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七年级英语Unit8 When is your birthday period 3 Section B 1a–2b课件

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Section B(1a-2b)

Aims and Language points:
? 1. Learn these words and expressions, and be able to say, read and write them: ? test, trip, art, festival, time, English test, school trip, basketball game, School Day, English Day, art festival, Sports Day, book sale ? 2. Learn these words and expressions, and be able to say and read them: ? calendar, event, notice, activity, can ? 3. Be able to talk about calendars by using ? When is Sally’s birthday party? ? It is on October 5th.

汉译英。 1. 那是杰夫的排球。 Jeff’s That is ____________ volleyball. 2. 这些是吉姆和比尔的书桌。 These are __________________ desks Jim’s and Bill’s 3. 王明的文具盒在沙发上。 ______________ pencil-box is on the sofa. Wang Ming’s 4. 元旦节是在一月一日。 New Year’s Day on _________________is ______ January 1st. 5. 格林太太是汤姆和约翰的妈妈。 Tom and John’s Mrs. Green is __________________ mother.


6. 教师节在九月。
_______________ is _____ September. in Teachers’ Day

7. 这家商店卖男式服装。

men’s This store sells ___________ clothes.
8. 我有今天的报纸。

today’s I have ____________ newspaper.

School Events(学校活动)

basketball Day art party game English festival
聚会、晚会 英语节/日 篮球比赛 艺术节

School Events(学校活动)

学校组织的观光、游览活动 学校开放日 足球赛 运动会

school soccer game School Day Sports Daytrip

1a Match the pictures with the events.

d 1. __ English test c 2. __ party

3. __ school trip b

a 4. __ basketball game

1b Listen and circle the events you hear in 1a.

1c Listen again. Fill in John’s calendar.
SEPTEMBER 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

OCTOBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Ask and answer questions about John’s calendar.

2a Match the activities with their Chinese names. Check the activities we have at our school. Make your own calendars. Talk about your calendars in pairs. 运动会 soccer game 艺术节 school trip 英语活动日 School Day 学校旅行 book sale 足球赛 English Day 晚会 art festival 图书售卖 Sports Day 学校开放日 party

2b Read the school notice and list the activities and the dates.

Dates September 21st October 12th October 15th October 22nd November 3rd November 30th December 3rd

Activities school trip soccer game volleyball game School Day art festival English party book sale

What activities do they have at school this term? When is the school trip/ …? What can the students’ parents do on School Day?

1. Listen and read.

2. Listen and read.

1. Read the text in Section B, 2b aloud. 2. List the activities you like and make a calendar like the one in the 2b.

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