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Body language plays an important role in our daily life. So what can we learn from it?

First, we may be cheated by the words what people said. And we couldn’t know if it is true. But body language can help us. For example, a teacher can know if a student lies to her from the student’s eyes. Second, if we learn the body language well , we can understand others better. We can learn much information from their expressions, gestures and so on.

In a word, when we communicate with others, we need to pay more attention to their body languages.





3.不要过多地染(dye) 发和烫(perm) 发;



2.作文可以使用连接词, 如:first, second, third, finally,


3.作文可以使用一些表示建议的句型, 如: We should--, we’d


As we all know, hair is very important for us. It also shows whether a person is healthy or not. How should we keep our hair healthy? Here is my advice.

First, it is necessary for us to wash our hair regularly. City air is dirty, it will break easily. Second, we should treat our hair with care. We’d better brush our hair regularly and gently. Finally, don’t dye or perm our hair too often. It will damage our hair.

There are many ways to protect hair. In my opinion, we need to follow the advice abovt at least to make sure our hair is healthy.



1. 选择合适的洗发水,一周洗头三次;

2. 洗完后使用护发素( hair conditioner) 护理;

3. 不用吹风机;

4. 保证足够的睡眠;

5. 均衡饮食,不吃太多油腻的东西。

How can I keep my hair healthy? Here are my suggestions:

First of all, keep yourself healthy. Have a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. Do not eat too much meat.

Second, it would be wise of you to choose the right shampoo. Wash your hair at least three times a week. After washing your hair, you’d better use some hair conditioner to care for your hair.

What’s more, dry your hair gently with a towel. Do not use your hairdryer too much—that will damage your hair.

If you follow the advice above, I am sure your hair will get more and more healthy.




2.定期做眼保健操( eye exercises)



As we know, eyes are the windows to the soul. They are very important to us. How should we protect our eyes? Here is my advice.

First, it is important for us to keep a good reading habit. We shouldn’t read in the bed or in poor light. Second, we should do eye exercises regularly. It helps eyes especially when we feel tired. Finally, we need to do more exercise and have a good rest to make our eyes keep healthy.

If we follow the advice above, I’m sure we can protect our eyes well.

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