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weekend dinner

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Weekend Dinner

佛山市三水区欧化英语语言中心剑桥英语四级班 卢宛晖

I think weekend dinner is important in china.

Because it's a relaxing and union time for the family .

As we know . Some people don't live with their parents together in daily life . They work or study in other places.

They are very busy.Some of their tours are very far .

Sometimes they only can come back home on weekends. This is a relaxing time ! Usually the family sits together and has a big dinner .

They don't need to think of their work,money or study .

They have more time to have a free chat,taste the dishes . At the same time . They can share the news of socity, school,study,and so on.

Nowadays the soctyis more and more busy.

So in my opinion weekend dinner is more and more important.

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