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Moudle 1

1. Betty’s friends are ______(享受) the school trip a lot.

2. In London,some people usually _________(开车) their cars to work.

3. Look! Daming is eating lunch and _________(躺)in the sun.

4. There’re having dinner at home or in ___________(饭店).

5. The little boy is getting _________(穿衣).

6. The students are doing different _________(thing).

7. My father likes taking _________(photo).

8. At the moment,we _________(have) dinner at home.

9. —―What are you doing ?‖

—―I ______(write) a letter‖.

10. Can you ________(send) a postcard to me?

Moudle 2

1. At the Spring Festival we ________(涂) the doors and windows red..It can bring good luck.

2. We have many kinds of _________(传统) food at Lantern Festival ,such as yuanxiao.

3. Our parents and grandparents give us New Year ________(礼物).

4. On New ________(新年)Day ,we put on our new clothes and visit our family and friends.

5. At ________(午夜),there are usually fireworks.

6. When __________the Spring Festival _________(finish)?

7. Christmas is the most importmant Festival in the ________(west) countries.

8. Would you go _______(shop) with me?

9. Let’s __________(start) our homework.

10. In Beijing ,Daming’s family _________(get) ready now.

Moudle 1~~2

1. Thanks for ______(sing) for us.

2. Look! They __________(run) on the playground.

3. She is reding and ________(write) under a tree.

4. They are _________(decorate) the house at the moment.

5. Do you enjoy ________(play) table tennis?

6. We usually decorate the doors and windows _______(用) paper cuts.

7. We don’t want to sweep away good ________(运气).

8. Lingling and I are writing _______(明信片).

9. In diffenent _________(地方) of the world people are doing different things.

10. Children are ________(开始) their lessons.

Moudle 3

1. Let’s go to play _______(沙滩) volleyball..

2. How many ________(女儿) do you have?

3. What do you usually do in a _______(外国的) city.

4. Where are your _______(父母亲) going to do ?

5. The Green family like Chinese ________(文化) very much.

6. We are going ________(cycle) on Sunday.

7. Many _______(wife) do a lot of housework in China.

8. He is going to _____(be) a basketball player.

9. Do you want to be a _______(sing)?

10. What are your _______(plan),chindren?

Moudle 4

1. Is it _____(暖和) in spring in China?

2. Workers usually use _______(机器) to do some work.

3. The boy sat in an _______(舒适的) chair and watched TV.

4. The _______(天气) was really bad. It rained all day.

5. She is going to Hong Kong on ______(假期).

6. The boy is tall enough,he can touch the apples on the tree ______(easy).

7. There will be strong _______(windy) later.

8. ________(Fly) to the moon is intering.

9. It’s _______(sun) today, so we’ll go out to play.

10. There are many ________(factory) in the village.

Moudle 3~~4

1. Some _______(外国人) visit China every year.

2. What are your _______(计划) for this weekend?

3. Take some food and water. We’re going to have a ________(野餐).

4. The desk is too ______(重) to carry.

5. Are you _______(空闲) this afternoon?

6. Do you enjoy ________(stay) at home on snowy days.

7. Look! It’s __________(rain) hard.

8. We are going to _________(Daming) home to have a party.

9. Oh,what about __________(buy) some flowers for your parents?

10. We are going to the __________(forbid) City tomorrow?

Moudle 5

1. The Bund in Shanghai is 1.5 _______(千米) long.

2. Manchester is in the _______(北方) of England.

3. What’s the ________(首都) of the UK?

4. China is ________(出名) for the Great Wall.

5. England is a _______(地区) of Britain.

6. It has ________(大约) 100,000 people.

7. There are lots of old buildings and _________(教堂).

8. Chang Jiang is _________(宽) than the River Thames.

9. New York is a _______(吵闹的) city than Washington D.C.

10. Shanghai is a big city on the east _________(海岸) of China.

Moudle 6

1. Basketball is _________(令人兴奋的) than running.

2. Do you like ___________(便宜的) clothes or expensive clothes?

3. _________(滑雪) is dangerous.

4. My brother is good at _______(骑车).

5. __________(然而),you lost a good friend.

6. The rain won’t stop _________(直到) next week.

7. Don’t play the CD __________(响).

8. Is it _________(枯燥的) to read this book?

9. He likes _________(观看) basketball.

10. We walk too ________(慢).

Moudle 5~~6

1. It’s an interesting _________(故事).

2. _________(传统地),we believe Chinese medicine.

3. Can you _________(装满) the bag with your books?

4. What’s the __________(形状) of the new robot?

5. Is it ________(真实的) that he’ll come back tomorrow?

6. Your parents want to give you the best _________(教育).

7. What’s the _________like today(天气)?

8. Does your school have _______(庆祝) for Christmas Day?

9. When will you _______(抵达)?

10. More and more____________(游客) come to China.


1. Jim likes math very much and he ________(也) likes Chinese.

2. The students are listening to their teacher __________(仔细地).They work very hard.

3. There is some ________(粉笔) in the box on the platform.

4. Students today have too much homework.. They need time to __________(放松).

5. Father Christmas always ________(装满) the special bags with presents.

6. Who lives _________(close) to your school in your class?

7. It’s more difficult for old people ________(learn) English.

8. Today is _________(Mother) Day.Let’s buy some flowers.

9. She’s good at ________(run).

10. I think this street is ________(busy) than that one.

Moudle 7

1. Mr Zhao gets up early because he lives _______(远) in our school.

2. In summer you can see many ________(星星) in the sky at night.

3. The seats on the planes are very _____________(舒服的).

4. Mike ___________(知道) a lot of things.

5. Be _________(快) .There are 2 minutes left(留下).

6. Which is the best way ___________(travel)?

7. One of the students _____________(take) the train to school.

8. Which subject do you like __________(good),English,math or Chinese?

9. ___________(walk) is good for our health.Let’s go there on foot,OK?

10. ____________(million) of people go back to their hometowns before New Year.

Moudle 8

1. Mother often tells us her ____________(过去的) life.

2. Bill Gates is one of the most famous _____________(科学家).

3. Most foreigners think Chinese people are _____________(友好的).

4. Do you have a house ____________(带有) a garden.

5. British English and American England are _____________(不同的).

6. Ms Gao is very kind and often asks us about our ____________(life).

7. Who was your ____________(one) friend?

8. Do you know when Karl Marx was _____________(bear)?

9. I am from a small town ____________(call) Daqiao.

10. Is that man the ______________(found) of the city library?

Moudle 7~~8

1. A There ___________(有) a small tree near the river last year.

2. He has a big room with three ____________(浴室).

3. Could you give the money __________(回) to me tomorrow?

4. Who’s the ____________(总统) of the USA?

5. The child will be ____________(出生) in 3 months.

6. Which one is __________(fast) ,a horse or a rabbit?

7. All the passengers complain (抱怨) about the _____________(comfortable) seats.

8. Tina was one of my _____________(good) friends.

9. Do you look forward to ____________(visit) the new park?

10. This year three ______________(America) students study in our school.

Moudle 10

1. Summer holiday starts in ____________(七月).

2. ___________(十二月份) is the last month of the year.

3. In ___________(秋天),farmers are very busy.

4. Do you like playing ____________(国际象棋)?

5. Last year we ______________(旅行 ) around China.

6. The boy is going to be an ___________(act).

7. One of his famous ______________(play) is Hamlet.

8. They got ______________(marry) in 1985 in the USA.

9. At last, she became a ____________(succeed)business woman.

10. There were a lot of _____________(company) last year.

Moudle 11


1. I __________(享受) myself at the party yesterday.

2. There are two ____________(桥) in our city.

3. –What does your father do ? –He’s an _______________(工程师).

4. My grandmother _____________(死) many years ago.

5. What club do you want to ____________(参加)?


1. Zhan Tianyou and Yang Liwei are national ______________(hero).

2. He ____________(be) a waiter before .But now he is a teacher .

3. The spacecraft landed ______________(safe) 2 days later.

4. The government didn’t want foreign engineers ___________(build) the railroad.

5. He did some ____________(read) yesterday.

Moudle 12

1. I _________(希望) to meet you soon.

2. Where are you going on ______________(度假).

3. We’re going swimming ________________(明天).

4. Jane _______________(花费) 500 yuan on the bike two days ago.

5. Did you do some ______________(购物) last Sunday?

6. He bought some _____________(present) just now.

7. The teacher _____________(read) newspapers every day.

8. ____________(final) they arrived at the airport.

9. What about _____________(listen) to a concert?

10. The Browns ____________(see) many birds last week.

Moudle 11~~12

1. Nie Haisheng and Fei Junlong are ____________.(宇航员)

2. He really wants to be ____________.(工程师)

3. How many ____________(人) are there in your family?

4. Yesterday was her ___________(丈夫) birthday.

5. Finally they ____________(花费) two days there.

6. The ____________(build) on the left is a hotel.

7. Can you speak ____________(Russia)?

8. Was there a _____________(fly) to Tianjin this moring?

9. Zhan Tianyou is a ___________(nation) hero.

10. Shall we do some _________________(shop) tomorrow?


1. I think reading is really _____________(relax).

2. Some ______________(visit) come to the West Lake every year.

3. Can you see the letters on the blackboard _____________(clear)?

4. The new _____________(build) is very nice.

5. The ___________(fly) to Hong Kong leaves at 10:05.

6. The boy danced _____________(没有) music yesterday.

7. I think her dream will come ______________(真实的).

8. We have all kinds of shoes in different ______________(形状).

9. ______________(没有人) can help you ,believe yourself ,my boy.

10. She’s ____________(饥饿的) than her little sister.

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