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一 单项选择(满分30分)

( )1.-What did you do last Friday? -Tim played _____soccer and I played _____ piano.

A. the, the B. the, / C. /, the D. a, the

( )2-_____ you go to the museum with your father yesterday?

-Yes. We _____there in the afternoon. A. Did; go B. Do; go C. Did; went D. Do; went

( )3-_______________? -She is tall and thin.

A. What is your sister? B. What does your sister look like?

C. What does your sister do? D. What’s your sister like?

( )4-Where is your sister? -She _________ my mom with cooking.

A. helps B. helping C. is help D. is helping

( )5. My grandma likes the big house _____ a beautiful garden.

A. with B. have C. has D. for

( )6. The post office is your right. A.in B.on C.at D.of

( )7-_____________? -It was very humid.

A. How is the weather? B. What is the weather like?

C. How was the weather like? D. How was the weather?

( )8. Hawk is talking _____ a friend. They are talking ____ English.

A. with; with B. with; in C. in; in D. about; about

( )9. Is there a pay phone the neighborhood?

A.in B.on C.to D.off

( )10----How was your vacation, Sarah? ---- .

A.It’s pretty good B.It was pretty good C.It’s hot D.It was hot

( )11-_______did you go last Sunday? -I went to the mountains.

A. How B. Where C. When D. Why

( )12_____ talking! Keep quiet in the library. A. Don’t B. No C. Not D. Can’t

( )13. it’s a fine day. What about ?

A. to go out for a walk B. going out for a walk

C. going out for a walking D. to go out for walking

( )14-It’s terrible today! -Yes. It’s windy and it’s .

A. snow B. snows C. to snowing D. snowing

( )15. We can walk or a bus to visit the museum. A. talk B. by C. take D. go

( )16-Would you like to eat dinner with me? -______________.

A. Yes, please B. Yes, I’d love to. C. I’d like. D. You’re welcome

( )17.Tim is only an _______ boy, but he knows a lot about movies.

A.8-year-old B.7 years old C.7-year-old D.8-years-old

( )18.---What kind of noodles would you like? A.Tomato and egg B. Medium C. Dessert D. Yes, please

( )19.funny glasses? ---Yes, I do.

A.by B.at C.of D. with

( )20.—Why is Jim not happy these days?

—Because he is busy every day. He gets ____ school at 6:40 am and gets ______home at 5:00 pm.

A. /, / B. to, / C. /, to D. to, to

( )21.—You eat __________ice cream. It’s not healthy food. —OK, Mum.

A. too much B. much too C. too many D.many too

( )22.—________you listen to the news yesterday morning? —No, I_______.

A.Were, wasn’t B.Do;don't C.Did;didn’t D.Did; did


( )23.We __________ to the beach yesterday afternoon. A.go B.goes C.went D.get

( )24.My grandfather enjoys ________ newspapers in the morning.

A.reading B.read C.reads D.to read

( )25. The Art Festival is ___ November this year. A. at B. on C. in D. from

( )26. He wants to be a teacher, and he hopes his dream can_____.

A. play chess B. get up C. get dressed D. come true

( )27. She ___ a great sports collection. A. is B. are C. has D. have

( )28. Bob comes from_______.He speaks________ .

A. Japan , English B. America , Chinese C. French , France D. Australia, English

( )29.How much ___ does she want? A. pear B. oranges C. milk D. apple

( )30. My sister has______hair

A. long black curly B.black curly long C. long curly black D.curly black long

二、完型填空 (10分)

Yesterday,we ten students at No.3 Middle school what they did last weekend. For most the weekend was fun. Saturday morning, ten kids their homework or studied. On Saturday , five kids went , and three went to the library. Two kids played computer games. On Saturday evening, seven kids a movie or stayed at and watched TV. On Sunday, two kids visited friends, nine kids cleaned their rooms, five played sports.

( )31. A.see B.ask C.saw D.asked

( )32. A.teacher B.worker C.parent D.kids

( )33. A.At B.In C.Behind D.On

( )34. A.practiced B.went C.did D.study

( )35. A.morning B.night C.afternoon D.noon

( )36. A.shop B.to shop C.shopping D.shoped

( )37. A.too B.also C.really D.all

( )38. A.went B.watched C.looked D.had

( )39. A.school. B.home C.hotel D.restaurant

( )40 A.and B.but C.also D.or



(1)Here are some information of family members.


CQTV - 4

7:30 Morning News 14:30 Soap Opera: Dumpling king

15:30 Arts and Cultures 16:50 Sitcom: Happy Family

18:20 Chinese cooking 19:00 Talk show

( )41. Tom’s mother is ______ and heavy with ______ hair.

A. tall, curly B. short, black C. medium, long D. short, long

( )42 .Beijing is ______ but Chongqing is raining.

A. sunny to cloudy B. cloudy to sunny C. sunny D. cloudy

( ) 43.We can watch the sitcom at ______ on TV.

A. 4:50 p.m. B. 7:30 a.m. C. 3:30 p.m. D. 6:20 p.m.

( )44. The highest temperature(最高温度) is ______ and it is sunny to cloudy.

A. Chongqing B. Shenzhen C. Xiamen D. Beijing

( )45. Which of the following sentences is right?

A. Tom’s father is a cook. He learns Chinese cooking on TV at 15:30.

B. Tom’s sister looks my mother and she likes watching soap operas.

C. A reporter asks me about what I did on weekends on TV at 16:50.

D. Tom’s mother went to Harbin, she has to wear very warm clothes.


Sam lives in New York. His father has a shop there and his mother is a doctor. He’s seven years old now and begins to go to school this autumn. It’s a little far from their shop and his father drives a car to take him to school every day . So he’s not late for class and his teacher likes him.

It’s Monday today. Miss Hunt is teaching them to count(数数)from one to ten. Sam is studying hard. Soon he can count them . Miss Hunt is happy and asks, ”How many people are there in your family, Sam”

Sam is standing and begins to count with his fingers(手指头). Then he says, “Two, Miss Hunt.”

“Who are they?”

“My father and my mother.”

“Oh?” Miss Hunt is surprised. She says, “There’re three people in your family.”

“But now I ’m not at home, but at school, you know!”

( )46. Sam is .

A. an English boy B. an American boy C. an English girl D. an American girl

( )47. Sam is in Grade(年级) now

A. One B.Two C.Three D.Four

( )48. Sam usually goes to school .

A.on foot B.by bike C.by car D.by bus

( )49. The teachers like Sam because .

A. he’s the youngst in his class C.he always goes to school in time(按时)

B. he helps his classmates D.he often does something for his classmates

( )50. Why is Miss Hunt happy today?

A. Because Sam isn’t late for class. B.Because Sam is studying hard.

C.Because the children are listening to her D.Because Sam can count from one o ten.




Old Henry lived on a clean street in Green City Every weekend, Alan and his friends played soccer in the street. The children were too noisy (吵闹的)for the old man to have a good rest.

One day, Old Henry told the children that he would give them 10 dollars each weekend to watch them play soccer in the street. He said, “I am so glad when seeing you play soccer happily”.Alan and his friends were surprised to hear Old Henry’s words.

The first weekend after that, the boys went to play soccer near the old man’s house, and went away happily with 10 dollars.The second weekend they also got 10 dollars. The third weekend, Old Henry said he spent his money on his grandson’s school things. So he only gave the children 4 dollars. The next weekend, Old Henry said he had a cold and he spent his money on medicine(药). He only gave them 1 dollar. After that, Alan and his friends didn’t play soccer in that street any more.

( )51. Alan likes playing soccer.

( )52. Alan and his friends cleaned the street every weekend.

( )53. Old Henry’s grandson is a student.

( )54. Old Henry gave 26 dollars in all (总共) to the children.

( )55. In fact, Old Henry didn’t want the children to play soccer near his house.


My cousin Bill likes going to the beach on Sunday. Last Sunday it was sunny, he went there with his brother. They got there at 9:00.There were lots of people there on vacation.Bill and his brother sat down and began to relax.

Soon Bill found there were lots of empty(空的) water bottles on the beach. He also saw some paper bags on the beach. That made Bill sad. He and his brother began to work. to clean the beach. They worked hard. About two hours later ,the beach was clean again. At last they put up a sign, saying, “No Littering(乱扔)” on the beach. They wanted people to keep the beach clean. After that, they were very hungry. So they went to a restaurant nearby to have lunch. They had two large bowls of beef noodles there, and then went home.

( B. cloudy C. sunny D. cold

( )57. Bill saw many on the beach. A. money B. bottles C. books D. signs

( )58. Bill and his brother spent about .

A. one hour B. two ours C. three hours D. four hours

( )59. The underlined phrases “put up” means “

A.推荐 B. 提供 C. 提出 D. 贴出

( )60. Which of the following is TRUE(真的)?

A. Bill is very lazy B. Bill stayed on the beach all day.

C. The restaurant is near the beach. D. Bill’s brother had a small bowl of noodles for lunch. 用所给词的适当形式填空。(10分)

61. His sister usually ______ (take) a shower at 8:00 in the evening.

62. His mom _______(drive) her car to work yesterday.

63. I take a bus ______ (go) to school .

64. How about______ (take) a bus to school?

65. She ______ (not do) her homework yesterday.

66. It takes Tom an hour ______ (finish) his homework.

67. ______ (do) your homework before dinner.

68. Let’s ______(see)the pandas first.

69. Chinese people are great and ______ (friend).

75. Look! your sister ______(do) her homework.


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