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九年级英语月考试卷答卷(满分150分) 一、听力部分(共5大题; 每小题1分,满分30分) Ⅰ.关键词语选择 2 4 1114 21____ 22 ____ 23_____ 24 _____ 25 _____ 26_________ 27 ________ 28 _________ 29 ________ 30 ___________ 二、笔试部分 (共六大题,满分120分) I、单项选择(每小题1分,共20分) 34 41II、完形填空 (每小题1.5分,共30分) (B)61III、补全对话( 每空1分,共5分) 74 IV、阅读理解 (每小题2分,共40分) 86V、单词拼写( 每空1分,共5分) 97 99 VI、书面表达(20分) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




第一部分 听力(共五大题 ,满分30分)

Ⅰ、关健词语选择(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分) ( )1、A. received B. pieces C. pierced ( )2、A. face B. race C. place ( )3、A. injured B.worried C. surprised ( )4、A.stay up B.stand up C.make up ( )5、A. instead of B. because of C. hundreds of Ⅱ、短对话理解(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分) ( )6、

Which sign is mentioned?

( )7、

What did Mike do yesterdav afternoon?

( )8、

Where are the speakers?

( )9、

Where did the girl go last weekend?

( )10、

What rules does Lucy have to obey at home?

( )11、How old may the girl’s brother be? A、Five years old. B、Fifteen years old. C、Fifty years old.

( )12、What is the girl allowed to do with her friends on Saturday afternoon?

A、To play computer games. B、 To go to the movies. C、To go shopping.

( )13、What is Tom allowed to do after he finishes his homework?

A、To play games. B、To watch TV. C、To go to the movies.

( )14、How is the boy’s basketball teacher?

A、He is very strict. B、He is very friendly. C、He is very kind.

( )15、Why wasn’t Mark allowed to take the test? A、Because he copied other people’s papers. B、Because he was late for class.

C、Because his teacher was angry with him.

Ⅲ、长对话理解(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分) 听下面一段对话,回答第16至17两个小题。

( )16、What’s the relationship(关系) between the two speakers?

A、Teacher and student. B、Mother and son


C、Sister and brother

( )17、Who will help to cut Dave’s hair? A、His mother. B、His grandfather. C、His father.

听下面一段对话,回答第18至20三个小题。 ( )18、What did Alice do yesterday? A、She cooked dinner with her mother. B、She shouted at her mother. C、She played with her mother.

( )19、What does Tom ask Alice to do? A、Leave home at once.

B、Do something good for her mother. C、Say sorry to her mother.

( )20、What does Alice think of Tom’s advice? A、It’s easy to do. B、It’s difficult to do. C、Not mentioned.

Ⅳ、短文理解(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分) ( )21、What should the students do when a teacher comes into the classroom?

A、Keep quiet. B、Stand up.C、Say hello to him/her. ( )22、What kind of clothes aren’t the students allowed to wear?

A、Clothes with unusual colors. B、Clothes which look a little dirty. C、Clothes with many colors. ( )23、Where should the students get medicine if they are ill?

A、From the head teacher. B、From the school nurse. C、From the school doctor.

( )24、Where can the students use their own computers? A、In the classroom. B、In the dining room. C、In the dormitory. ( )25、How many rules of Hope School are mentioned by the speaker?

A、Six. B、Eight. C、Ten.

二、笔试部分 (共六大题,满分120分)


( )31.He is _____ honest man. Everybody likes to make friends with him.

A. a B. an C. the D. \

( )32. Does he study_______ working _______ his friends?

A.in; by B.on;with C.by;with D.by;on ( )33.All of us were ______ at the _______ news.

A. frustrating, frustrating B. frustrating, frustrated C. frustrated , frustrating D. frustrated, frustrated ( )34.Mr Wang is very strict_______ us ______ English.

A. to, in B. on, with C. with, in D. in, on ( )35. I used to ______ late, but now I’m used to _____

up early .

A. work; get B. work; getting C. working; getting D. working; get

( ) 36. My father isn’t in good health now. I think he should pay attention____ exercise.

A. to take B. for taking C. to taking D. in taking ( )37. Please stop___! It___ in the cinema. A. smoking, isn’t allowed B. smoking allows

( ) 44. —Amy has made great progress recently.

— and .

A. So she has; so have you B. So she has; so you have C. So has she; so have you D. So has she; so you have ( )45.China won 100 medals in the 29th Olympic Games.Chinese _________ it.

A. take pride of B. are afraid of C. are proud of D. are teriffied of

( )46. Only then__ a chance of finishing my dream.

A. I will have B. I have C. have I D. will I have

( )47. ---I find _____difficult ______a foreign language. A. it, learning B. it, to learn C. that, learn D. that, to learn ( )48There is no time left.I’m afraid I can ______ finish the test paper.

A. hard B. almost C. mostly D. hardly ( ) 49 His farther’s ______ made him _____.

A. dead, sad B death , sad C die , sadness

D dying , sadness

( ) 50.I had a really good time at my uncle’s . _______. A. That’s OK B. Oh, it’s nice of you

C. Oh, I am glad to hear that D. You are welcome II完形填空 (每小题1.5分,共30分)


When l was in school, I was very fat. I thought that C. to smoke, isn’t allowed D. to smoke doesn’t allow I changed my mind when my friends my friends took me to a

( ) 38.Jane _____ a lot in the last few years .

thought I would look funny if I danced. So I sat in the corner

A. is changing B. has changedC. changing D. changed

( )39.Tom, your hair is too long. Would you please get “Don’t you like dancing ?” A girl next to me asked. your hair _______. “I like it, but I …” A. be cut B. to cut C. cut D. cutting “But you can’t, right?” the girl asked( )40. _________ should not be allowed to go out at night. my words.

“You are right,” I answered. I was happy that the girl

A. Twelve-years-old B. Twelve-year-olds

C. Twelve year old D. Twelve years olds “Why don’t you ask your friends to teach you?” she

asked. ( )41.Peter hardly had time for concerts at that time,

“I am too fat. I won’t look nice if I dance,” I said.

___________ ?

Hearing, this, the girl said, “There are many things we

A. wasn’t he B. had he C. didn’t he D. did he

can enjoy in life. Don’t let your shape life. You

( )42.The old man lived ____ in the mountain but he

should be thankful (感激的didn’t feel________.

A. lonely,alone B. alone,lonely C. alone,alone

轮D. lonely,lonely

( ) 43.--- Let’s going hiking ______staying at home, 椅).At that time I felt I was very lucky. Then I stood up and

danced with my friends. shall we ? --- A good idea.

( ) 51. A、 ugly B、nice C、dirty D、special

A. in order to B. as well as C. instead of D.in addition to ( ) 52. A、meeting B、party C、show D、concert


( ) 53. A、or B、so C、but D、and ( ) 54. A,helped B、made C、felt D、watched ( ) 55. A、when B、until C、before D、after ( ) 56. A、result B、programC、way D、reason ( ) 57. A、stop B、save C、influence D、contain ( ) 58. A、similar B、healthy C、different D、bad ( ) 59. A、like B、for C、on D、to

( ) 60. A、eating B、sitting C、standing D、sleeping

III补全对话( 每空1分,共5分)

Jim: Jack 71_____

Jack: Sure, go ahead.

Jim: I want to have a look at what’s on this weekend. Let me see now.

Jim: The Red Roses are giving a performance at the People’s Theatre. Jack: They are pop group. They are said to be very Jack: Yes, I’ll be free then. I’ll meet you at the theatre at 6:30.

Jim: Good! See you then. Bye.



Many teenagers feel that the most important people in

their lives are their friends. They believe that members, and particularly their parents, don’t know them as brothers and sisters each other and then they can only go to their friends for advice.

Many parents gradually(逐渐one good friend or a circle(圈子) of friends. Even when they are not with their friends, they _65_ spend a lot of time talking on the phone.

Parents don’t know what they are talking about among can discuss anything. This

However, parents wonder (想知道) whether their children’s friends are good or not. Some parents think that they have to help their their friends. Some parents may even stop their children their good friends. The question of “choice” is an interesting one, Have you ever thought of the who chooses your friends? Do you choose your friends or your friends choose you? Have you got a good friend your parents don’t like? ( ) 61. A、class B、family

C、friend D、team

( ) 62. A、importantly B、early

C、well D、widely

( ) 63. A、with B、by

C、about D、for

( ) 64. A、describe B、decide

C、explain D、realize

( ) 65. A、usually B、never

C、ever D、seldom

( ) 66. A、if B、because

C、though D、and

( ) 67. A、safe B、simple

C、free D、important

( ) 68. A、mention B、choose

C、refuse D、teach

( ) 69. A、 missing B、finding

C、meeting D、telling

( ) 70. A、questions B、reasons C、decisions D、solutions


guessing all the time what kind of thing to come when listening to someone talking. People do this all the time in their own language, so it is necessary (必要的) to do this in a foreign language, too. Here are some examples.

1. "What's the matter?" "I went to a party last night, so I…" 2. "I feel so tired these days."" I think you'd better…"

3."Of course, she never stops talking. She is one of the most…"

You can see from the above three examples that the context (上下文) helps a lot in understanding what is being talked about. So "guessing "is very important in understanding English, especially (尤其)spoken English.

( )76.This passage tells us mainly about _________. A. the importance of "guessing " in learning a foreign language

B. how to guess what one is going to talk about C. some examples of right guessing

D. how important it is to guess all the time A. everywhere B.right side of the pool.

B. C.the diving –doard D.the gate ( )77.From the context, we can see maybe the finished

answer in EXAMPLE 1 is _________. ( )82.When are guests allowed to come?

A. "… so I didn't have a good time." B. "…so I went to A.Friday B.Saturday. C.Any day D.After 6:00 pm bed very late." ( )83.What must members bring with them?

C. "…. So I felt unhappy." D. "… so I got up very early." A. Towels

B. Keys

C.Swimming caps D.Membership cards. ( )78. Maybe the finished answer in EXAMPLE 2 is

________. ( )84.If club members bring guests there ,what

A. "I think you'd better have a good rest and take good should the guests do?

care of yourself." A. Nothing B.Bring ID cards.

B. "I think you'd better have something to drink." C.Sign at the front desk. D.Bring towels

C. "I think you'd better get some help from your friends." ( )85.Who are allowed to use the pool?

D. "I think you'd better be more careful." A.Anyone B. Only club members

C.Only guests D.Club members and their families. ( )79. Maybe the finished answer in EXAMPLE 3 is

______. A. "… she is one of the most famous film stars."

B. "…she is one of the most beautiful women." that the special and colorful clothes can make some students C. "… she is one of the most famous speakers." think and behave badly. However, they never think that D. " .. she is one of the most talkative women." students can learn important life lessons by choosing their ( )80. From the passage we can infer (推断) that own clothing. The following are some of not guessing is _____in learning a foreign language. wearing school uniforms.

A. the only way Learn to adapt (适应)

B. more important in spoken English than in written Students who choose their clothing each school day learn

to adapt to changeable things that will help them a lot as English

adults in the future. When they prepare for their first activity, C. more important than any other way

they will need to know how to make right choices and D. more important in written English than in spoken uniforms do not make it easy. Also, it is good for teenagers to English

learn to be independent (独立的) by choosing their own clothing. Jubilee Swimming Club Rules

Encourage independent thinking

When children face different clothing styles at school,it

also means that they are facing different groups with

different interests. Although these differences can put them into different groups, they can also help kids have their own thinking. Improve communications with parents Talks over clothes give kids a chance to say their ideas to parents, and more importantly, they give parents time to know their thoughts, At the same time , allowing a little fashion rebellion (叛逆) may help stop worse rebellion later


( )86. In teachers' opinion, students shouldn't wear their

. A. They will spend too much money on them B. They will have little time to study C. They may think and behave badly D. They are not able to choose them ( )81.Diving is allowed from __________. ( )87. Choosing their own clothing is good for


. A. to study hard B. to be independent

C. to get on with others well D. to make clothes themselves

( )88. What does the underlined word "benefits" mean? A.益处 B.场合 C.代价 D.策划

( )89. From Paragraph 3 we know that . A. students like to study and play in groups

B. kids usually have their own thinking in a group C. students with different interests can't form a group

D. different clothing styles show children's different interests ( )90.What can parents know from children's different interests

谎言), According to Canadian researchers, it's quite normal.

The research tested 1,200 children. They were two to seventeen years old. The study showed that those who were able to tell a lie had reached an important stage of development.

Only one fifth of two-year-olds tested in the study were able to tell a lie and nearly 50% of three-year-olds could tell a lie. By the age of four, the study found 90% were able to lie. Almost every child at the age of 12 told lies. But, by the age of 16, just 70% of 16-year-olds told a lie.

Dr Kang Lee from Toronto University was the leader of the research team. He said, "Parents shouldn't be worried if their child tells a lie. Almost all children lie. It shows that their brain (大脑) is developing fast and means they are more likely to have successful lives." He added, "They might even be great people in later life."

Why? Because kids that can lie have developed an ability(能力) which includes keeping the truth at the back of their brains. For small children, telling a lie can show intelligence(智力)——quick thinking; it is an ability to hide the truth and make up the lie in their brains at the same time. ( )91.Canadian researchers think that it is for young children to tell a lie

A.bad B. strange. C.normal. D. right

( )92. From the study, we learn that of two-year-olds could tell lies.

A. 90 % B.70 % C.50 % D.20 %

( )93. The ____the tested children from two to twelve years old were ,the bigger the percent of telling lies was. A. younger B. older C.taller D.cleverer ( )94.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Dr Kang Lee likes those children who like telling lies B. All children can be successful if they are able to lie.


C. Telling a lie shows some children's intelligence. D. 50% of the children who lie will become artists. ( )95. The writer mainly wants to . A. tell parents not to worry if their kids lie B. tell us the reasons why children lie

C. tell us that kids who lie will fail in the future D. tell parents not to lie in front of their kids V、单词拼写( 每空1分,共5分)

96.He has a_______(实现)his dream to study at university. 97.The old man always r________(将------视为) the poor boy as his own son.

98.Don’t w_______(浪费) the hot water. There isn’t much left.

99.My mom got her driver’s l______ (执照)last week.

100.I believe you will _______(成功) if you don’t give up. VI.书面表达(共1小题;满分20分)

最近你和父母针对“青少年该不该在周末与朋友外出”进行了讨论。请根据下列表格中的信息提示,以“Should teenagers go out with friends on weekends?”为题,写一篇


1、所写内容需包括表格中提供的父母的想法。 2、至少给出你的三个想法。 3、80词左右。

Should teenagers go out with friends on weekends?

Recently I've had a discussion with my parents about whether teenagers should go out with friends on weekends. ________________________________________________







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