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Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?

去爬山 待在家里

go to the beach go to the mountains stay at home visit our/my/their teachers go on vacation visit museums

拜访/看望…老师 去度假 参观博物馆


go to summer camp

1.Where did you go on vacation?你去哪里度假了? 1)疑问副词where引导的特殊疑问句,where用来询 问地点和场所,放在句首,其后跟一般疑问句。 a. Where do you _____ ______?你从哪里来? _____ come from b.Where _____does he______?他住在哪里? live 2)go on vacation意为“去度假”。去海南度假。 I want ___ ____ ___ ______in Hainan this winter. to go on vacation 2.visited my uncle看望了我的叔叔 visit “拜访;探望”,后接表示人的名词或代词。 visit “参观;游览”,后接表示地点的名词。 探望 a. I visited my grandmother last week. ______了我的外婆。 参观 b. Do you want to visit Shanghai? 你想______上海吗? 拓展:1)visit可用作名词,意为“访问,参观,拜访” 这是我第一次来中国参观 eg: This is my first visit to China._________________ 2)visitor意为“参观者;游客” eg: These visitors come from America.____________

2 1

3 stayed at home and watched TV.

went to the mountains went to summer camp


Where did you he/she/they go on vacation?
visited the USA. visited… aunt went to the beach went to New York City. went to/ visited 7 4 the museum.


一般过去时的结构: 1.be 肯定句 主语﹢was/were…
否定句:主语﹢wasn’t/weren’t… 疑问句:Was/Were﹢主语…?

2.实义动词 肯定句 主语﹢动词的过去式…. 否定句:主语﹢didn’t ﹢动词原形. 疑问句: Did ﹢主语﹢动词原形?

Look at the pictures and make a dialogue. --What did ___do last weekend?
Saturday.1 practiced English played basketball camped by the lake

went to the library
studied for the math test practiced the piano

You are a boy . These are some of Jim your photos , ask and answer
-- What did you do last weekend, Jim?

Saturday.1 -- Well, on Saturday morning, I played played basketball tennis.
On Sunday morning I …. cleaned my room …. Jim’s weekend was great. On Saturday morning,he… Sunday.1 swam in the swimming pool went to the beach went to the cinema



Sunday.3 Saturday.2 studied for the test

You are a girl . These are some of Saturday your photos , ask and answer

went to the park Sang and played the guitar

had a dinner with…

Lucy’s did you/she do on Saturday/Sunday? Whatweekend was great. On Saturday morning,she… Sunday went shopping did her homework

visited her grandparents

What did you do last Saturday? I______ but I _______.

practiced English

What did you do last Sunday? I______ but I _______.

go boating clean the room

readmy friend visit English

go to the cinema

What did he/she do last Saturday? He/she______ but he/she _______.

go to thefar

m go to a beach climbboating go a mountain play badminton play tennis What did he/she do last Sunday? He/she______ but he/she _______. visit her grandpa practice EnglishTown Cinema(市电影院)

camp by the lake do his homeworkgowatch TV to the cinema

Pair work: Did you / he / she / they…… Yes, I / he / she / they did . No, I / he/ she / they didn’t.

play computer games
visit your uncle with your mother

study for exams/test

play the piano play volleyball

Central Park


Listen: Where did the people go on vacation?
Complete the chart.

1. Grace
2. Kevin 3. Julie

went to New York City went to the beach stayed at home


Listen again. Check ( ) Yes, I did. or No, I didn’t for each question.
Did you… Yes, I did. No, I didn’t.

go with anyone Grace go to Central Park buy anything special play volleyball Kevin swim meet anyone interesting do anything interesting Julie study for tests for exams go out with anyone

√ √ √ √ √ √

√ √

2a,2b Tapescript Conversation 1 Boy: Where did you go on vacation, Grace? Grace: I went to New York City. Boy: Oh, really? Did you go with anyone? Grace: Yes, I went with my mother. Boy: Did you go to Central Park? Grace: Yes, I did. It was really nice. Boy: Did you buy anything special? Grace: Yes, I bought something for my father. Boy: Oh, really? What? Grace: I bought him a hat.



Conversation 2 Girl: Where did you go on vacation, Kevin? Kevin: I went to the beach. Girl: Oh, that’s nice. Did you play volleyball? Kevin: No, I didn’t. Girl: Well, did you swim? Kevin: Yes, I did. The water was really warm. Girl: How was the food? Kevin: Everything tasted really good! Girl: Did you meet anyone interesting? Kevin: Yes, I met some very interesting people.



Conversation 3 Boy: Where did you go on your vacation, Julie? Julie: I stayed at home. Boy: Oh. So, did you do anything interesting? Julie: No, I didn’t. Boy: Did you study for your tests? Julie: Yes, I did. Boy: Did you go out with anyone? Julie: No. No one was here. Everyone was on vacation.


Group work:Role play conversations between Nancy.
Kevin, Julie. You can talk about the activities in the chart and other activities.

A: Nancy, Where did you go on vacation? B: I went to New York City. A: Oh, really? Did you go with anyone? B: Yes, I did.

2d Role-play

the conversation.

Rick: Hi, Helen. Long time no see. 好久没见了 Helen: Hi, Rick. Yes, I was on vacation last month. Rick: Oh, did you go anywhere interesting? 度假 Helen: Yes, I went to Guizhou with my family. Rick: Wow! Did you see Huangguoshu Waterfall? Helen: Yes, I did. It was wonderful. We took quite a few photos there. 相当多 What about you? Did you do 一些特殊的事 anything special last month? Rick: Not really. I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax. 大部分时间

Ask and answer
A:Where did you go on vacation?
Guangxi Guilin B:I went to … on vacation. Yunnan Lijia

ng Hangzhou West lake Beijing the Great Wall A:Did you go to …? Anhui Huangshan Shangdong Taishan B:Yes,I did./No,I didn’t.

do your homework watch TV wash your clothes clean your room visit your grandma

make a survey
No,I didn’t.

Did you …last weekend? Yes,I did.

Write a report like this:
In our group, …and…did their homework. …

Reading and Writing: write the questions.

Where did you go on vacation? 1.Q: (you/vacation)_____________________________________
A: I went to the beach.

Did your sister go to the beach? 2. Q: (your sister/beach)_________________________________
A:: No, she didn’t. She stayed at home.

Did Julie visit her uncle? 3. Q: (Julie/ her uncle)________________________________
A: Yes, she visited her uncle in New York City.
4.Q: (your parents/museums)_____________________________ A: No, they didn’t. They don’t like museums.

Did your parents visit museums?

What did your parents do? 5. Q:(your parents/museums)_____________________________
A: They visited a lot of museums. The museums were interesting.

1.buy anything special买特别的东西。(P2) 1)buy及物动词,意为“买;购买”其过去式为 bought ______。 to buy It took me a lot of money_____ _____a house.买房子 bought me 拓展:buy sth. for sb.=buy sb. sth.意为“给某人买某 物”。 Mybought a bike uncle_____ _____a bike. = My uncle_____ ___ ______for me. 2)anything不定代词,“某事;某件东西”,主要用于 疑问句或否定句中。 a. Do you want anything from me? b. I can’t say anything about it. 拓展:anything表“任何事,任何东西”时,用于肯定 句You can ask me anything you want to know. anything interesting 3) anything special表示“特别的东西”形容词修饰不定 代词时后置。a. Is there_______ _________in this

2.Oh,did you go anywhere interesting? 哦,你去有趣的地方了吗? anywhere用作副词,意为“在任何地方”。 eg: Did you go anywhere during the summer vacation? 辨析:anywhere与somewhere anywhere意为“在任何地方”,常用于否定句和疑问 句中。eg: I can’t find it anywhere. somewhere意为“在某处;到某处”,常用于肯定句

eg: I lost my key somewhere near here.

3.It was wonderful!它太美了!(P2) wonderful形容 词,意为“极好的;精彩的;绝妙的”。 a. The film is so wonderful that we all enjoy it. b. I had a wonderful weekend. 4.We took quite a few photos there.我们在那里拍了不少 照片 take photo意为“照相;拍照”。 eg: We______ ______on the Great Wall.我们在长城上照了相。 took photos 辨析:quite a few与quite a little quite a few意为“相当的;不少”,修饰可数名词复数 quite a little意为“相当的;不少”,修饰不可数名词。 a. He will stay here for _____ _____ _____days. quite a few b. There is _____ _____ _____water in the bottle(瓶 quite a little 子).

5.I just stayed

at home most of the time to read and relax.我大部分时间只是待在家里读书休息。 most of the time意为“大部分时间”, 其中most为代词,意为“大部分;大多数;大体上”。 a. It’s noisy here most of the time. 这儿大部分时间是很喧闹的。 b. Most of the time Alan studies hard. 艾伦大部分时间学习都很刻苦。 拓展:most of…意为“……中的大多数”,它作主语 时,谓语动词取决于most of后所修饰的名词。 are a. Most of us _____(be) going to the park. 我们大多数人要去公园。 b. Most of the food _____ (go) bad.大部分的食物都变 goes 质了

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