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一. 介词

2011,上城 -How do you learn English well?

-___________chatting with my pen pal in London on line.

A. For B. Action C. By D. In

2011.余杭 China is now trying to show down global warming_______ reducing emission.(减排)

A.in B. by C. for D. with

2011.拱墅 -Mr. Taylor, can you tell me how to learn English well?

-Sure. But remember nothing can be learned_______ hard work.

A. by B. at C. without D. for

2011. 西湖 –Want to try Uncle Sam’s apple pie? I heard it’s quite good.

-No, thanks. I think nobody______ my mom can make good pies.

A. with B. than C. for D. except


2011. 上城 Hold on your dreams ______ one day they may just come true.

A. by B. at C. without D. for

2011.拱墅 -Where’s Leo? He said he would come tonight!

-Yes, he did say so,_______ we can’t find him now.

A. and B. or C. so D. but

2011 西湖 –Hurry up, Jim. We have to get to the airport before 8:00_____ we can catch the 9:00 flight.

-All right.

A. since B. so that C. as soon as D. after


2011,余杭 –I don’t know what her interests are, because we talk ______ about work when we meet.

A. luckily B. safely C. mainly D. clearly

2011, 余杭 –This skirt is too ______. Would you show me another one?

-OK. Please try this one .It’s cheaper.

A. personal B. special C. famous D. expensive

2011,拱墅 The students from Sweden enjoy staying in our school because everyone is ______ to them .

A. happily B. politely C. friendly D. gently

2011 西湖 –Our teacher wants us to be _____ when we talk with the teenagers. -Yes, we should believe in ourselves.

A. comfortable B. confident C. anxious D. energetic


2011 西湖 According to the rules of traffic restrictions(限制),cars with plate

number ended with 2 and 8 _____ to drive on all major roads during the rush hours on Tuesday in Hangzhou.

A. should not allow B. are not allowed C. will not allow D. don’t allow


2011 上城 -Where would you like to spend your winter vacation?

-I haven’t decided yet. I _______ visit my grandparents.

A. shall B. may C. must D. need 2011 余杭 –Whose CD is this?

-Oh, it ________ Mray’s .The name Zhang Liangying is her favorite singer.

A. could be B. can’t be C. must be D. might be 2011 拱墅 Te work is too hard for Jimmy. He _____ finish it on time.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. shouldn’t


2011 上城 I like the music _______ I can dance to.

A. that B. who C. what D. whose

2011 余杭 We were deeply impressed by the teachers and schools________ we had visited in this city.

A. what B, which C. that D. who

2011拱墅 –Ilike movies ______ are funny ,such as “ Mr. Bean.” How about you? -Oh, no, I don’t. I really like documentaries.

A. what B. that C. who D. where

2011 西湖 I have become good friends with some of the students in my school _____ I met in the English speech contest last year.

A. who B.where C. which D. why

2011 拱墅 I can’t remember ____ I put the book ,and I need it for my homework now.

A. where B. how C. what D. why


2011上城 –You have seen the film The Dead Reading ,haven’t you ?

-__________.How I wish to see it again.

A. No,what a pity B. NO ,I haven’t . C. Yes,I like it D. Yes, it’s boring.


2011 西湖 – I went to see the 8th National Para Games. And I was really moved by the disabled players.


A. So I was. B. So was I C.So I did D. So they did.

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