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七年级英语Unit9 my favorite subject is science period 2课件

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Unit 9 My favorite subject is science!
Period 2

art, science, Chinese, English, math, music, P.E

A:What do you think of English?

B:I think it’s…

interesting, boring, fun, difficult, relaxing

2a.Listen and put the conversation in order.

4 -Because it’s fun. _____ 2 -My favorite subject is P.E. _____ -What’s your favorite subject? _____ 1 -Why do you like P.E.? _____ 3

2b. Listen again. Match the subjects you hear with the description words. Subject 1. art 2. science 3. music 4. P.E. 5. Math Description Word a. fun b. interesting c. boring d. difficult e. relaxing

Ask and answer in pairs: -What’s your favorite subject?

-My favorite subject is …
-Why do you like …? -Because (I think) it’s …

teacher my

subject your

subject A: What is your favorite ______? _____

B: My favorite _______ is art. subject
your A: Who is _____ art ______? teacher

B: My art teacheris Mrs Jones. _____

Ask and answer in pairs: A: What is your favorite subject? B: My favorite subject is … A: Why do you like …? B: Because I think it’s … A: Who is your … teacher? B: My … teacher is Mr. / Mrs. /Miss / Ms …


Favorite subject


Why? When?


Report: My favorite subject is … and … Because I think … My friend…

Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Name day subject city sport movie

you Hi, my name is …My favorite … Because I think …

1. Workbook2-3 2. Write a passage about your parents’ favorite things

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