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七年级英语Unit4 Where’s my schoolbag Section B(1a-1e)课件

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Unit 4

Where is my schoolbag? (我的书包在哪儿?)
Section B(1a-1e)


Where’s the…? It’s on/ in/ under ….

Where are the …? They are in/ on /under the…

A: Is the dog on the chair?

B: Yes, it is.

A: Is the baseball on the sofa?
B: No, it isn’t. It’s under the sofa.

A: Are the books on the table?
B: No, they aren’t. They’re in the bookcase.

A: Are the books on the sofa?
B: Yes, they are.

New teaching(新内容)

New words

English books clock

tape player




model plane

1a Match the words with the things in the picture.
tape player



model plane



Check the answers!

1.radio ___ 3. tape player___ 5. tape___ a b d f e c 2.clock ___ 4.model plane ____6. hat ____

1b Look at the picture in 1a for three minutes. Then close your books and write down all the things you remember. bed pencil schoolbag bookcase baseball drawer clock book

ID card table quilt

sofa tape player model plane radio chair

tape hat

1c Listen and circle the things Tom wants from his room.

English books ruler radio

tape player tape

clock model plane


Section B ,1c and 1d

Mom : Hello . Tom : Hi ,mom .Could you bring some things to school for me Mom : OK . Tom : I need my English books… Mom :English books ? Where are your English books ? Tom : Hmm ,they’re on the chair …Oh ,no ,they’re under the radio . Mom : OK. Tom : And I need my ruler .It’s on the bed .and my notebook. Mom : Where’s your notebook ? Tom : Uh ,I don’t know .oh …it’s under the model plane in the bookcase. And Frank’s tape .He needs it . Mom : Where’s his tape ? Tom :Oh ,it’s in the tape player. Mom :OK. Meet you at one at your school. Tom :Thanks , mom !

1d Listen again. Where are Tom’s things? Write them down.

The English books is under the radio . The ruler is on the bed.
The notebook is under the model plane in the bookcase
Frank’s tape is in the tape player

1e Ask and answer questions about the things in Tom’s room.

Where are the English books?

They’re under the radio.


Where’s the…? It’s on/ in/ under ….


Where are the …? They are in/ on /under the…


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