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1. The underlined part of the word “soup” is pronounced the same as that of the

word _______?

A. B C D

2._______ Qingming Festival, which falls on April 5 every year,is______ time-honored tradition for the Chinese to honor their ancestors.

A. The;a B./;the C. The; the D. /; a

3.I believe my dream ______ a freshman of Xuejun High School must ______ four months later.

A. to become ; be come true B. of becoming , come true

C.of becoming ,achieve D. to become . realize

4. The more _______ you talk the exam, the _________ mistakes you will make.

A. careful ,few B. careful; more C. carefully; less D. carefully, few

5. Let’s _____ play in the street. Father tells me _______ do so.

A, not to, not to B. not; not to C. don’t ; to not D. not to; don’t

6.- What do you think made Mary upset? -____________her new bicycle.

A,As she lost B. Lost C. Because of losing D. Losing

7.-I don’t think it right to______ the students’ exam results. –I agree with you.

A. look up B. put up C. pick up D. set up

8.-What did your father ask you? -He asked me__________.

A,where an I with my friends B. when would I go home

C. whom I was chatting with D. if I have finished my homework

9. –My mother hardly watches any sports shows. -___________

A. So do mine B. So does mine C. Neither do mine

D. Neither does mine

10. We can easily become angry ______ we work out our problems in our daily life.

A,after B if C. until D. unless

11. He will spend as ______ time as he can ______ with his sick father.

A,many;stay B. much, to stay C. much, staying D. more, stays

12. –Is everything ______ we need to do ___? -Yes. You needn’t worry about it.

A. which, has done B. which, doing C. that, has done D. that, done

13. –Are you pleased with the result of the exam? -Not at all . I can’t have _______.

A, a worse one B. a better one C. the worst one D. the best one


15.-Do you mind if I turn the TV down? -_______________.

A, Yes, I don’t mind B. Of course not, please go right ahead

C. Sure, please turn it down D. Don’t worry, You’ll get used to it


1. He will be fined or even put into prison if he d______ a car after drinking.

2. I used to sleep with the bedroom light o________ , because I was afraid of dark.

3. Our government has taken steps to prevent the price of the house from r_______


4. You’ll find yourself very comfortable in this T-shirt as it is made of 100%


5. Hey, Tom and Jim ,don’t run about ! Help y______ to some cakes.

6. It’s my grandmother’s n________ birthday today,next year she’ll be one hundred

years old.

7. I don’t remember w______ I have left my keys at home or in the car.

8. L_________, he didn’t get hurt in the car accident.

9. We have already s_________ getting to the top of Mount Tai.

10. Using the English-Chinese dictionary is very h_______ for us students. It can help

us know.

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