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七年级英语Unit3 This is my sister.Sectionn A课件

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Period 1

Which is missing?
1. /'pensl/ 2. /buk/ 3. /'pens?l b?ks/ 4. /'ru:l?/ 5. /pen/ 6. /'sku:lb? g/ 7. /?'re?s?/ 8. /'dik??n?ri/ pencil book pencil box ruler pen schoolbag eraser dictionary


Match the words with the things in the picture.

1. pencil __ e 2. pen __ g 3. books __ b 4. eraser __ h 5. ruler __ c 6. pencil box __ f 7. schoolbag __ a 8. dictionary __ d

Is this/that your ruler?

Yes, it is. It's my ruler. It's mine.

No, it isn’t. It’s his/her ruler. It's his/hers.

A: Is this your....? B: Yes, it is. It's my.... It's mine. A: Is that your....?

B: No, it isn't. It's his/her ....
It's his/hers.

Are these /those your books?

Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. They’re his/her books. They are his/hers.

A: Are these your....? B: Yes, they are. A: Are those your....?

B: No they aren't. They are his/her ....
They are his/hers.

Listen and number the 1b conversations [1-3].

3 2

A: Is this your pencil? B: Yes, it is. It’s mine. A: Is that your schoolbag? B: No, it isn’t. It’s his.


A: Are these your books? B: No, they aren’t. They’re hers.

Practice the conversations with your partner. Then make your own conversations.

a pencil box
a pencil an eraser

a schoolbag


a ruler

Tom: Excuse me,Grace.Is this your pencil ? Grace:Yes,thank you.And those are my erasers . Tom:And Jane,is this your ruler ? Jane:No,it isn’t.It’s hers. books Tom:OK,and these are my .This is pencil box your , Jane.


? 练习2b中的对话,并用 dictionary、pens schoolbag 、cups、key 做替换练习

A: Hello! B: Hi! A: Is this your …? B: Yes, it's my.... It's mine. A: Is that your...? B: No, it isn't. It's his/her.... It's his/hers. A: Are these your…? B: Yes, they are. A: Are those your...? B: No, they aren't. They are his/her .... They are his/hers.


it 1.this/that的回答用____代替。 2. your是____________物主代词,后面加_______, 形容词性 名词

mine , his, hers是_________物主代词,后不加 名词性
_______。 名词

? 从用法上来说,名词性物主代词是充当名词,而 形容词性物主代词是充当形容词,如: This is his pen, that‘s mine. 这里的his 就是充当形容词, 修饰pen,而mine相当于:my pen,为了避免重 复,用名词性物主代词mine代替

? 形容词性(物主代词)能力差,自己不能 来当家,后面需把名词加。名词性物 (主代词)能力强,自己独来又独往。 ? 名词性物主代词=形容词性物主代词+ 名词

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. This is my book. __ are over there. A. Your B. Yours C. You D. Mine 2. Whose pen is it? It’s __. A. her B. hers C. she D. his 3. __ bag is new and __ is new, too. A. Our, he B. Ours, his C. My, his D. My, her 4. This room is ours, and that one is __. A. they B. them C. theirs D. their 5. Whose pencils are there? They’re __. A. my B. me C. mine

D. our 6. Is the new watch __? Yes, it’s __. A. you, me B. yours, mine C. your, my D. your, mine

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7. Whose shoes are these? They are __. A. me B. mine C. my D. I 8. She is a student , __ name is Han Mei. A. its B. her C. hers D. his 9. It’s a dog. I don’t know __ name. A. its’ B. its C. it D. it’s 10.__ schoolbag is beautiful. But __ is more beautiful. A. Jims, my B. Jim’s, mine C. Jim’s, me D. Jims’, I 11.I like __ new dress. A. She B. her C. hers D. his 12.Is that __ hat? No, it’s not __. It’s __. A. your, my, Toms B. you, mine, Tom’s C. yours, mine, Tom D. your, mine, Tom’s

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