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教师:孙小娟 学生:彭思澳 日常练习题



Clay is 13 years old, and he lives in Miami, the United States. On the morning of Feb.23, when Clay is waiting for school bus, a man kidnaps(绑架) him.

The man takes him to a tree. He puts a stock in Clay’s mouth. Then he asks for money from Clay’s family.Clay is very scared(害怕). But he remembers there is a safety pin(安全别针) in his pocket. He takes out the pin and cuts through the rope(绳子). Finally he gets free. Clay calls his mother with a farmer’s cell phone. Soon the police comes and Clay is safe. The police thinks highly of(高度评价) Clay. “This man kidnaps the wrong boy,” Charly Wells, a policeman says. “This boy notices things. And he’s very brave(勇敢).”

1. The man kidnaps Clay ___.

A. on Clay’s way home B. on Clay’s way to school

C. when Clay is shopping D. in a park

2. After taking Clay to a tree, the man ___.

A. kills(杀死)the boy B. hurts the boy C. asks for money from his family D. calls the police

3. Clay uses___ to help him run away.

A. a rope B. a safety pin C. a gun D. a knife

4. We can tell from the story that Clay is ___.

A. brave B. smart C. both A and B D. hard-working

5. Why does the police say “This man kidnaps the wrong boy” Because Clay is _____

A. a foreign boy B. brave C. too young D. a policeman’s son 二.

There is an old tiger in the forest. He doesn’t want to look for food now. He often asks other animals to get him something to eat.

One day, he sees a monkey and says, “I am hungry, monkey. Go to the village and get me something to eat.” “ I can’t do that now, tiger,” the monkey says, “There is another tiger over there. He will not let me get anything for you to eat. I am afraid of him.” “What?” cries the old tiger. “Take me to that tiger. I will talk to him.” The monkey and the tiger get to the bridge over the river. “Now look down at the water.” Says the monkey. “Do you see the tiger?” “Yes, I do,” cries the old tiger. “I will eat him.” With these words, the tiger jumps into the river.

( )1 An old tiger lives ____.

A. in the zoo B. in the garden

C. in the forest D. on the farm

( )2 How many tigers and monkeys are there in the story?

A. Two tigers and two monkeys. B. Two tigers and one monkey.

C. One tiger and two monkeys. D. One tiger and one monkey.


( )3 Why does the tiger ask the other animals to get him food?Because____.

A. they are afraid of him B. only they can look for some food

C. they are his friends D. they like to do so

( )4 The monkey ____.

A. goes to get something to eat B. gets to the bridge with the tiger

C. knows there is another tiger D. tells the tiger to jump into the water

( )5 Which of the following is right?

A. The tiger is very clever. B. The monkey eats the tiger.

C. The tiger eats another tiger. D. The tiger jumps into the water.



Jim: How many days are there in a week?

Sally: Why, seven, of course. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

Jim: Well, Sally, can you speak out (说出) the five days of a week and not say Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday? Sally: Let me see. I’m sorry I can’t. Can you?

Jim: Of course I can. They are today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, yesterday, the day before yesterday.

( ) 6 There are seven days in a week.

( ) 7 Sally can speak out five days of the week and not say Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

( ) 8 Jim thinks there are five days in a week.

( ) 9 It’s Saturday today, so tomorrow is Sunday.

( ) 10 Tomorrow is the day before today.


Most people who work in the office have a boss (老板). So do I (我也是). But my boss is a little unusual. What's unusual about him? It's a big dog. Many men have dogs, but few men bring their dogs to the office every day. My boss's dog. Robinson, is big and brown. My boss brings him to work every day. He takes the dog to meetings and he takes the dog to lunch. When there is telephone call for my boss, I always know if he is in the office. I only look under his desk. If I see something brown and hairy (毛绒绒的) under it, I know my boss is somewhere in the office. If there is no dog , I know my boss is out.

( )6. People _________bring dogs to the office.

A. usually B. often

C. seldom (几乎不) D. sometimes

( )7. My boss is Robinson's ________.

A. boss B. master

C. classmate D. teacher


( )8. Robinson goes to meetings _________ my boss.

A. for B. without

C. instead of (代替) D. with

( )9. Robinson is always under the desk if the boss is _________.

A. in the office B. at meetings

C. out of the office D. out of work

( )10. The passage tells us the boss _________ the dog very much.

A. looks like B. hates (恨)

C. likes D. trust(信任)


Can You Tell Me? A father asks him son “How many letters are there in the Alphabet (字母表)?”“I don't know,”says his son. His father says, “You don't know? You are in school for many years and you don't know how many letters are there in the Alphabet?”He is very angry(生气).

His son says, “No. But let me ask you a question(问题), Dad. You often go to the post office(邮局), please tell me how many letters are there in the post office?”

( )1.From the story, we know the son is good at(擅长) English.

( )2.The son studies at school over (超过) one year.

( )3.The father gets angry because his son is not polite (有礼貌) to him.

( )4.The father knows how many letters there are in the post office.

( )5.There are twenty-six letters in the Alphabet.


Too Polite(礼貌过头了)

There are many people in the bus. Some have seats, but some have to(不得不) stand. At a bus stop, a woman gets on the bus. An old man hears the door and tries (试着) to stand up.

“Oh, no, thank you,” the woman forces (强迫) him back to the seat. “Please don't do that. I can stand.”

“But, madam(夫人), let me?,”says the man.

“I ask you to keep your seat(坐在你的座位上),” the woman says. She puts(放) her hands on the old man's shoulder(肩膀).

But the man still(仍然) tries to stand up,“Madam, will you please let me??”“Oh, no,”says the woman. She again(又) forces the man back.

At last(最后) the old man shouts(大声喊), “I wants to get off(下车) the bus!”

( )1.All the people have seats in the bus.

( )2.An old man gets on the bus at a bus stop.

( )3.The old man wants to give his seat to he woman.

( )4.The woman sits the old man's seat.


( )5.The old man wants to get off the bus.

七、根据短文内容,判断以下句子的正误。对的在括号内填“ T ”, 错的填“ F ”。 Jim is an English boy. He comes to China with his father and mother. They come here to work. Jim comes here to study.

He is in No. 5 Middle School. He gets up early every day. He isn’t late for school. He studies hard. He can read and write English well. He often helps us with our English, and we often help him with his Chinese. After class he likes playing football, swimming, running, jumping and riding. He makes many friends here. We are glad to stay with him. On Sunday he often helps his mother clean the house, mend something or do the shopping. He likes Chinese food very much.

He likes living here. He likes Chinese students very much. We all like him , too.

( )1. He gets up late every day.

( )2. He often teaches us English.

( )3. After class , he likes singing and playing basketball.

( )4. On Sunday he often helps his mother clean the house.

( )5. He doesn’t like Chinese food.


In the summer time,when there are many flowers,a beehive(蜂窝)is a very busy place.Bees fly from flower to flower. Flowers have a juice called nectar(花蜜).Bees take the nectar that they like and make it into honey(蜂蜜). When a bee finds some good nectar,it hurries home.It wants to tell the other bees where the nectar comes from.And it does!It tells how far to go.The bees go bake together for more nectar.

Every bee in the beehive is busy.That is why we say that someone who works hard is "as busy as bee"

( )1.Bees can make honey.

( )2.The whole passage is about how bees fly.

( )3.A bee's dance only tells other bees where to go.

( )4.In the summer time bees are very busy.

( )5.We say someone who works in summer is"as busy as bee"



A Ten-Year-Old Teacher

A teacher can be any age .

Just like Chrissie McKenney, she was only ten when she started teaching. How did Chrissie get the job? It was not easy.Chrissie wanted to help children who cannot hear.But the school had never had such a young helper.Could Chrissie do it?

First,Chrissie learned to sign .Signing is a way of talking with your hands.Soon it was easy for Chrissie to talk to the children.So the school let her help.Now Chrissie visits the school almost every day.The children love their young teacher.She is tired friend.

( )1.Chrissie wanted to help children who cannot ____.

A.hear B.see C.play

( )2.This passage tells about a ________.

A.special class B.young teacher C.sill person

( )3.In the third paragraph of the passage,what does the word"learned" mean? It means "_____".

A.forgot B.found C.stopped

( )4.The school let Chrissie help because she ______.

A.was too old B.could sign C.could not hear

( )5.You can guess from the passage that most teachers_______.

A.are older than Chrissie B.do not like C.are just like

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