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牛津英语8A辅导练习三 Units1-3强化训练

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十班博亚辅导练习(五) 8A Units 1-3 单元巩固复习


1. Little Kitty likes hiding ________ (her) behind the door to frighten her friends.

2. He got a ___________ (bad) result in English this term than last term, he didn’t try his best.

3. He does well in his geography, so he can answer the teacher’s questions _________ (correct).

4. --- Who is your __________ (close) person in your family? --- My grandmother is.

5. We can learn a lot from ___________ (hero).

6. It's ___________ (必要的) for us to learn English well.

7. Don’t leave the child ____________ (单独的) near the river. It’s dangerous.

8. He can’t ____________(解答) the problem at all.

9. He __________(重复) his words again and again so that he could make himself understood.

10. The Greens will have a _________ (令人愉快的) trip because they plan everything carefully.

11. Amy is always c__________ and she often jumps and sings on the way back home.

12. They say a computer will be as small as your hand in the near f_______. Do you believe that?

13. He is always so n____________ during the plane trip that he never falls asleep.

14. What is the h__________ of the mountain? Is it 1200 meters?

15. You will soon find English a very useful l___________ if you travel a lot.

16. These pancakes made by my mother are really __________. (taste)

17. The real _________ of the match were our players. (hero)

18. He is a man of many ___________. (able)

19. The child was ____________ in his tight boots. (comfortable)

20. He looks much ___________ than before. (thin)


1. My parents never agreed ____________ (invite) my classmates to our home.

2. Do they often have a nice time ____________ (walk) in the park nearby?

3. When something ____________ (worry) my uncle, he always has a drink of wine in a bar.

4. Don’t you think ____________ (ski) is as dangerous as skating?

5. Everybody here _____________ (be) very happy if he can pass the Mid-term exam.

6. I don’t know how ____________ (solve) the maths problem. Can you help me?

7. Look! How happily the children ____________ (play) hide-and-seek over there!

8. Shall we __________ (plan) a day out for ourselves on Sunday?

9. Our sports meeting ___________ (take) place on the second Saturday of October every year.

11. Your brother ___________ (practice) dancing tomorrow morning, isn’t he?

12. Should Daniel _________ (clean) the fish tank three times a week?

13. Look, some of the students __________ (have) comic books in their hands.

14. There ___________ (be) a football match in our school next week, isn’t there?

15. Be quick! Our teacher ___________ (wait) for us to help him.

16. I’m surprised to hear that she __________ (hurt) her leg carelessly yesterday.

17. PE teachers teach students how ___________ (jump) farther than before..

18. Mrs Green with her two daughters always _________ (try) different kinds of food on Sundays.

19. ___________ (not play) tricks on those people in trouble.

20. People are trying to find ways of ___________ (put) out the big fire..

21. Do you think fantail goldfish are difficult _________ (look) after? I don’t think so


1. 她总是乐意与我分享她的秘密。

She is always _________ to ________ her secrets with me.

2. 我们的校服和他们的不一样。

Our school uniforms are __________ __________ __________.

3. 请务必保证你们自己的安全。

Please _________ ________ to _________ yourselves ___________.

4. Kate 总面带微笑,这使她很特别。

Kate always _________ a __________ on her face and this makes her _________.

5. 住在我隔壁的那男孩痴迷周杰伦的歌, 常常很吵。

The boy next door is ________ ________ Jay’s songs and often ________ much ________.

6. 当我不知所措时,我希望你能给我一些建议。

When I don’t know _______ _______ ________, I hope you can give me some _________

7. 如果你想卖掉旧沙发,为什么不在报纸上登广告呢? 8. 登山和骑自行车比看电视健康得多。 9. 辛迪昨晚自学了如何制作网页。她曾说她计划拥有自己的网站。

Cindy home page___________________yesterday evening. She said she 10. 一个诚实的人是从来不说谎话的。所以我不会再相信他了。 lies. So I won’t believe him_______________________.

11. 如果你有幽默感,我愿意和你交朋友。

If you have_______________________, I am ________________________________.

12. 西蒙的衬衫和丹尼尔的衬衫大小一样。

Simon’s shirt is _____________________________________.

13. 感谢你邀请我参加写作比赛。

Thank you __________________________________________________________

14. 我们的课桌是金属和木头做成的。

Our desks _____________________________________________________

15. 周末时城市的道路上交通太多了。

There is______________________________________ in the city at the weekend.

16. 你打算在哪里度假?

Where are you going to ________________________________?

17. 长城是世界闻名的名胜古迹之一。

The Great Wall is _______________________________________________________.

18. 对他们来说,开会迟到并不重要。

It is _____________________________________________________ the meeting.

19. 他的眼镜和我的很像。His glasses______________________________________.

20. 她吃得比我少,但比我胖得多。

She eats __________________________me, but she is________________________than me.

21. 我们有一个大的图书馆里面有许多有用的书。

We have _______________________________________books.

22. 我认为数学没有英语有趣。

I think Maths is ________________________English.=I _________think Maths is ___________________English.

23. 我们看完了自己的书,还想看其他同学的书。

When we_______________________________ books, wanted to read all our _____________________________.

24. 我妈妈知道如何烹饪健康美味的事物。

My mother knows______________________________________ food.

25. 他这么健康,都是因为他运动做得比我多。

He is___________________, because he does ____________________________me.

26. 这条马路上一边是一个超市,另一边是一个公园。

There is a supermarket____________________ and a park______________________.

27. 我愿意和一个叫Eddie的狗分享快乐。

I’m________________________________ a dog_____________Eddie.

28. 我投西蒙的票,因为我喜欢有趣的人。

I’ll_______________Simon because I like ____________________.

29. 我们成为好朋友已经有很长一段时间了。

We have been best friends___________________________.

30. 他总是帮助那些需要帮助的人。 He always ___________________________________.

31. 贝蒂长大后想成为一名歌手环游世界。

Betty _____________________________________________________when she _________________.

32. 因为有你,我才不会觉得无聊。____________________ you, I don’t __________________________.

33. 我一时想不起他的名字。 I can’t ________________________________________.

34. 梅跟我一样苗条。 May is _______________________________.

35. 马克斯擅长讲笑话。 Max is _____________________________.

36. 艾米不和彼得一样高。 Amy is __________________________________Peter.

37. 吃得太多对我们的身体没有好处。

_______________________ is _______________our health.

38. 这学期我将尽我最大的努力把英语学好。

I will ____________________________________________________this term.

39. 昨天晚上,我花了两个小时才完成作业。

I ______________________________________last night.=It __________________________________last night.


1. John is ______ honest boy. He has ______ useful book.

A. an; an B. a; a C. a; an D .an; a

2. ________ he told me!

A. What bad news B. How a bad news C. How bad news D. What a bad news

3. --- ______ does she dance every day? --- For one hour.

A. How much B. How soon C. How many D. How long

4. I don’t like this pair of glasses at all. Please show me _________.

A. the other one B. the other pair C. another one D. another pair

5. He always looks at his new drawing.

A. happy; happily B. happy; happy C. happily; happily D. happily; happy

6. Shanghai is bigger than _____ in Jiangsu and bigger than _______ in China.

A. any city, any city B. any city, any other city

C. any other city, the other cities D. any other city, any city

7. Paul took exercise after school. He needed a good rest.

A. much too B. too much C. too many D. many too

8. Don’t ______ to others like that. You should ______ politely.

A. say; speak B. speak; tell C. say; talk D. talk; speak

9. — What ______ your Chinese teacher ______? — She is tall and beautiful.

A. does; like B. is; like C. is; look like D. does; look

10. It ______ me about 25 minutes to get to the railway station yesterday.

A. spent B. costed C. took D. paid

11. Today is Wednesday. He _______ be at home. He _____ be at school.

A. can’t, can B. can’t, must C. mustn’t, must D. mustn’t, can

12. John arrived _____ London _____ a cold morning.

A. on; at B. at; at C. in; on D. at; in

13. ______ all the stars, the sun is _______ to the earth.

A. In; the nearest B. Of; the nearer C. In; the most near D. Of; the nearest

14. Can you finish the work better with ______ money and ______ people?

A. less; fewer B. fewer; less C. little; little D. few; few

15. --- Would you like to go camping with us this weekend? --- __________

A. I’m afraid so. B. I’m glad to hear that.

C. Yes, I’d love. D. Great! Why not?

16. Every time when something ____ me, I turn on the radio and listen to music.

A. worry B. worries C. worrying D. worried

17. The boy has poor eyesight because he plays _______ computer games.

A. much too B. too much C. many too D. too many

18. — Excuse me. Where is the city museum?

— Walk along this road, and it’s _____ the end.

A. by B. in C. to D. at

19. I’m sure that he _____ us as soon as he comes back home.

A. call B. to call C. will call D. calls

20. Do you know _____ “hello” in French?

21. I'll go to the English Corner next Sunday .

A. if it will be sunny B. if I'm free

C. when I have no time D. if I will be free

22. Jim is _______ honest boy. He is one of my best friends.

A. a B. an C. / D. the

23. The traffic on this road ____ very busy at this time yesterday.

A. are B. was C. is D. were

24. — When is the welcome party for the new students? — It’s ________ the afternoon of September 15th.

A. at B. in C. by D. on

25. Do you need more people _______ you _______ the vegetables?

A. help, water B. to help, water C. help, to water D. to help, watering

26. I’m sorry. I forgot _______ my homework here today. A. taking B bringing C. to take D. to bring

27. The show made us ________.

A. felt excited B. feel exciting C. exciting D. excited

28. Don't worry, sir. I'm sure I can run to catch up with them.

A. slowly enough B enough slowly C. fast enough D. enough fast

29. — ________ do you go to the library? — Twice a week.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How far

30. The more careful you are, _______ mistakes you’ll make in the exam.

A. the fewer B. the few C. the little D. the more

31. He likes taking a look at different kinds of books through the window every time he walks _______ the bookstore.

A. passed B. to pass C. past D. pass

32. — Do you think Jim will be the new chairperson this term? — ____________. He is so good.

A. I think not. B. I’m not afraid. C. I’m afraid so. D. I think so.

33. He’s always generous and friendly to ______, so everybody likes him.

A. other B. the other C. others D. the others

34. He is sitting there _____, looking rather _____.

A. lonely, lonely B. alone, alone C. lonely, alone D. alone, lonely

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