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Unit 2 Let's play sports!

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Unit 2 Let’s play sports!



1、 醒来 2、起床 3、看起来强壮 4、踢足球

5、做运动 6、去游泳

7、许多次 8、戴眼镜

9、变成现实 10、最喜欢的运动


1、We like playing 运动).

2、I like (散步) after supper with my parents.

3、Nick likes playing football very much. He is a good football 运动员) .

4、The story is (真实的)。All the children like it.

5、 ( 希望) I can be a good student in my class.

三、 根据句意,用括号中所给的适当形式填空

1、My brother goes (swim) every week.

2、---Do you enjoy (play) basketball?

---Yes. I really enjoy it.

3、Let’s (go) shopping now.

4、There are many new (member) in the club.

5 We all want (go) to Beijing this weekand.


Look at the man the water. He is Mr Smith. He is our English teacher. He very well. his students are friendly.

( )1、A.of B.at C.in D.into

( )2、A.swims B.swim C.swimming D.to swim

( )3、A.at B.in C.from D.by

( )4、A.England B.America C.China D.Chinese

( )5、A.working B.works C.to works D.to working

( )6、A.saying B.say C.says D.is say


Linda is an American girl. She is from New York. She is thirteen years old. She is very slim and she looks pretty.she likes reading comic books in her free time. Her parents love her very much. They buy mang books for her to read. Linda is good at Maths and Music. She has a lot of friends at school. They often talk about some tennis players and stars after class. Sometimes in the evening,they talk on the Internet. Linda’s birthday is coming. Her mother buys a lot of nice food and a big cake for her. Her classmates wants to come to her birthday party on Sunday. Linda is

very happy.

( )1、Linda is a from .

A. boy; China B.girl; China C.boy; the USA D.girl; the USA

( )2、How old is Linda?

A.12 B.13 C.14 D.15

( )3、 gives her big cake.

A.mother B.teachers C. parents D. father

( )4、Linda often talks about with her friends after class.

A.books B.tennis stars C.music D.lessons

( )5、Linda’s birthday party is on .

A.Monday B.Sunday C.Saturday D.Friday


1、Nick likes the football star David Beckham best.

David Beckham is .

2、I want to help Li Ming after school.

I help Li Ming after school.

3、Tom cooks dinner when he is free.

Tom cooks dinner .

4、Yao Ming plays for NBA.

Yao Ming is NBA .



1.wake up 2.get up 3.look strong 4.play football 5.play sports

6.go swimming 7.mang times 8.wear glasses 9.come true 10.favourit sports

二、 根据句意和汉语的提示,写出正确的单词

1.sports 2.walking 3.player 4.true 5.hopes

三、 根据句意,用括号中所给的适当形式填空

1.swimming 2.playing 3.go 4.members 5.to go






1.Nick's favourit football play

2.would like to

3.in his free time

4. a member of

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