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人教新目标七年级英语上册unit2 A(2a-3c)

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Unit 2 This is my sister.

Section A (2a-3c)

2a Listen and circle the words you hear.

parents brother friend




grandmother grandfather grandparents

2b Listen again. Match the names with the people in the picture.

1. Jennyd 4. Bob b _ _ 2. Jack c 5. Linda _ _

3. Tom

e _ 6. Mary _ a f

?A: Cindy, is this your family photo? ?B: Yes, it is, Li Lan. ?A: Are these your parents? ?B: Yes, they are. This is my mother Jenny. And this is my father Tom. ?A: Oh, who’s she? ?B: She’s my sister Mary. ?A: Who’re they? ?B: They’re my grandparents, Linda and Bob. ?A: And who’s he? ?B: He’s my brother Jack.

2c Ask and answer questions about the photo in 2b.

The end

2d Role-play the conversation.
Sally: Good morning, Jane. Jane: Good morning, Sally. Sally: Oh, Jane, this is my sister Kate. Kate, this is my friend Jane. Kate: Nice to meet you, Jane. Jane: Nice to meet you, too. Are those your parents? Kate: Yes, they are. Jane: And who’s he? Sally: He’s my brother, Paul. Jane: Oh, I see. Well, have a good day! Sally/Kate : Thanks! You, too.

The end

Grammar Focus
This is my friend Jane. That’s my grandfather.

These are my brothers.
Who’s she? Who’s he? Who’re they?

Those are my parents.
She’s my sister. He’s my brother. They’re my grandparents.

that’s = that is Who’re = who are Who’s = Who is

They’re = they are

brother brothers

is are

is (单数)

is = that ’ s

写 出 这 些 单 词 的 复 数 形 式

单数 1. this 2. that 3. is 4. he 5. she 6. it 7. you 8. I 9. book 10. brother 11. parent 12. friend

复数 these those are they they they you (你们) we (我们) books brothers parents friends

3a Complete the conversation and practice it with your partner. A: That is my family. That’s my mother. B: Who’s he? A: He’s my father. she B: Who’s ? my A: She’s sister. are they? B: And who They’re my grandparents. A:

3b Look at the picture. Make sentences with the words in the three boxes.

that these those my

Father parents

mother grandfather




This is my niece(侄女). /ni:s/ She is my brother’s daughter.

This is my daughter. They are cousins.

This is my nephew(侄子). /?nefju:/ He is my brother’s son.

3c Bring some family photos to class. Take turns to ask and answer questions.

Who’s she? She’s my grandmother.

1. This is his sister.
介绍别人用句型:This is….

That’s ….
辨认某人用句型:Is this…? Is that…?

①当第三者给双方做介绍时, 通常用“this is +姓名”这个句型, 在这种场合不说she is …/he is … 如:

Tom, this is my brother.

应用that’s…, 意思为“那位是??”。如:
---- Who’s that?

---- It’s my brother.

③-- Is Guo Peng your brother?

--No, he isn’t. he 是人称代词, 用

来代替“男他”, 句中用来代替上句中的Guopeng。 在英语的简略回答句中, 要用代词代 替上句中的名词, 不可让名词出现在 简略答语中。

④--Is he your friend?

--Yes, he is. 肯定的简略答语中, 不能用缩写形式。 即 Yes, he is. 不能写成 Yes, he’s.


单数 this that it/he/she is

复数 these those they are

Ⅰ. Choose the correct answer.
( B )1. Hello, Tom. _________my new friend. A. He is B. This is C. She is ( C )2. —_________their names? —They are Lucy and Lily. A. What’s B. Who are C. What are ( B )3. My father is a teacher. _______name is Mr. Green. A. He’s B. His C. Him D. It’s

( C )4. These are _________ parents. A. he B. she C. her ( A )5. Look! _________is your brother, Guo Peng. A. that B. these C. she ( B )6. —Who’s that? —I think _______is Mrs. Green. A. he B. she C. it D. this 解析:it 通常用于指时间、天气、距离 和不知性别的婴幼儿等。但在表示猜测时, 也可用it指代人。

(C )7. My family _________all at home. A. am B. is C. are D. be 解析: My family显然是第三人称, 所以首先

应为单数,动词要用单数形式;若family指家庭 成员时, 谓语动词用复数形式。本题句中有all 暗示三人或三人以上,排除B。

Ⅱ. 改错题

I and you are in the same class.
解析: 英语中, 表示“我和××”时为了表示 礼貌, 通常将“我(I)”放在最后, 如: Jim and I…, My sister and I…。但是在承担责任 或承认错误时, 则习惯把I放在最前面。如: I and she are wrong. (我和她都错了) 答案: 调换I和 you的位置并大写you的第一个 字母。

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