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Unit 3 What were you doing when the arrived?

Period 1

What are we doing? We are having an English class. they doing? What are They are running. What is he doing? He is playing tennis. What is the man doing? He is eating bread.



A:What did you do at 9 o’clock last morning ? B:I went to school. A:What was Tom doing at the time ? B: He was having breakfast.
Tom was having breakfast when I went to school.

A:What did you do last night? B:I did my homework. A: What was she doing last night? B: She was playing the piano.
She was playing the piano when I did my homework.

What was he doing when they swam in the water ? He was doing homework


What were they doing at 10:30? They were playing baseball.

Talk about the pictures




What were they doing yesterday afternoon?

Ask and answer in pairs
Where were you at 6:00 yesterday evening? What were you doing ?
?1 ?2 ?3 ?4 ?5 ?6 in a river in a park in a shop at home at home at home swimming playing basketball doing some shopping cooking watching TV doing my homework

含 义:表示过去某个时刻正在进行的动作。 结 构: be (was / were ) + doing 指示词:then, at that time, once,
a moment ago等连用,或者用另 一动作来表示过去的时间.

例 句:I was writing on the blackboard.
I was walking in the room.

含义: 表示现在 正在进行的动作。
结构: is/am/are + doing 例句: I am having an English class

含义: 表示过去某个时刻 正在进行的动作。
结构: was/were + doing 例句: I was having an English class.


What did you see when you were going to school? What did you see the alien do? I saw the UFO land and the alien get out of it.

What were you doing when the UFO arrived?
Please interview your classmates.

do my homework

visit my teacher/my friend

sit in the park

climb the mountains

Cook in the kitchen

stay in the library

do shopping in the supermarket

boat on the lake

swim in the sea

fish near the beach

play tennis

play soccer

stay at home and watched TV

have a party

cut hair at the barber’s

clean my room

Take a shower in the bathroom

sleep in my bedroom

?study for the math test ?practice English

Match the statement with the people in the picture.
1.___ I was in the bathroom. D 2.___ I was in my bedroom. B 3.___ I was in front of the library A 4.___ I was in the kitchen C 5.___ I was in my barber shop. E 6.___ I was in the barber’s chair. F

Listen to the reporter’s questions and circle the correct responses

What were you doing last…?





What was Tom doing last…?
Last Monday Last Tuesday

Last Wednesday

Last Friday

Ms. Lin
yesterday morning yesterday afternoon

yesterday evening

yesterday morning

yesterday afternoon

yesterday evening


Make a survey
A: What were you doing at nine o’clock last Sund

ay morning? B: I was sleeping. How about you? A: I was doing my homework.

Time (yesterday) 7:20 am 9:00 am 11:30am

your partner


4:20 pm
6:00 pm 9:00 pm

1.昨天早上9点钟你在干什么? ?What were you doing at 9 o’clock yesterday morning?

2.不明飞行物起飞时,小明正在骑自行车. XiaoMing was riding his bike when the UFO took off.

They were doing their homework at that time.

What were you doing when I called you up this morning?

Mother took me to the zoo last week.

?A. Mary got up at seven o’clock. ?B. And then she was doing her homework while her mom was cleaning the room. ?C. After breakfast, she began to study for the tests. ?D. When her mom made breakfast, she was listening to English. ?E. At last, Mary and her mom decided to go shopping in the afternoon. (Answers: A D C B E)

Thank you, good bye!


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