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2013版新目标八上unit3 短语

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Unit Three

Section A

Did you like the singing competition yesterday? ?哪一个是丽莎?留着短发的那一个。 Which one was Lisa? The one with ?她唱的比内丽更清楚。 shorter hair. She sang more clearly than Nelly. ?每个人都想赢。 Everyone wants to win. ?最重要的是学到一些新的东西并得到乐 趣。 The most important thing is to learn something new and have fun. ?汤姆比山姆更聪明吗?不,他不。山姆 比汤姆更聪明。 Is Tom smarter than Sam? No, he isn’t. Sam is smarter than Tom.


Is Tara more outgoing than Tina? No, she isn’t. Tina is more outgoing than Tara. ?你和你的姐姐一样友好吗? ?不,我不。我更友好。 Are you as friendly as your sister? No, I’m not. I’m friendlier. ?塔拉比蒂娜一样努力学习吗?是的,她 是。 Does Tara work as hard as Tina? Yes, she does.

?塔拉比蒂娜更外向吗? ?不,她不。蒂娜比塔拉更外向。

Who’s more hard-working at school? ?蒂娜认为她比我更努力学习。 Tina thinks she works harder than me. ?谁更聪明,你妈妈还是你爸爸? Who is smarter, your mother or your father?


Section B

be talented in sth ?在……有天赋 ?和某人做一样的事情

do the same things as sb ?擅长做某事 be good at sth ?真正的关心某人 truly care about sb ?让……开心 make sb laugh ?一个好朋友就像一面镜子。 A good friend is like a mirror. That’s why.... ?那是……的原因。 ?对我来说交朋友是不容易的。 It’s not easy for me to make friends. ?只要朋友是好的,你不需要太多。 You don’t need a lot of friends as long as they’re good.

?拉里经常帮助我展现出我最好的一面。 Larry often helps to bring out the best in me. Larry is much less hard?拉里不太勤奋。 working. ?取得更好的成绩 get better grades ?更多的帮助他 help him more ?我不很在意我的朋友与我一样还是不同。 I don’t really care if my friends are the same as me or different. ?向你伸出援手 reach for your hand ?触动你的心灵 touch your heart ?她比我认识的任何人都有趣。 She’s funnier than anyone I know.

?使我感觉更好 make me feel better ?她总是在那里倾听。

She’s always there to listen. ?你觉得谁应该得到这份工作,珍妮还是 吉尔? Who do you think should get the job, Jenny or Jill?

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