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被动语态复习 课件1

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Revision of the Passive Voice

? 1 被动语态的谓语结构 ? 2 主动语态变被动语态的方法

? 3 在被动语态中要注意的问题
注:1. 不及物动词(vi.)不用被动语态。如:happen、 take place 、appear、belong 等



2.put put hurt hurt 3. beat

picked lived tried stopped (规则动词)
put (AAA型) (AAB型) (ABA型)

pick live try stop


beat beaten

4. become
5. 6.

became become

keep kept kept write took take wrote
written taken

(ABB型) (ABC型)

build by

The Great Wall was built by Chinese people.

light invent by

The light was invented by Thomas Edison .

All over the world

Football is played all over the world.

The little boy

take good care of

The little boy should be taken good care of

Look and find out the similarities (相同点):
Football is played all over the world. A camera is used for taking photos.

The Great Wall was built by Chinese people.
The light was invented by Thomas Edison . The tree must be planted on the ground. The ground will be covered with trees in a few years’ time. The little boy should be taken good care of

A talk will be given soon.
The earth is being dug now. The food has been eaten up already.


一般现在时: S+am/is /are +P.P 一般过去时: S+was/were +P.P. 情态动词:
S+ can/may/must/should + be+ P.P.

一般将来时: S+ will+be+ P.P. 现在进行时: S+ am/is/are + being + P.P. 现在完成时: S+ have/has + been+ P.P.
过去进行时: S+ was/were+being+ P.P.

主动语态变被动语态 主语+及物动词+宾语.(主动语态)



by +宾语. (被动语态)


They spoke English .(主动语态)

English was spoken by them.

Tom will clean the room tomorrow.


The room will be cleaned by Tom tomorrow.

①Lily writes many letters every day. (主动) → Many letters are written by Lily every day. ②They visited this farm last year.(主动) → This farm was visited by them last year. ③We have learned 3000 English words so far.(主动) → 3000 English words have been learned by us so far.

1. The boy cleaned the desk a moment ago. The desk was cleaned by the boy a moment ago.
2. We will plant 2000 trees next year. 2000 trees will be planted by us next year. 3. You must keep the room clean and tidy(整齐的,整洁的). The room must be kept clean and tidy by you. 4. The police have caught the thief. The thief has been caught by the police. 5. The farmers are cutting down the trees on the hill. The trees on the hill are being cut down by the farmers.

Fill in the blanks using right forms:
1. The Great Wall _______ (know) all over the is known world. are studied 2. The subjucts__________(study)

in school. 3. The computer____________ (invent) in was invented 1976. 4. Two letters____________ (write) by Mary. were written 5. Your homework must be done ( must do) ___________ at once. 6. Library book ___________ ( may keep) for may be kept two days.

was 1.Our school _____

opened ____in 2002.(开办)

be looked after 2.The young trees must____ ______well.(照顾) Was built 3. _____ this building_________(建成)last year? was _______(写)by him last year. 4.The book _____ written wasn’t built 5. The bridge _______ _______(不建造)in1989. 6.The 29th Olympic Games will____ held be ______ (举行) in Beijing in 2008.

在上面我们已经复习了被动语态的构成和主动变被动的方法。下面 我们接着学习在被动语态中要注意的问题。 ? 一些使役动词(let, have, make等)或感观动词(see, hear, watch, notice等)在主动语态中后面接的动词不定式不带to,但改为被动语态时,要 补上to。如: A. The boss makes the workers work 18 hours a day. The workers are made to work 18 hours a day by the boss. B. I saw him enter the house. He was seen to enter the house by me. C. The teacher let them leave the classroom after class. They were let to leave the classroom by the teacher after class. D. We hear her sing in the room every day. She is heard to sing in the room every day. [注意]当使用see/hear/watch sb doing sth时,变为被动语态时,

I saw him going into the shop.(主动) He was seen going into the shop.(被动)


汉语中含有“据说”、“据悉”、“有 人说”、“大家说”等时。例如:

It is said that one day he climbed to the top of a house and ……
It was reported that her mother died of traffic. 众所周知… … It is well known that …

据推测说… … It is supposed that …

Multiple Choice: 1. ( D ) If the work ________,you can go and play games. A. finished B. has finished C. will be finished D. is finished

2. ( B ) It was raining heavily outside, the children were made ______

in the classroom. A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stayed 3. (C ) Kate _______ the letter before her mother came into her bedroom.
A. has written B. was written C. had written D. is writing 4. ( B ) To make our city more beautiful, rubbish ______ into the river. A. needn’t be thrown C. can’t throw B. mustn’t be thrown D. may not throw

5. ( D ) —I won’t come to the party unless Tom ______, too.
—You mean if Tom comes ,you’ll come. A. will invite B. invites C. invited 6. ( D ) The children must _______. A. look after B. be taken good care C. look the same D. be taken good care of 7. ( B ) The woman still doesn’t know what _______ in her hometown while he was away. A. happens B. happened C. will happen D. was happened D. is invited

8. ( B ) — I saw you were on foot this morning. —Yes. My bike ___________.
A. is mending C. is mended B. is being mended D. is

being mending

Fill in the blanks:

was invented Paper_______________ ( invent )in A.D.105 by Cai Lun in China.It is an important part of our everyday lives,but few people ever think about how it is made ____________ (make).Today most paper comes from trees.However,with the concern for the environment (考虑到环境) , more and more is produced paper)____________(produce)from recycled paper products.Since paper products are of different are sorted qualities,they first____________ (sort分类)before are recycled they_____________ (recycle).The sorted material _____________ (put) into a huge machine. … is put



?完成总复习“优化设 计”中的47页的题。 ?记忆44——45页的相 关“被动语态”的知 点。

谢谢观看 请多指教 再见


1.People use knives for cutting things.

are used Knives ______ ______ for cutting things. 2.The students clean the windows of their classroom twice a month.
The windows of their classroom______ are cleaned _______ twice a month.

3.I found the ticket on the floor. The ticket was found ______ ______ ______ ______ on the floor.

4.I told her to return the book in time.
was told She ______ _______ to return the book in time.

5. His doctor made him have only two meals a day. was made to have He ______ _______ _______ _______ only two meals a day. 6.Now people can use computers to help them. can be Now computers _______ ______ ______ to help them. used

7. Did you plant many trees at this time last year? Were ______ _______ _______ many trees planted _______

at this time last time?
8.Must we finish our work today?

Must be finished _______ our work______ _______ today?

9. The foreign friends gave us some wonderful stamps. we were given 1) _______ ______ _______ some wonderful stamps. 2) Some wonderful stamps _______ were ________ _______ _______. given to us

10.The teacher asked Tom to turn on the computer.
was asked Tom _______ ________ to turn on the computer.

11.In this factory women do most of the work.
Most of the work _______ ________ is done by women in this factory.

12.He can mend the bike in two days. can be mended The bike ______ ______ _______ in two days. 13.You must take this medicine three times a day. must _______ be This medicine _______ taken ________ three times a day.

14.The students study German in this school. is studied German _______ ________ by the students in this school. 15.Do they often talk about this question?
talked Is ______ this question often _______ about _______them by _______?

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