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Go for it 九年级Unit9 ScetionA 1

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1973 Martin Cooper

Who invented the mobile phone? Martin Cooper invented the mobile phone in 1973.

When was it invented?

Section A
Period 1 (1a — 2c)
Language Goal:

1. Talk about the history and the uses of some inventions.
2.Grasp the structure of the passive voice:

be +P.P.(动词的过去分词)

invent 发明,创造
invention 发明物 inventor 发明者,创造者


invented inventor Edison is an ________.He _________many inventions things. We call the things ___________.

Warming up

Do you know the following inventions? Who invented them, and when?

Do you know what they are?



Do you know what are they?





1b. Listen and match the inventions with the dates. _____ 1876 d _____ 1885 a _____ 1927 e
a c d b e

_____ 1971 c
_____ 1976 b

How to read the year:
1876 eighteen seventy-six eighteen eighty-five

1927 1971

nineteen twenty-seven
nineteen seventy-one


nineteen seventy-six
twenty twelve

Listen again and choose the best answers:

1. What did the grandma have when she was young? A. Telephone. B. Car. C. Both of them. 2. Why didn’t they have a television at that time?
A. Because it was new. B. Because it was expensive. C. Because it was small. 3. Does grandma have personal computer now?
A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t . C. We don’t know.

light bulb

Who invented the light bulb? 中考句型点击 Who was the light bulb invented by? who

It was invented by Edison. It was invented in 1880.
1880 Edison

when When was the light bulb invented ?


What is it used for?

It is used for giving light .
It is used to give light .

Who: Bell
When :1876 What: talk with people far away

It was invented by Bell.
It was invented in 1876.

It is used for talking with people far away.
It is used to talk with people far away.

Who : Benz
When: 1885 What: drive people to somewhere far away It was invented by Benz. It was invented in 1885. It is used for driving people to somewhere far away. It is used to drive people to somewhere far away.

battery-operated slippers


heated ice cream


What are they used for? 冰淇淋加热勺
shoes were they inventedheels Who with adjustable by? 可调节跟的鞋子

2a.Listen and number the inventions in the order.
It’s used for scooping really cold ice cream. Right. It was invented by Chelsea Lanmon.

3 ______ Shoes with adjustable heels

1 _______ battery-operated slippers

_______ 2 heated ice cream scoop

2b. Listen again and match the inventions Their inventors and uses.
Invention shoes with adjustable heels battery-operated slippers Who was it/ were they invented by Chelsea Lanmon What is it/ are they used for? scooping really cold ice cream seeing in the dark

Jayce Coziar and Jamie Ellsworth

heated ice cream scoop

Julie Thompson

changing the style of the shoes


A: When was the TV invented? B: It was invented in 1926. A: Who was it invented by? B: It was invented

by Baird. A: What is it used for? B: It is used for getting information. 1926 Baird

1839 Daguerre

1907 The Wright brothers

1976 Cary

1998 Moon

A: When was… invented? B: It was invented in … . A: Who was the…invented by? B: It was invented by . . . A: What is it used for ? B: It is used for . . .



1. Edison invented the light bulb .




主动语态 (某人做某事)

2. The light bulb was invented by Edison 被动语态

sth. be +done(过去分词)by sb.(名词/代词宾格)


Grammar Focus
The passive voice 被动语态
表达意义:主语是动作的承受者。 语法构成:

主语(动作的承受者) + be + done (动词的过去分词P.P)
+ by 动作的执行者

宾语提前主语变,时态人称be关键, 过去分词勿错变,原主变宾by后见。


S(主语:动作承受者)+am/is /are +P.P(过去分词)

S+was/were +P.P

S+ can/may/must/should + be+ P.P

【2011】20. A lot of trees ______ on the hill yesterday.

A. are planted
C. have been planted

B. will be planted
D. were planted

答案: D
【解析】考查被动语态。由时间状语yesterday 可知,用一般过去时,由trees和plant构成被动 关系,用一般过时的被动语态。

【2011】42. These days students in some schools ______ not to use mobile phones.
A. ask C. are asked 答案:C B. asked D. were asked

【解析】被动语态。主语students是动作的承 受者,所以用被动语态;根据these days可知 用一般现在时。

被动语态结构:sth. + be (am /is /are/was/were) + P.P + by sb. Exercise ( 根据要求完成句子)

1.Many people speak English. (主动变被动)

English is spoken by many people. —————————————————————。
2.Julie, were, yesterday, by, made, two, cakes, the.(联词成句)

The two cakes were made by Julie yesterday. —————————————————————— were caught 3.At last the thieves ______________(catch) by the police.(填空)
4 .(d ) My watch ________in China in 1990. (选择)
a. makes b. made c. is made d. was made 5. (


Harry Potter _____by a woman writer. a. wrote b. is written c. was written d. were written

If you can choose, Would you like to live in 17th century or 21st century?

Life is better today.

Inventions changed our world!


car bicycle bike motorbike plane


Inventions changed our world! TV microwave oven candle light bulb

fridge computer

talk about the history of inventions

invention what



Who was the … invented by? When was the … invented ? What is it used for?

who , when or what ?
1. What is a knife used for? ____

2. Who invented the glasses? ____ 3. Who were they invented by? ____ 4. When was the first clock inv

ented? ____ What 5. ____ are microwave ovens used for? for , in or by ? in 1.The latest computer was invented_____ 2003. for 2.Clocks are used_____ telling the time. by 3.Who were fridges invented_____ ? by 4.The light bulb was invented ____Edison .


基本结构:be + done ( by sb)

is /am/ are was /were
must/ should/ may /can be

activity glasses

music candle

temperature cup

1.Workbook P88-91 2.Get information from the Internet about the four great inventions of the ancient Chinese. Tips: What are the four great inventions? Who were they invented by? When were they invented? What are they used for?

Thank you for your listening!

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