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U2 school life WELCOME (2)

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Welcome to the Unit

1.Do you like going to school?

2. Do you think dogs need to go to school?

初 中 英 语
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Part One Comic Strip

1 What’s this ? 2 Do you like going to school? 3 Do dogs go to school?

初 中 英 语
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Eddie and Hobo

They are talking about _______. school

Listen and answer
What does Eddie think school is like ?
Eddie thinks that it’s like watching TV, but there are fewer advertisements

Because we’re cleverer

than People . They have to
work harder.

What’s school like?

It’s like watching TV, but there are fewer advertisements.

Complete the dialogue.
Hobo: Why _________ dogs go to school, don’ Eddie? t cleverer Eddie: Because we’re ___________ than people. like Hobo: What is school ______________? watching TV Eddie: It’s like _______________________, but there are fewer _______advertisements.

初 中 英 语
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Working in pairs and acting it out

Make a survey
What do you think school is like?
What’s your favorite subject?

Do you like outdoor activities?
Do you like fewer lessons?

Do you like the lessons on the Internet?


the UK

the USA



What countries do you know?

What language(语言) do they speak?

Do you know which countries the flags stand for?



the USA

Attention: People speak English in both Britain and the USA. However, sometimes they use different words which mean the same thing.

Different words for the same thing:
People speak English in Britain. People speak English in the USA.











garden yard



holiday vacation



Task 5: practice 1
British English 1.biscuit 2.autumn 3.lorry 4.film 5.football 6.holiday 7.garden 8.rubber 9.shop American English cookie fall truck movie soccer vacation yard eraser store

British English 1.biscuit 1d 2.autumn 2e 3.lorry 3g 4.film 4i 5.football 5b 6.holiday 6c 7.garden 7h 8.rubber 8a 9.shop 9f

American English a eraser b soccer c vacation d cookie e fall f store g truck h yard i movie

Underline the British words and write the American words above them:
Daniel: Hi, Simon. Where are you going? Simon: I’m going to buy a toy lorry for my cousin in truck shop near our school. store Daniel: I’ll go with you. I’d like to buy some biscuits. cookies Simon: Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Daniel: I want to see a film. Shall we go together? movie Simon: I’d love to ,but the school football team will soccer practise this Saturday. We have an important match this autumn. fall

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