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1.____ is a boy. Do you know ____ name?(he)

2._____ is a parrot. ____ name is Paul. (it)

3.____father is an English teacher. ____ is my friend._____ name is Kitty. (she)

4.Lily and _____ are in the same class. _____number is eleven.( I )

5.Where is _____ teacher, do ____ know?( you)

6.Are ____ _____ Japanese friends? No, ______ aren’t.( they)

13.What is this in English ? Is ______ a dog ?

15.Excuse ______, is _______a Japanese car?

17.Hi, Jack. This is ______ friend. _____name is Sam.


1.I like _____ pants. _______ pants are red.(这些)

2.I don't like ____ shoes. ____shoes are too small.(那些)

3.I want ____(这个)sweater.I don't want____(那个)sweater.____(那个)is too big. ( )1. __________ pen is red. ________ pencil is green.

A. this, that B. These, Those C. That, Those D. This, That

( )2. Is _____ a panda over there?

A. this B. that C. those D. these

( )3. ________two boys are Mr. Green's sons.

A. This B. These C. That D. those


1.—Does Jim have _____ ruler? —Yes,he has ______

A.an;some B.a;one C.a;/D.any;one

2.There is _______ old bike. _______ old bike is Mr Zhao's.

A.an ;The B.the;An C.a;The D.the;The

3._______ apple a day keeps the doctors aw ay.

A.The B.A C.An D.Two

4.—How many books do you have?

—I have ___ book.That's _____ English book.

A.a;an B.a;one C.one;an D.one;one

5.At that time Tom was _____ one-year-old baby.

A.a B.an C.the D./

9.One afternoon he found ___ handbag.There was ___ “s”on the corner of __ handbag.

A.a;an;the B.a;a;the C.an;an;an D.the;a;a

19.They left our school _______ day before yesterday.

A.an B.one C.a D.the


1. His father is an English teacher.

2. These cats are crying.

3.She is lovely girl.________________________________________

4.They are Lily’s cousins. ___________________________________

5.We are classmates. ______________________________________

6.I am a doctor. ________________________________________

7.There is a bird in the tree.

初一英语上学期阶段性测试题 (分值:120分,时间:90分钟)

一、选择题 (共20分,每小题1分)

( )1.What’s this _____English ? A. of B. for C. in

( )2.----___ a ruler ? ---- Yes, ___ .

A. Is this , it is B. Is that , it’s C. this is , it’s

( )3.—Is that ___pencil ? —Yes, it’s my pencil.

A. you B. your C. his

( )4. — ___ your father a teacher ? —Yes, he is .

A. Are B. Is C. Does

( )5.---___color is your backpack? ---It’s yellow

A.What B. What’s C. Where’s

( )6.____ orange is _____ orange . A. The ,an B. An ,an C. An ,\

( )7.What are those ? — ___ strawberries .

A. They’re B. There’re C. It’s

( )8.Thanks ____your family photo . A. for B. of C. from

( )9.—How do you do ? —___________ .

A. Fine ,thank you B. How are you ? C. How do you do ?

( )10.—Your sweater is very nice . —_____. A.OK B. Sorry C. Thanks

( )11.This is ____ old picture _____ his family.

A. a, of B. an, of C. a, to

( )12.That is ______ apple. ________ apple is _________the tree.

A. an, The, on B. an, the, in C. a, an, at

( )13.Please look ___the picture ___ the wall.

A. at, on B. at, in C. after, in

( )14. The boy ____ blue ____ Tom.

A. in, is B. is, in C. are, on

( )15.These are ________. A. apple tree B. apples trees C. apple trees

( )16. Berry isn’t _____. He’s ______.

A. an English, American B. English boy, American C. English, American

( ) 17.There ______some milk in the cup. A. is B. be C. are

( ) 18. Please ____ these things to your brother. A. take B. bring C. like

( )19.We have eight _____ and two _______.

A. watch, photo B. watchs, photoes C. watches, photos

( )20.Is this your watch? Call Alan ____ 495-3539. A. for B. to C. at


1. this (反义词)__________ 2. dictionary (复数)__________

3. yes (反义词)__________ 4.watch (复数) __________

5 . lost (反义词) __________ 6.boy(对应词) __________

7 .son (对应词) __________ 8.photo (复数) __________

9.those (单数) __________ 10.aren’t (同音词) __________


1.—Come in and sit down, please. —________ . (thank )

2. Is this your pen? No, I think it’s __ _ ( he ) pen. Let’s ____ ( look )at the picture

3. Jane and I ___ ( be ) in the same class.

4. Can you ____ ( spell ) your name ?


1.这是我家的一张照片。This is a photo my .

2.He’s my brother’s friend. (改为一般疑问句 ) __ __ he ____ brother’s friend?

3.They’re orange backpacks. ( 改为单数 )

_____ _______orange backpack. 4.His bed is next to the desk. ( 对画线部分提问 )_______ is _______ bed? 5. His name is Tim. (对画线部分提问) his name?

六.改错:找出下列句子中划线部分错误的一处,将序号写在题前括号内,并在题后横线上加以改正 (共10分,每小题2分)

( )1.Is this his pencil? Yes, it’s. ____________


( ) 2.Hi! I name is Nick . __________


( )3.What color is the pen? It’s a blue. ____________

A B C D ( ) 4. What is you name ? ____________

A B C D ( ) 5. What this in English? It’s a map . ____________



I’m __1_English girl. My __2_ Helen. I’m thirteen years old. And __3__ is ZhangHua. She __4__ a Chinese girl.__5__ my good friends.__6__ father is our Chinese teacher. He’s tall._7_name is Zhang Jian. He likes our class and he is very friendly to us. Zhang Hua and I __8__in the same (相同) class.__9__favourite color is red. And her pencil-case is red. __10__ on the desk. It’s new and nice

( )1. A. a B. the C. an ( )2. A.name B. mother C. name’s

( )3. A.this B. that’s C. it ( )4. A.is B. does C. like

( )5. A.She B. Her C. She’s ( )6. A.She B. Her C. She’s

( )7. A.His B. He’s C. He ( )8. A.is B. am C. are

( )9. A.She’s B. She C. Her ( )10. A. Its B. It’s C. It


This is a picture of my bedroom. It is a nice room. The door is here. And a soccer ball is behind it. My desk is near the window. You can see a chair behind the desk. You can see some books and flowers on it. My English books are in my schoolbag. The bag is now behind the chair.


( )1. My soccer ball is ____.

A. behind the door B. on the desk C. behind a door D. under the desk

( )2. The desk is __________.

A. on the bed B. behind the chair C. near the window D. near the chair

( )3. You can see some ________ on the desk.

A. soccer balls B. books and flowers C. schoolbags D. pens

( )4. The English books are ____________.

A. on my desk. B. on the floor C. in my bag D. on my bed 阅读下面对话,判断正(T)误(F)

A: Hello!

B: Hello! What’s your name?

A: My name is Wang Lin. What about you?

B: My name is Wei Hua. How are you?

A: I’m fine, thank you. And you?

B: I’m fine, too. What grade are you in, Wang Lin?

A: I’m in Grade One. Are you in Grade One,too?

B: No, I’m in Grade Two. How old are you?

A: I’m eleven. What about you?

B: I’m one year older than you.

A: Oh! What is in your hand?

B: It is an orange.

A: Can you spell it?

B: Yes, O—R—A—N—G—E, orange.

( )5.Wang Lin is in Grade Two. ( )6.Wei Hua is in Grade one. ( )7.Wang Lin is eleven. ( )8.Wei Hua is twelve.

( )9.There is an orange in Wang Lin’s hand.

单词拼写,根据句意及所给汉语写出空白处单词的正确形式。做这道题时同学们要注意不能只填单词表中单词的形式,而应根据句意填写该单词的正确形式,并且每空只能填写一个单词。 66. Tom is _____years __ _(11岁) 67. I have three _ _(小刀) 68. My __ ___(父母)are all teachers.

69. What’s the __ ___(男孩的)name?

C)句子翻译 根据所给汉语完成英语句子,每空一词。

71. 你怎么拼它?______ ______ you spell it?

72. 明天见。______ ________ .

73. 人人叫我迈克。 _ ______ Mike.

75. 这是什么?是苹果。What’s this? ___ the apple

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