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班级 姓名 成绩

第一部分:听力 (20分)

一.听句子, 选出与句子意思相符的图片。每个句子读两遍。(5分)

1.____________ 2. ____________ 3. _____________ 4. _____________ 5. _____________


( ) 6. A. By bike. B. By reading a lot. C. By the river.

( ) 7. A. No, I don’t B. Yes, I am . C. Yes, I did.

( ) 8. A. They don’t agree. B. No, I don’t C. I agree.

( ) 9. A. Listen to me carefully. B. Please be quick. C. Oh, sorry.

( ) 10. A.I prefer English. B.I agree with you. C.I think they’re both quite difficult for me.



( )11.When does Xiao Ming get up every morning?

A. At 5: 30 a.m. B. At 6: 00 a.m. C. At 6: 30 a.m.

( )12.Why does Xiao Ming get up so early every morning?

A. Because he wants to do some exercise.

B. Because he wants to memorize(记忆) some English words.

C. Because he wants to memorize and review something.

( )13. Who gets up as early as Xiao Ming every morning?

A. His father. B. His mother . C .Nobody.


( )14. Where does his father come from?

A. Canada B. France C. England

( )15 What languages can the man speak?

A.English. B.Both English and French. C.French.



( ) 16. Carol is ______ this year.

A. 12. B. 13. C. 14

( ) 17. Carol is good at English because ________.

A. she has read many English books

B. she has joined an English language club

C. she has made vocabulary lists

( ) 18. Carol goes to the club____________

A. on Monday evenings B. on Friday evenings C. at weekends

( ) 19. Carol _______ at weekends.

A. watches English movies

B. goes out with her friends

C. goes shopping with her mother

( ) 20. Carol is allowed to ________ at night.

A. watch TV

B. write to her pen pals on the computer

C. watch English movies



( )21. He learnt English by ____________ English songs.

A. listen B. listen to C. listening to

( ) 22.. If you practice ________ English every morning, you will improve it quickly.

A. to read B. reading C. read

( )23.She said she had some trouble ___________ her homework.

A. finish B. finishing C. to finish

( )24.Can you tell me the best way ________ the problem?

A. solve B. solving C. to solve

( )25. Jenny does not know where __________ on National Day.

A. to go B. going C. goes

( )26. I spend some time ________ newspaper every day.

A. reading B. to read C. on read

( )27. Lucy thinks that ____ English movies isn’t a good way.

A. watch B. watched C. watching

( )28. Why don’t you _____ to cassettes?

A. listening B. listen C. listened

( )29. Usually we get _____about something and end up _____in Chinese.

A. exciting; speaking B. exciting; speak C. excited; speaking

( )30. -____you ever ____with a group?

-Yes, I have.

A. Have; study B. Have; studied C. Do; study

( )31_____is bad for your eyes.

A. Watch TV too much B. Watching TV too much C. Watching too much TV

( )32 Some students think that studying grammar is not helpful____.

A. at all B. all C. not at all.

( )33. Lots of practice is ____to improve our English .

A. the best way B. the best answer C. the right problem

( )34.- ________do you improve your listening? -I improve it ______ listening to tapes.

A. How; with B: What; with C: How; by

( )35. All of us were ______ at the______ news.

A. frustrating, frustrating B. frustrating, frustrated C. frustrated, frustrating

( )36. It is impolite to ______ those persons in trouble.

A. laugh to B. laugh with C. laugh at

( 37. Jane is so shy that she is afraid of_______ in front of a group.

A. speak B. spoke C. speaking

( )38.. My grandfather______ us stories when I was young.

A. was used to tell B. is used to telling C. used to tell

( )39.Jack likes playing____soccer, but he doesn’t like playing _____ piano.

A. /, / B. /, the C. the. /

( )40. When I was a child, I used to ___________ strawberry.

A. liking B. like C. liked

第二节. 完型填空(共10小题,每小题1分,共 10分)

Do you know something about newspapers? There are many different of newspapers in others don't.

Almost everyone reads the Sunday paper. Usually the paper is very thick. .There are advertisements (广告the women's pages. There is the news about parties, food, health and clothes (讣告)Are newspapers lovely?

( )41. A. kinds B. way C. things

( )42. A. looking B. watching C. reading

( )43. A. early B. late C. up

( )44. A. same B. a lot C. different

( )45. A. man B. women C. girls

( )46. A. in B. on C. of

( )47. A. He B. Children C. The girl

( )48. A. Because B. Of C. So

( )49. A. man B. woman C. people

( )50. A. study B. learn C. work



When you are learning English, you find it not clever to put an English sentence, word for word, into your own language. Take the sentence “How do you do?” as an example. If you look up each word in the dictionary, one at a time, what is your translation? It must be a wrong sentence I your own language.

Language do not just have different sounds, they are different in many ways. It’s important to master(掌握) the rulesfor word order in the study of English, too. If the sentences put words in a wrong order, the listeners can’t understand the speakers’ sentences easily. Sometimes when the order is changed, the meaning of the sentence

doesn’t change. Let’s see the difference between the two pairs of sentences. “She only likes apples.” “Only she likes apples.”

“I’ve seen the film already.” “I have already seen the film.”

When you are learning English, you must do your best to get the spirit(精神实际) of the language and use it as the English speakers do.

( )51. From the passage we know that when we are learning English.

A. we shouln’t put every word into our own language

B. we shouldn’t look up every word in the dictionary

C. we need to put every word into our own language

( )52. The writer thinks it is in learning English.

A. difficult to understand different sounds

B. possible to remember the word order

C. important to master the rules in different way

( )53. We can learn from the passage that .

A. the meaning of an English sentence always changes with the order of the


B. the order of words can never change the meaning of an English sentence

C. sometimes different order of words has a different meaning

( )54. “She only likes apples,”

A. is the same as “Only she likes apple”.

B. is different from “Only she likes apple”.

C. means “She likes fruit except apples”.

( )55. Which is the best title for this passage?

A. How to Learn English? B. How to speak English? C. How to Put English into Our Own Language?

My parents give me $10 a week pocket money but that doesn’t go very far these days. So I have to do a Saturday job .I work in a supermarket and I get $3 an hour and I work eight hours on Saturday and sometimes I do Friday evenings as well. So I usually have about $35 to spend every week. I spend about $5 a week on sweet and drinks, like Coke. I usually go to the cinema once so that’s another $4or$5. I usually buy a few magazines and a few magazines and a few newspapers every week so that’s another $5. I like music so I often buy a cassette—it costs about $7 at the moment. I’ve also got a computer and sometimes buy a computer game and it cost about $6 each.. I always try to save something each week ---usually between $5and$10.

判断正误(正确的T,错误的 F)

( )56.I get 10 dollars from my parents as pocket money a month.

( )57.I have to do a Saturday job because I haven’t enough money.

( )58.If I want to see a film once a week, I have to pay $4or$5.

( )59.Usually I spend $35 a week.

( )60.Every week I spend all of my money.


A farmer had a cow.He took very good care of this COW and one day when it was ill.he was

very worried.He telephoned the vet.

“What’s the problem?” The vet asked him when he arrived.

“My cow is ill.”the farmer said.“I don’t know what’s the matter with her.She’s lying down and won’t eat.She’s making a strange noise.”

The vet looked over the cow.“She’s certainly ill,”he said,“and she needs to take some very strong medicine.”

He took a bottle out of his box,put two pills into his hand and said,“are her these.The pills should make her better.”

“How should I give them to her?” the farmer asked.

The vet gave him a tube(管子)and said,“Put this tube in her mouth,then put the pills in the tube and blow.That’ll make it.”

The next day the vet came to the farm again.The farmer was sitting outside His house and looked more worried

“How’s your cow?” the vet asked.

“No change,”the farmer said.“and I'm feeling very strange myself.

“Oh?” the vet said.”Why?”

“I did what you said,”the farmer answered.“I put the tube in the COW,s mouth and then put two pills down it.”

“And? ”the vet asked.

“The cow blew first.”the farmer said.

( )61.In the story,the vet must be_________

A.the farmer’s friend B.a milk factory C.a doctor for animals

( )62.The farmer asked the vet for help when his COW________.

A.was ill B.couldn’t lie down C.couldn’t make any noise ( )63.What medicine did the vet give the farmer?

A.Two pills. B.A long tube C.Bottle of pills. ( )64.The vet taught the farmer how___________.

A.to blow the tube B.to make the cow take the pill C.to take the medicine ( )65.Which of the following is true?

A.The farmer ate the pills himself,

B.The COW got better after taking the medicine.

C.The farmer waited for the vet outside his house the next day.


从方框中选择恰当的句子完成下面的对话,并将其字母标号填在答题纸的相应位置上(5分) A: What can I do for you?

B: I’d like to return this book, please!

A: 66______________

B: No, I couldn’t read it. I had a hard time reading a few lines, then I decided to give up.


B: It wasn’t the language. It was the words. It was hard for me to read it. A:68__________________ What can I do for you, then?

B: Well, I’ll be glad if you can give me another book.

A: 69____________________

B: But the one with bigger words.

A: 70_____________

B: Oh, OK. This one is fine. And the words are bigger.

A: Thanks.



71.Don’t be afraid of failure(失败______(挑战)bravely.

72. Be sure of me. I won’t tell your (秘诀) to others.

was a great shock(打击)to me and made me very sad..

74. Sorry, my (发音法)is so poor. Can you help me?

75. A fly is a kind of______________(昆虫)。So is an ant.



I often _________ ________ in grammer.


Grandma enjoys___________ ___________me when I’m free.


Last night, we watched TV_________ ________doing homework.


My life _______ ___________a lot in the past few years.


I improve my English by _____________ ____________with my friends.



Sally was a student in a small town. It was going to her mother's birthday. She wanted to buy her a present that would be nice and useful but not (81)e______.

She went (82)s______ after a quick and simple lunch. After she looked for about forty minutes, she found a shop that was selling cheap umbrellas, and she (83)d______ to take a black one. She thought, "Mom can carry it when she is wearing clothes of (84)a______ color." So she bought a lovely black umbrella and took it to school with her until her class finished. On her way home on the train she felt (85)h______. So she went to the buffet car (餐车). She left the umbrella on her (86)s______. But when she returned, it had gone. Sally began to cry. The other passengers felt very sorry for her and asked what the matter was. She told them the black umbrella she bought for her mother had gone, and she had to get off at the next station. After the three passengers

(87)h______ this , they asked her for her mother's (88)a______so that they could send the

umbrella to her if someone took it by mistake (弄错) and brought it (89)b______.

And now a week passed. Sally got a letter from her mother. It said, "Thank you very much for your lovely (90)g______, but why do you send me three black umbrellas?"

81______________82__________ 83__________ 84__________ 85__________

86______________ 87__________ 88__________ 89__________ 90__________







Dear Xiao Ming,

I'm glad to receive your letter. In your letter you asked me about how to learn English ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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