she doing?

Ss: He/She is drinking milk.

T: You are right. OK. Please make sentences using "used to" and "drink milk".

S1:I used to drink milk a lot. Now I don’t like to drink milk at all.

S2:I didn’t use to drink milk. But now I like milk very much.


Step Ⅱ 3a

This activity provides reading practice using the target language.

Teach the words right and comic.

Call students’ attention to the article. Invite a student to read it to the class. Correct any pronunciation errors to make sure the student provides a good model for the rest of the class. Point out the chart. Elicit the first answer from the class: Rose Tang then. had so much time. Guide students to find out the information in the reading. It says

when I was young, I used to have so much time,…

Say, Now read the article and complete the chart.

Get students to do the work on their own. Correct the answers.


Rose Tang then: had so much time; spent a lot of time playing games with my friends; watching TV or chat with my grandmother; went to concerts with my father

Rose Tang now, gets up early and stays in school all day; has no time for playing

games; has to study; has no time for concerts; does homework and goes to bed

Step Ⅲ 3b

This activity provides reading and writing practice using the target language.

Say, Please complete the letter on your own. You may use the information from the chart in Activity 2b.

Ask students to work individually. Walk around the room checking progress answering questions as needed.

Ask different students to read their completed letters to the class.

Note: Answers will vary.

Step Ⅳ 3c

This activity provides writing practice using the target language.

Read the instructions to the class.

Demonstrate how to do the activity. Ask students to take turns suggesting things that they used to do and that they still do. Make two columns with the headlines

Used to and Now on the blackboard.

Say, Write an article about the things that you used to do and that you still do to describe how your life has changed since primary school. Use these suggestions on the blackboard with your ideas to write your article. You may also use the articles in Activities 3a and 3b as a model.

Ask students to do the activity individually.

Step Ⅴ 4a

This activity provides reading, writing, listening and speaking practice using the target language. Read the instructions to the class.

Focus attention on the chart. Set a time limit of one minute. Students read the headlines at the top and at the sides.

This activity provides oral practice using the target language.

Step Ⅶ Summary

Say, In this class, we’ve done much practice in reading and writing as well as speaking the target language.

Step Ⅷ Homework 《双语报》Section B

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