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L73 The record-holder

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L73 The record-holder

play truant from school evade & avoid 逃避 evading school

evade tax avoid tax

What would you do if you play truant from school?


--- imaginative

不给老人让座时间很羞愧的事。 shame n.惭愧 put sb to shame 使某人惭愧

hitchhike v.

lorry & truck

hitch v.1.2.3.
1.Did they hitch? 2.hitch a goat to a fence 3.We hitched a ride with a trucker.


1600 miles=2575km





authority n.当局

tax authority

boy played truant .

travelled_______miles. found himself in _____next morning.


hithhiked to _______.

slept in a _____

2. 3. 4.

lorry driver :___him and___something to got off near_______. eat stopped another car. _______ picked him up. not taken him to____but to______. _______sent him home.

Little boys _______ play truant from school are unimaginative. A quiet day's fishing, or eight hours in a cinema seeing the same film over and over again, is usually as far as they get. They have all been put to shame by a boy _______, while playing truant, travelled 1600 miles. He hitch- hiked to Dover and, towards evening, went into a boat to find somewhere to sleep. _____ he woke up next morning, he discovered that the boat had, in the meantime, travelled to Calais. No one noticed the boy as he crept off.

From there, he hitch-hiked to Paris in a lorry. The driver gave him a few biscuits and a cup of coffee ____ left him just outside the city. The next car the boy stopped did not take him into the centre of Paris as he hoped it would, ______ to Perpignan on the French-Spanish border. There he was picked up by a policeman and sent back to England by the local authorities. He has surely set up a record for the thousands of boys ______ dream of evading school.

Drills: 1.在巴黎附近下了车以后,他又停下了另外一辆车, 这车不到巴黎而是去Perpignan。 2.他睡在一艘船上,当他醒来时仅仅发现他已经在 Calais了。 P344改写课后练习三个句子。

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