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I. 选择填空 (20分)















( )1. My_______is a teacher. A. parents )2. This is my good ________. A. friends B. friend C. sisters D. brothers )3. My ______ are all teachers. A. friend B. sister C. grandparents D. mother )4. Thanks ______your family photos, they are very nice. A. to B. in C. for D. at )5.______these her hats? No, they ______. A. Is, isn’t B. Am, are C.Are, isn’t D. Are, aren’t )6. Is this _____ car ? Yes, It’s_____ car. )7. She is a student and ______ name is Kate. A.she B.her C.hers D.his )8.Your mother’s brother is your ______. )9. Mum, ______ my friends, Dale and Helen. A. this is B. they are C. he and she D. these are )10. This ______ my sister and those ______ my parents. A.is, is B.is, are C.are, is D.are, are )11.Here______ his family photo. A.are B.am C.be D.is )12. --- ________? --- No, it isn’t. A. Is this your aunt B. What’s this A. this is C. Who’s this D. Is he your son )13. This is Mr. Black and _______ my English teacher. B. she is C. he is D. it isn’t )14. _______ are in the same class. A. Helen and I B. I and Helen C. I, you and she D. These )15. Is ________ your aunt? What’s ________ name?

A.he,his B.she,her C.he,her D.she,his

( )16.Is he your friend? Yes, ________.

A.it is B.it isn’t C.he is D.he isn’t

( )17.Is that your ________ ? A.a picture B.picture C.pictures D.nice pictures

( )18.Are ________ Kate’s ________?

A.this, book B.that,book C.these,books D.those,book

( ) 19.Is Guo Peng your brother? ________.

A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn’t C.Yes, she is D.No,he isn’t

( )20.Anna is not my sister. ________ my cousin.

1 B. grandparents C. parent D. father’s A.your, you B.your, my C.his, he D.her,she A.father B.grandfather C.cousin D.uncle

A.He B.He’s C.She D.She’s II..完形填空(5分)

This is a Frank, I am twelve. I study(学习) at No.11 Middle

School. This is my father. ___3___name is Dale Brown. He is a teacher in my school. He teaches English. And this is my mother, she is a teacher, too. Who’sthat woman near(在---附近) my father? Oh, she is my aunt. She is a nurse. My grandparents aren’t in the photo, They are in ( ( (

) 21. A. backpack ) 22 .A. This is ) 23. A. His

B. book

C. photo C. It’s C. Her

D. map D. My name D. This D. She’s

B. I’m

B. He’s

( ) 24.A. Its (

) 25 A. friends

B. It’s

C. He’s C. father

B. mother D. family


Come to meet the family. This is a picture 0f my family. The man is my father. He is a policeman. The woman is my mother, She is an English teacher. They have a son and a daughter. The son is me. M name is Lin Tao. I’m eleven. I’m a student. I’m at school. The girl in a hat is my sister. Her name is Lin Ying. She’s eleven, too. We’re twins. We look the same. We’re in the same class. I look like her. We are good students. We like our family. ( )26.This is a picture of Lin Ying’s family. ( )27.Lin Tao and Lin Ying are twins. ( )28.Lin Tao’s father is a policeman. ( )29.Lin Ying’s mother is a Chinese teacher.

( )30.Lin Tao and Lin Ying are in different(不同的) classes. IV. 从II中找出与I意思相同的选项(10分)

I栏 II栏

( (

)1. Good morning. A. A backpack. )2. Nice to meet you. B. Yes, she is.









( )3. What’s this in English? C. That’s all right. )4. How are you? D. Yes, it is. )5. Is she your sister? E. She is my sister. )6. Who’s that girl? F. Nice to meet you, too )7. Thank you for your photo. G. Fine, thanks. )8. What colour is the photo? H. It’s 3689362 )9. What’s your mobile phone number? I . Good morning. )10. Is that your backpack? J. Black and white V.单词拼写(10分)

1.My father’s mother is my g ________.

2.My father’s sisters are my a ________.

3.My father’s brothers are my u ________.

4.My uncle’s children are my c ________.

5.My parents’ d ________ is my sister.

6.I am a boy. I’m my parents’ ________.

7.This is my f ________ photo. These are my parents and this is me.

8.T ________ for your help(帮助)!

9. My father and mother are my ______________ (父母).

10. The __________(相片) are very nice.


1 那些男孩 2. 这些女孩

3. 家谱 4.她的堂弟 _______________

5.你的朋友 ______________ 6. a photo of my family ____________

7.your grandparents____________ 8.his parents_____________

9.those dictionaries___________ 10.my two brothers_______ VII.用am,is,are填空(10)

1.Excuse me! ________ this your eraser?

2.What ________ those? ________ they birds?

3.This ________ his ruler. Where ________ my ruler?

4.I ________ in Class Three. ________ you in Class Three,too?

5.________ these her English books?


6.Those ________ their apples. Where ________ his apples?

7.She ________ eleven. How old ________ that boy?

8.He ________ my friend. ________ your friend a boy or a girl?

9.________ those maps? No,they ________ not. They ________ pictures.

10.These ________ your bananas. Here you ________.


1. 谢谢你的家庭照片。________ ________ the photo of _________ _________.

2. 那是你的父母吗?________ those ________ ________?

3. 我的家庭照在这儿. _______ is my_______ ________.

4.她是你的姐姐吗? ________ ________ your sister?

5.他是你的表兄弟吗? Is _______ your _______?

6.那是你的叔叔吗?不,它不是。 Is that your uncle? No,_______ ________.

八.书面表达 (15分)


(mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparents, sisters, brothers)








V. 1-5 CBCCD 6-10 BBDDB 11-15 DACAB 16-20 CBCDD 21-25 CBAAD 26-30 TTTFF IFAGBECJHD 1. grandmother 2. aunts 3. uncles 4. cousins 5. daughter 6. son 7. family 8. Thanks 9.

parents 10. photos/pictures

VI. 1. those boys 2. these girls 3. a/the family tree 4. her cousin 5. your friend 6. 我家的全

家福 7.你的祖/外父母8. 他的父母9. 那些字/词典 10. 我的两个兄弟

VII. 1. Is 2. are; Are 3. is; is 4. am; Are 5. Are 6. are; are 7. is; is 8. is; Is 9. Are; are; are 10.

are; are

VIII. 1. Thanks for; your family 2. Are; your parents 3. Here; family photo/picture 4. Is she 5.

he; cousin 6. it isn’t




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