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Good morning, everyone.

I’m very pleased to have an opportunity to talk about some of my teaching ideas. My topic is made of five parts. It includes the analysis of the teaching material,the teaching methods, the learning methods, ,the teaching procedures and the teaching reflection.

Part 1: Analysis of the Teaching Material

Today I’m going to talk about Reading and Writing from Unit 1 Book 1. I have concluded the features of this theaching materials: This lesson is about reading and writing, which will take 2 class hours. It plays a very important part in the English teaching of this unit.

1.Analysis of the Students

a. Analysis of the Basic Knowledge

The students have known something about how to introduce a person, but they are lack of vocabulary.

b.Analysis of the Current Situation of the Students.

They don’t often use English to express themselves nor communicate with others. Some students are not active in the class because they are afraid of making mistakes. c. Analysis of this Course.

By studying this lesson, students can improve their reading and writing ability, learn more about how to introduce a person. At the same time, we should get the students to understand some phrases and sentences to comprehend the passage better. The students should learn how to design a name card, too.

It is known to us that the kids are very active and like playing games very much, so during my class, I’ll design some interesting games to activate them to participate and learn something. They will also be interested in the class.

2.Teaching Aims and Key Points

Knowledge aims: (1)to enable the students to master the words,phrases and sentences. (2)to enable students to use English introducing themselves in their own

words, deisigning a name card for themselves

Ability aims: (1)to get the ability of general reading and acquiring information.(2) To master vital phrases and sentence expressions.(3) To develop the students’ interest in English.

The key points or teaching important points: to enable the students to introduce a person and use the words to express their ideas.

Part 2: Analysis of Teaching Methods.

1. Teaching Aids

In this class, I’ll use pictures, PPT and tape recorder. These can arouse the students’ interest in English.

2.Teaching Methods

My teaching methods are task-based approach and situational approach. Using different methods can make the class active.

Part 3: Analysis of Learning Methods

students are required to actively discover, discuss, and solve problems, so as to really obtain the effect of student-based learning method. And the teacher is the organizer and leader in the class.

Part 4: Analysis of Teaching Procedure

1. Teaching Procedure

It consists of 5 steps: warning up, lead-in, contents key points and difficult points and homework.

Step1 is warming up. Here I’ll use PPT to play mp3 and pictures about greetings for the students. By this, the students can be interested in it and pay their attention to our class easily and review what they have learned last time. (5 min)

Step2 is lead-in . I’ll firstly introduce myself to the students, like “My name is..., My frist name is..., My last name is..., I’m from..., I’m major in...”. Then, I’ll ask some students questions: “What’s your name?””How old are you?” ”Where are you from?””What are you major in?” ”What are your interests and hobbies?” ”Can you tell us your home address?”(10min)

Step 3 is contents. (1)Firstly, I’ll teach students the new words and phrases. Then I’ll select some students as teachers to teach other students the pronounciations of those words. So that students can be interested in wrods learning.(10min)

(2)Let students use brain stom to finish Task 1 in part A. Let them read the passage in Part A use skimming and scanning . Then I’ll explain the passage. Let them listen to the tape to folow it.(20min)

(3)Every 2 students a group to interview each other about :first name, last name, gender, class, interests and hobbies, Tel. No., home address and e-mail address. And ask the students to design a name card for their partners.Let some students write down the name card they have made on the black board,and give them some comments.(10min)

(4)Use PPT to show a table about the expression of nationalities and people of these nations clearly. Then select some nations to ask some students make sentences with “I come\ am from..., I’m...”.(10min)

(5)Learn the letters in Task 2 in Part B. After that, dived the class into 3 groups ,and let each group read a letter together. Then, let them finish Task3 and Task4 in Part B. Listen to the tape to correct the pronouciation.(15min)

Use the name cards they have made to write letters to Chen Li, then show some letters to the class.(10min)

Step 4 is key points and difficult points: last name, first name, be interested in... , interests and hobbies, live in, look for, make fireds with, favorate sport, be fond of, write back soon, the order of address in English, and the usage of “Come from”,”be from” and “live”

Step 5 is homework:make a name card for yourself and write a letter to Chen Li to introduce yourself, besides, please recite the key phrases of this lesson.

2. Blackboard Design

I’ll write the key words,phrases and important sentences structures on the blackboard. Make sure they are written clearly and orderly. And I’llask some students to write the name card they have made on the blackboard.

Part 5: Teaching Reflection

1. This lesson is related to our life, and the key points are useful in our daily communication. So the students can be interested in this lesson.

2. In this lesson, students are given many chancrs to take part in activties, such as interview, write name card on the blackboard and read passage. So they can gain courage to express their ideas in English and be interested in English.

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