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What’s he doing? He is smoking .
What do you think of smoking?

Is smoking good or bad for our health? It’s bad for our health.

Smoking is bad for our lungs. It can even cause cancer.

So everyone should give up smoking. 放弃


Listen to 1a and answer the following questions.


①What is Wang Junfeng doing?

He is reading an article about smoking in the newspaper.
②Why does Maria’s father like smoking ?

Because he thinks smoking can help him relax.
③Why does Maria want to ask her father to give up smoking?

Because smoking is bad for our lungs and it even may cause cancer.


Watch the flash and fill in the blanks.


article Wang Junfeng is reading an ______ about smoking in the newspaper . Maria’s father smokes ________ because he thinks smoking can help relax him ________. But the article says smoking is bad _______ for our lungs and it can even cause _____ cancer. Maria’s going to ask her father to give up ______ _____ smoking.

?I must ask him to give up smoking.

ask sb. to do sth. 叫某人做某事
Eg: 我妈妈叫我晚上不要外出。

My mother asks me not to go out at night.

give up sth./doing sth. 放弃某事/做某事
Eg: 我不会放弃我的计划。 I won’t give up my plan.

What … reading ?…read in the sun. Wang Junfeng: … an article about smoking in the newspaper. Does …smoke … ? Maria: Yes … smoking … help…relax. Wang Junfeng: …smoking … bad for … Maria: … teeth … yellow and … coughs. Wang Junfeng: …too bad …the article says smoking …our lungs … cause cancer. Maria: … How … ! I … ask … give up smoking. May I borrow … show… father? Wang Junfeng: Sure. Maria:


Look at the pictures and choose the correct sentence to complete each description.

Breakfast gives you energy for the morning.
a. Going to school without ___________________________ breakfast is bad for your health. ___________________________

c. Walking is good exercise. ___________________________

It’s necessary for your health.


Look at the pictures and choose the correct sentence to complete each description.

Water is good for your health.
d. Drink enough water every day. ___________________________ ___________________________

b. Go to bed early and get up _________________________ early. _________________________

It will keep you active during the day.

enough ① adj. 足够的,既可以放在名词之前, 也可以放在名词之后。

Eg:Do you have enough money/money enough to buy it? There are enough people / people enough to do the work. ②adv. 足够地 ,放在形容词或副词之后。
Eg:It’s good enough, I think. If you get up early enough, you will catch the bus.


Read 2a and mark H (Healthy) or U (Unhealthy).

1. Li Hua often goes to school without breakfast. ( 2. Zhang Ming usually takes a walk after the meal. ( 3. Wang Peng gets up at 10 o’clock on weekends. ( 4. Hu Fei always studies late in th

e night. ( 5. Mr. Smith drinks enough water every day. (


) )


Look at the pictures. Work in pairs and talk about what we should do to keep healthy habits, using must, mustn’t, should, shouldn’t, had better, had better not or don’t.

Eg: Don’t walk on the lawn ( 草坪 ). You should take care of the lawn. …

Make a survey to find out your classmates’ bad habits and then give some advice to them. Name Bad habit Advice


Read the pairs of words and pay attention to the difference among / ? /, / a: / and / D /. Then think of more words for each group. 录音3a-P38

/ ? /-- / A:/
fun --- farm cut --- card come --- calm

/ ? /-- / D /
fund --- fond duck --- dock luck --- lock


Listen to the chant and write the key phrase for each picture. 录音3b-P38

wash hands

have a bath

open the window

early to rise

Listen again and repeat, paying attention 3b to the liaison. 录音3b-P38 Wash your hands, have a bath. Open the window, take a fresh breath.

Early to bed, early to rise.
Having good habits,

makes a man healthy,
Wealthy and wise.
Liaison makes our English sounds smooth, and one type of it is to link consonant with vowel.

1. How to use should, shouldn’t, must, mustn’t. 2. Go on talking about how to cultivate good habits to keep healthy.

1. Discuss with your partner and write some class regulations. Eg: We must keep the classroom clean every day. 2. Finish the exercises in Section B.

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