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中考英语第二阶段复习 2.数词、冠词课件 仁爱版

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㈡ 数词、冠词
? 考点揭密 ? 典型例题解析 ? 课时训练

? 考点揭密


了解并能够运用数词的其他用法。 

? 典型例题解析
【例1】 Which is the smallest number of the four?______ B  A.A half B.A quarter C.Two thirds D.Three fourths 【例2】 David has_________cat.It?s very nice.[2003,四川] A  A.a B.an C.the  【例3】 A_________schoolboy,Li Lida,first tried to cross the A Qiongzhou Channel in June,2000.[2003,呼和浩特] B.12yearsold A.12-year-old C.12yearold D.12yearsold 【例4】 It is said that SARS has killed more than_________ D people worldwide.[2003,杭州] A.three hundreds B.three hundreds' C.three hundred's D.three hundred 【例5】 _________sun is shining brightly.[2003,吉林] C A.A B.An C.The D.不填

? 课时训练
Ⅰ.用适当的冠词填空。 1.Here is _____useful book to read. a 2.There are sixty minutes in ______hour. an  3.____ clouds over _____sea were lovely yesterday. The the 

4.We'll build______ 800-metre-long bridge. an  the 5.He is fond of playing _______piano while she is interested in playing______ basketball. /

? 课时训练
1.1978年9月12日 September the twelfth, nineteen seventy -eight _________________________________________ 2.三点半 half past three __________________________________________ 3.八点差一刻 a quarter to eight ___________________________________________ 4.2,973,608 two million, nine hundred and seventy ___________________________________________ three thousand, six hundred and eight ___________________________________________ 5.第二十层 the twentieth floor ___________________________________________

? 课时训练
1.—Where's_________maths teacher? C —He's talking with Sam's father. A.a B.an C.the D./ 2.Though the first letter is _________ “u”in the world useful,we must say“_________useful book”. A A.a,a B./,a C./,an D.an,an 3.Wang Qing is a_________boy. B A.five-years-old B.five-year-old C.five year old D.five years old 4.We can see_________stars at night if it doesn't rain. C A.thousand B.thousands C.thousands of D.thousand of 5.We are thirsty.Please give me_________. A A.two cups of tea B.two cups tea C.two cup of teas D.two cups of teas

? 课时训练
6.I have_________orange.You may drink it. (A) A.a little B.a few C.few D.little 7.The low temperature will be minus 5. The underlined part means_________ (B) C.0.5 A.5 B.-5 D.<5 (A) 8.I'm afraid we have to get_______

__for the meeting. A.twenty more chairs B.more twenty chairs C.two hundreds chairs D.twenty one chairs 9.When is Christmas Day, do you know? (D) ___________. B.June 1st A.October 1st C.November 25th D.December 25th (B) 10.—Which is _________second longest river in China? —_________Yellow River. A.a,/ B.the,The C.the,/ D./,A

? 课时训练

11.What was the date yesterday? It was_________. C A.Friday B.a fine day C.July 1st D.2003 12._________is the easiest of all. A A.Lesson one B.The Lesson one C.Lesson First D.First Lesson C 13.There are tall buildings on_________sides of the street. A.every B.either C.both D.all A 14.If you like the chicken,you can have as_________ as you can. A.much B.many C.more D.little 15.Would you like_________bread? C A.another B.other C.some more D.much more

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