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( )1. I have idea. It's good idea.

A. a; a B. an; an C. an ; a D. a ; an

( ) 2. This is _______ day in my life.

A. happier B. the happy C. happiest D. the happiest

( ) 3. Boys and girls! Did you enjoy ______ in the park yesterday?

A. you B. your C. yourself D. yourselves

( ) 4. Our school has seven weeks ________ in the summertime.

A. away B. of C. out D. off

( ) 5 . I like ___ TV these days because there are _____ advertisements.

A. seeing, fewer B. looking at , fewer

C. watching , less D.watching , fewer

( ) 6. What about _______ fruit for breakfast?

A. buy some B. to buy any C. buying any D. buying some

( ) 7. Do you have fun TV at home ?

A. to watch B. watch C. watches D. watching

( ) 8. I have ______ time _______ Kate , so I can read a lot.

A. less, than B. more , than

C. fewer , than D. much, than

( )9.The Blacks visited two famous cities. One is in Japan and _____ is in China.

A. another B. other C. others D. the other

( ) 10.The work is _________ so I am ________.

A. bored , boring B. boring , boring

C. boring, bored D. bored, bored

( ) 11. _____ we go to school together tomorrow?

A. Let B. Shall C. How about D. Are

( ) 12. “ are we going to see the twins?” “What about next week?”

A. When B. Which C. What D. Who

( ) 13. They are _______ together now.

A. making chess B. playing the chess

C. playing a chess D. playing chess

( ) 14.Those boys _________ English at the English corner now.

A. practise speaking B. practicing spoken

C. are practising speaking D. are practicing to speak

( ) 15. I want to look at his watch because it is _______ mine.

A. the same as B. difference between

C. different from D. different between

( ) 16. Tom is a true friend, _____ I didn't like him at the _____.

A. but; beginning B. or; and

C. and; end D. and; beginning

( ) 17. Taking a car is always ________ than ______ a bus.

A . faster , take B. fast , to take

C. faster , taking D. more faster , taking

( ) 18. We should use ____ people and ____ money to do the work better.

A. less , less B. fewest, less C. fewer, less D. fewer, least

( ) 19. —_____ do you have a trip? —Twice a year.

A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. When

( ) 20. She was _______ ill last week, but now she got _________.

A. badly, good B. badly , better C. bad, good D. serious, better


Mr Jenkins is ___1___ teacher. He ___2____ in a middle school. He is always kind and friendly ___3____ others. It was his

twenty-second 4 yesterday. He didn't tell anybody about it. He thought all his 5 were busy and he didn't want his 6 to give him any presents, either. 7 school he came to a restaurant to have some delicious 8 to celebrate his birthday. He told the

waiter 9 him a birthday cake, a roast chicken (烧鸡) and some wine(酒). He 10 for a long time, but the waiter didn’t bring him the food or the drink. He had to ask the waiter about it.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir,” said the waiter, “I 11 it. Please wait for a few more ___12____ and I’ll soon bring them to you.”

At last his food was served. Mr Jenkins 13 one leg of the chicken was shorter than the other. He stopped the waiter again and asked him 14 .

The waiter looked at the roast chicken and said, “It doesn't matter if you don't want to dance ___15___ it!”

( ) 1. A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 2. A. work B. works C. worked D. working

( ) 3. A. to B. for C. with D. at

( ) 4. A. Sunday B. workday C. birthday D. holiday

( ) 5. A. friends B. sister C. brother D. Parents

( ) 6. A. teachers B. people C. doctors D. students

( ) 7. A. At B. After C. In D. Before

( ) 8. A. fruit B. orange C. food D. drinks

( ) 9. A. bring B. to bring C. take D. to take

( ) 10. A. waited B. thought C. enjoyed D. Studied

( ) 11. A. wanted B. saw C. forgot D. made

( ) 12. A. seconds B. minutes C. hours D.days

( ) 13. A. ate B. found C. got D. Had

( ) 14. A. when B. how C. why D. What

( ) 15. A. with B. to C. and D. for


The sun is much bigger than the moon. But sometimes the moon looks bigger than the sun, because it's much nearer to the earth.

The sun is very bright. It gives very strong light. The moon looks quite bright, too. But it doesn't give any light at all.

The moon looks much bigger and brighter than the stars. But in fact the stars are much bigger and brighter than the moon. They look smaller than the moon because they're much farther away from us.

( ) 6. ________ moves round ________.

A. The earth; the moon B. The moon; the earth

C. The moon; the stars D. The sun; the earth

( ) 7 Sometimes the moon looks bigger than the sun, because _________.

A. it is much bigger than the sun

B. it comes out only at night

C. it is much nearer to the earth than the sun

D. it doesn't give very strong light

( ) 8. The sun _______.

A. is very bright, and it gives very strong light

B. isn't bright, but it gives very strong light

C. is very big, but it doesn't give any light at all

D. is very round, but it can't move round

( ) 9. The stars __________.

A. look much bigger than the sun

B. look much brighter than the moon

C. are brighter than the moon, but they are not bigger than the moon

D. are much farther away from us than the moon

( ) 10. When it is day, __________.

A. our part of the earth turns to the moon

B. the sun looks much smaller than the stars

C. we can't see any stars in the sky

D. the moon turns away from the sun


Linda and her brother, John, are very helpful and kind.They saved money for many years. One day, Linda said, “(1)Let’s help other people with the money,OK?” “Good idea!” John said with a smile. “But who shall we help?” Linda asked. “Let’s help our neighbors, Billy and his sister, Rose. I find that there are some holes(洞) in their shoes,” John said. “We could buy some new shoes for them,” Linda said.

Linda and John told their mother their plan. (2)

glad was took and once them to a shop she shoe at .Linda chose a pair of shoes for Rose. John chose a pair of shoes for Billy. They put the two pairs of shoes into two beautiful boxes. When it was darker, John walked to Billy and Rose's house quietly. He put the boxes near the door, and knocked hard, and then he ran away quickly.

Billy and Rose came out. “Look! There are presents for us. Someone left them here,” Billy said. They looked around, but they couldn't find anyone. They took the boxes inside happily.

The next morning, when Linda and John went out, they saw Billy and Rose playing outside. They were both wearing their new shoes. (3)Linda and John were so happy _____ they could

help _____.





3.在(3)句的空白处分别填入一个适当的词使句意完整、上下文通顺: ______ ______

4. 在文中找出与下面句子意思相近的句子:They looked here and there, but they could find nobody. _______________________________________

5. 找出文中最能表达该短文主题的句子:




1. We’ll visit many places of i_________ in Suzhou.

2. I like going to the cinema to watch American m__________.

3. Don’t play football in the street. It’s too d____________.

4. He likes reading a__________ written by Lu Xun.

5. Which subject do you like better, History or G__________?

6. What do you think of __________ (理想的) school ?

7.My mother makes me healthy and _______ ( 好吃的 ) meals.

8. It’s important to learn a __________(外国的) language now.

9. You can't take the m ______ out of the library.

10. They are great ________ ( 英雄). We admire them.


11. Our school is a _______ ( mix ) one .

12. Who __________(not be )here yesterday?

13. I _______ ( real ) miss my parents.

14. He___________(not come)here yesterday.

15. This book is very _______ ( use ) to you. You must finish it in time.

16. It takes me 20 minutes (wash)my shoes.

17.Lesson One is ___________ ( easy ) of all.

18. Which is __________ ( interesting ) , this one or that one ?

19. I don't like this song because it's ________(popular) now.

20. What do you want_____________ (be )when you grow up?

21. As we all know, light__________ (travel) faster than sound.

22. Wang Nan spends 6 hours_______ (practice) ________ (play) table tennis every day.

23.It rained heavily yesterday, so my father ________(drive) me to school.

24.We always have a great time_______ (chat) with each other.

25.___________(take) a bus is much faster than walking,


On a Sunday afternoon, Mr Holt and Mrs Holt were ___1___ by the lake. They saw a big ___2____ under a big tree. It couldn't ___3____. It had a broken wing. They went over to have a look at the bird. It was a parrot, and it was saying some numbers. They were __4___. They knew some birds can say some words, ___5____ they didn't know birds can say numbers. They took the bird home. It said numbers again. They listened ___6____. The bird was saying the same number. Mrs Holt said, "Is the bird saying a telephone number?" They wrote the number ___7___ and called the number on the phone. It was a right number! A woman was answering the ___8____. She said that the bird was ____9____. She taught the bird to say the number. The woman came to Mrs Holt's home to have her bird ___10____. She thanked Mr and Mrs Holt very much.


1. 他的外套颜色和我的一样。

His coat is the _________ __________ __________ __________.

2. 爸爸每天开车送我去学校。

My father ________ __________ __________ school every day.


He _________ __________ ________ ________ make a ___ __ at home yesterday.

4. Lily的橙汁比Lucy的少。

Lily has __________ __________ __________ than Lucy.

5. 昨天他们在那个湖里游得很开心。

They had __________ __________ ___________ ___________ in the lake yesterday.


根据中文提示,以“My best friend”为题,写一篇80词左右的作文。

1. 李磊,15岁,北京阳光中学八年级一班学生。

2. 高大英俊,圆脸,大眼睛,黑色短发,戴眼镜。

3. 乐于助人,常帮助同学解决问题。富有幽默感,爱讲笑话。

4. 爱好打篮球,听音乐和看书。

5. 聪明,擅长数学和电脑,长大后想成为科学家(scientist)。

考场_________ 班级_________ 姓名_________ 学号_________

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