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一、完形填空: (A)

John is a small boy. He likes questions. He can from 0 to 200 easily. When he goes to school at the age of seven, his teachers say he is a good .

It’. They’re going to look at the animals there. He loves Mr White, a friend of John’s father’s. The man says, “I you’re very clever. Would you like to answer one of my ?”

“I’d love to,” answers John.

Pointing to a duck and a goose in the , Mr White asks, “Which is a duck and which is a goose?”

John can’t tell a duck from a goose, but he says, “That’s easy! A duck is swimming next to a goose!”

( )1.A. writing B. playing C. reading D. singing ( )2.A. teach B. give C. pass D. ask ( )3.A. touch B. reach C. hold D. count ( )4.A. son B. boy C. student D. teacher ( )5.A. zoo B. school C. shop D. factory ( )6.A. cats B. monkeys C. dogs D. tigers ( )7.A. hear B. listen to C. look at D. meet ( )8.A. think B. guess C. know D. tell

( )9.A. stories B. words C. lessons D. questions ( )10.A. water B. tree C. flower D. ship (B)

Mr. and Mrs. Wang are very forgetful(健忘的). For example, Mr. Wang sometimes goes to work on Sunday morning, because he thinks it is . And Mrs. Wang sometimes forgets to cook supper for the family.

One summer they planned to to New York for their holidays. They got to the airport only ten minutes the plane took off. So time was short. But Mrs. Wang said she must tell Linging, their daughter, not to forget to the front door when she went to school. But Lingling then was at school. They couldn’t tell her about it bypost office. Mrs. Wang wrote a short note to Lingling, and Mr. Wang bought a and an envelope(信封). Soon the note was ready. They put the stamp on the envelope in a hurry and dropped it in the letter ,but suddenly Mrs. Wang began to cry. The short note was her hand. She had put the plane tickets in the 10

( )11. A. sunny B. cloudy C. Monday D. Sunday ( )12. A. walk B. drive C. fly D. run ( )13. A. before B. often C. when D. because ( )14. A. often B. ever C. always D. suddenly ( )15. A. open B. lock C. close D. push ( )16. A. plane B. train C. telephone D. bus ( )17. A. note B. pen C. stamp D. letter ( )18. A. envelope B. box C. / D. affice ( )19. A. still B. already C. always D. not ( )20. A. plane B. envelope C. hand D. school 二、阅读理解:


On Sunday morning, my sister and I get up very late. We wash our face and then we go out to do morning exercises. It is about 8:30 a.m. After we have our breakfast, we often go to the shop with our mother. The shop is near our home, so we walk there. It takes us about 10 minutes to get there. In the shop there are TVs, bikes, computers, clothes, books, food and drinks. There are many people there, and they are men and women. Parents must look after their children because the shopping center is so big, and the things in the shop are usually good and cheap. The workers there are always nice and friendly. They are glad to answer your questions. We get up early every morning.

We go to the market on Sunday.

My mother goes to the shop with us on Sunday morning. There are all kinds of things in the shop. The shop assistant is helpful. We go there on foot at 8:00.

Christmas is December 25. It’s the most important holiday in America. People like to send Christmas cards to their friends and they buy gifts for their family and friends before Christmas. Christmas Day is a day for family reunion. The family come together and sit down to have a meal in the afternoon. On Christmas Day people go to church to listen to Christmas Carols. Children are very happy on that day, and they can get a lot of gifts.

( )1. ______ is the biggest festival in America. A. Christmas B. New Year C. Thanksgiving Day ( )2. Many people can get some ______ before Christmas. A. work B. cards C. cards or gifts ( )3. The family often have ______ together in the afternoon on Christmas Day. A. a meeting B. a meal C. a ball

( ) 4. Children like Christmas Day very much, and they can _______. A. get many gifts B. watch TV all day C. sing Christmas songs (B)

Can you make a telephone call? Of course you can make it in Chinese. But the call in English is quite different from the one in Chinese. If you want to ask somebody to answer the telephone, you can not say, “Please ask Mr x x to answer the telephone.” Instead, you must say, “Mat I speak to Mr x x?” If you want to ask who is answering the telephone, you should say, “Who is that?” “Is that Mr x x (speaking)?” instead of “Who are you?” If you want the other one who you are, you should say, “This is x x (speaking)” instead of “I’m x x.” ( )5. An English telephone call is _____ a Chinese one.

A. not the same as B. not different form C. the same as D. like

( )6. If you want to ask who is answering the call, you should say, “ ______?”

A. Who am I B. Who is he C. Who are you D. Who is that

( )7. If you want to tell you are in the telephone, you should say, “ _____.” A. This is x x B. I’m x x C. That is x x D. He is x x

( )8. If you want to ask someone to answer the call, you should say, “_______”

A. Please tell Mr x x to answer the telephone. B. May I speak to Mr x x? C. I want to speak to Mr x x. D. Are you Mr x x? ( )9. Which sentence is right according to this passage?

A. It tells the difference between calls in English and in Chinese. B. We know how we call in English.

C. We don’t understand how we call in English. D. It’s easy to call in English. (C)

Small children often laugh at the short ones or at someone who isn’t dressed as well as they

are. But as they grow up, they learn not to hurt people’s feelings by laughing at their problems. They learn to laugh at other things. Most important they learn to laugh at themselves.

Suppose you’re playing a game. You make a mistake and lose. Do you become angry? Or can you laugh at yourself and hope to do better next time? Suppose you are at a special dinner. You at times spill (溅)some food. Why keep worrying about how clumsy (笨拙)you looked ? Why not laugh it off and enjoy yourself any way? If you can, it’s a good sign you’ve really grown up.

( )10. This article is mostly about ______.

A. why laughter is good for your body B. what you should laugh at C. where you may laugh D. who you may laugh ( )11. Next the writer shows how laughter could help you ______. A. not to spill food B. not to be worried C. not to enjoy yourself D. to grow up

( )12. The most important thing is to learn how to laugh at ______. A. jokes B. pictures C. children D. yourself

( )13. The writer shows how laughter could help you not to ______.

A. make a mistake B. lose game C. become angry D. try again (D)

Peter didn't like to use his head. He never put his heart into his studies when he was at school. So he couldn't pass the exams and he hardly finished middle school. Later he found work in an office, but he was not able to do his job. He was to do some heavy work in a factory. When he got home, he was always tired and went to bed very early.

Once the young man went to a barber’s, he found the work was clean and light. He decided to be a barber, too. He took the barber as his teacher. Three months passed, but he learned nothing and the barber told him to go home. The young man had nothing to do. His father helped him to lease(租借) a barber’s shop in their small town, but the seller went to his shop. His father wanted others to believe Peter and asked his son to cut his hair off. The young man was so careless that he cut his father’s ear off. The old man began to call out, “Ear! My ear!” Peter picked the ear up and said, “Stop shouting, Dad! Your ear is here!” ( )14. Why wasn’t he able to work in an office?

A. Because he didn’t find a work. B. Because he wanted to do some heavy work. C. Because he didn’t work hard. D. Because he didn’t study well. ( )15. What did he do after work?

A. He wanted to be a barber. B. He went to bed early. C. He cut his father’s ear. D. He did nothing. ( )16. ______ wanted to see Peter’s work.

A. Peter’s father B. Peter’s teacher C. The seller D. The old man ( )17. Why did Peter’s father shout? Because ______.

A. Peter’s ear was cut off B. Peter’s father’s ear was cut off C. The seller’s ear was cut off D. Peter’s finger was cut off (E)

There were more than one thousand South China tigers in 1950.But now there are only about one hundred left. The number of South China tigers gets smaller and smaller. Why?

First, forest in South China gets fewer and smaller. The tigers can't find enough (足够) food to eat. And they have to leave their homes—forests.

Second, people hunt them for making money. The tiger's fur(皮毛) is very expensive. So, if we don't do something to save this kind of tiger, it will disappear soon.

( )18. South China tigers live __________.

A. in the sky B. in North China C. in many places in South China D. in South China ( )19. People hunt tiger for __________. A. food B. fun C. furs D. safety

( )20.The word “disappear” in the last paragraph means “__________” in Chinese.

A.繁殖 B.消失C.争斗D.存活

( )21. This writing tells us __________.

A .the tigers' furs are very expensive B. the tigers are a dangerous animal C. people go hunting for sports D. We must save animals ( )22. From this writing we can see __________.

A. the South China tiger is not dangerous B. the South China tiger is friendly C. there are quite fewer South China tigers than in 1950 D .the South China tiger drinks milk only 阅读短文,根据要求完成下面各小题。 Joe and Jeff worked for a factory.

When this story happened, they were working around a very large house. Their job was to do the cleaning. It was not a difficult job, but sometimes it was a little dangerous, because they had One morning Joe was working near the house with a cigarette(香烟)behind one of his ears. Suddenly somebody on the top shouted, "Look out!"

But Joe did not "look out". He looked up. And as he did so, a long knife fell off the top of the house.

Luckily, the knife missed Joe's head, but it cut off one of his ears.

(5)At once he put his hand to one side of his head and cried out, "I've lost an ear. Help! " Look for my ear," Joe told him. "It must be on the ground He picked it up and carried it to Joe.

"Here you are," he said, "I've found it." Joe looked at it. "No, that's not my ear," he said, "Mine had a cigarette behind it." (一)根据短文内容简要回答问题。

1. What were Joe and Jeff?________________________________________________ 2. How did Joe lose his ear? ________________________________________________ (二)将短文中划线的句子翻译成汉语。

3. __________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________

(三) 请给短文拟一个适当的标题。 5. __________________________________________ 一、完形填空1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. ______ 5. _______ 6. _______ 7. ________ 8._______ 9. ________ 10. ________ 11. _______ 12. _______ 13. _______ 14. ______ 15. _______ 16. _______ 17. ________ 18._______ 19. ________ 20. ________ 二、阅读理解:

(A) 1. _____ 2. ______ 3. _______ 4. _______

(B) 5. ______ 6. ______ 7. _______ 8. _______ 9. ______ (C) 10. _______ 11. ________ 12. _______ 13. _________ (D)14. ________ 15. _______ 16. _________ 17. _________ (E) 18. _______ 19. ______ 20. ______ 21. ______ 22. ______

1-5 CDDCA 6-10 BDCDA

11-15CCADB 16-20 CCBAB


34-37 BBDC 26-29 DDCB 1.D 2.C 3.B 4.D 5.C

81. They are cleaners. 82. A falling knife cut it off. 83. 这些工人们经常从许多米高的房顶向地面扔东西。 84. 他立即用手捂住头的一侧并叫喊:“ 救命!救命!我掉了一只耳朵!”

85. A Lost Ear

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