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Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater?

Section B


Write these words and phrases next to their opposites in the chart.

funniest ,most creative, quietest, best

most boring loudest worst most serious

Most creative
quietest best funniest


Tell your partner about people you know.
Use the words in 1a.

A: who is the funniest person you know? B: My sister, Isabel, is the funniest person I know. A: Why is she so funny? What does she do to make you laugh? B: She always tells jokes. How about you? Who is the funniest person you know?


Listen and write these names under the performers:

Names Eliza

d e


a c b







The Math Teachers





Listen again. Fill the chart.

What people say

Steve Vera Dennis

best excellent, great
creative, the most creative Worst, terrible loudest

The math teachers


Look at the information in 1d and make a conversation.

Eliza was the best performer.

Who was the best performer?


Pair work

A: Who is the most talented person you know?
B: I think… is the most talented person. A: What can he/ she do? B: He /She…

Bolt a famous athlete He is very good at running.

I think Bolt is the fastest person. I think he is the most talented athlete around the world. He’s got talent in running.

talent - talented

Do you like to watch these talent shows?

Then read in groups and answer Skipping these questions:
1. What do talent shows have in common?
They try to look for the best singers, the most... and so on.

2. Who decides the winner?
The people who watch the show.

3. Why do some people not like these shows?
Because they think that the lives of the performers are made up.

4. Why do some people not like these shows
Because they are fun to watch.

5. What do you think of these shows?
I think they can make people’s dream come true.

Paragraph 1

Question: What three talent shows are mentioned?
American Idol, American’s Got Talent and China’s Got Talent. Question: How are these talent shows getting now? Talent shows are getting more and more popular now.

Paragraph 2

Question: What do talent shows have in common?
They try to look for the best singers, the most talented dancers, the magicians, the funniest actors and so on.

Question: Who decides the winners?
The people who watch the show decide the winners.

Paragraph 3

Question: Why do some people not like these shows?
They think that the lives of the performers are made up.

Question: Why do some people like these shows?
The shows are fun to watch, and they give people a way to make their dreams come true.

Fill in the blanks.
truly Everyone is good at something, but some people are _______ interesting talented. It’s always ___________ to watch people show their talents Talent shows are getting ______ _____more more and ______popular. ______. in _________: try All these shows have one thing ____ common they _____ to best look for the ______ singers, the most talent

ed dancers, the most magicians funniest exciting ___________, the ________ actors and so on. All kinds of _____ people join these shows. But who can play the piano the _______ or best most beautifully up sing the _____ ___________? That’s ___ to you . People who watch winner the show usually play a _____ in deciding the ________. And the role prize winner always gets a very good ________. not watching However, ____ everybody enjoys __________ these shows. Some made up think that the lives of the performers are ______ ____. However, if take seriously you don’t ______ these shows too _________, they are fun to watch. great give And one _______ thing about them is that they _____ people a way come ______. to make their dreams ______ true

2d Underline all the superlatives in the passage. Then write sentences using at least four of them.

best singer: In my class, Tom is the best singer because he can sing fast songs very well.

Language points
1. That’s up to you decide. 那由你来决定 be up to somebody 是一个习惯用语,用来表示“由 某人做出决定”,句子的主语通常为it ,有时也用this 或that. 如:You can join the clue once or twice a week it’s up to you. How much should he play? That’s up to him to decide!

Translate the phrases and the sentences.

达人秀 有相同的特征 唱得动听 发挥…作用 认真对待…

got talent have… in common sing beautifully play a role


2. When people watch the show, they usually play a role in deciding the winner. 人们看这样的节目时,通常承担着评判优胜 的角色。

play the role of…扮演…的角色 e.g. I want to play the role of Mr. Smith. 我想扮演史密斯先生的这个角色

play a role in 在…中发挥作用/有影响
? Computers play an important role in our life. ? 计算机在我们的生活中发挥着重要的作用。 They usually play a role in deciding the winner. ? 他们通常在决定胜利者方面发挥作用。 ? John is playing the leading role in this year’s play. ? 今年的演出中约翰是主角。 ? Schools play the most important role in education. ? 学校在教育中起着最为重要的作用。

3. However, if you don’t take these shows too seriously, they are fun to watch.但是如果你不把这些节目太当回 事,它们还是有看头的。

take 在此处有consider(认为,觉得)的意思。take someone/something seriously 相当于“认真对待某人 或某事;把某人或者某事当真”的意思。 如:He was joking, but your sister took him seriously. 他是在开玩笑,但你姐姐却当真了。 Something teachers take student’s homework too seriously. 有时候老师们把学生作业看的太重。

? example n.实例;范例 ? e.g. Can you give me an example? ? 你能给我举个例子吗? ? for example 例如;譬如(一般只举一例,用逗 号隔开) ? e.g. Some children like junk food, for exampl

e, they often hamburgers for lunch. ? 有些孩子喜欢垃圾食品,例如,他们午餐常吃 汉堡。

Imagine you went to a talent show of famous people. Write an article about the talent show.

Are you ready?

A: Who (do you think) is the funniest person you know? B: I think … is the funniest person I know. A: Why do you think so? B: Because …. funniest best smartest heaviest thinnest most popular most creative quietest tallest friendliest busiest

Then complete the chat !

Who’s got talent in your class?
Talents Classmates’ names How many students agree?

the best chess player the most talented dancer

the most interesting writer
the fastest runner

1. Read the passage of 2b at least 3 times. 2. Finish the exercises in Book 1&2. 3. Learn the song “I could be the one”.

3a.Read the article about Greenwood Park. Fill in the blanks with the correct superlative forms of the adjectives and adverbs in the box.

crowded creative good fast quietly

Greenwood Park is the best place to go to on weekends. I always finish my breakfast the fastest ______on Saturday because I want to get to Greenwood Park before 10:00a.m. to meet my friends, The park is ___________place on weekends because almost the most crowded everyone goes there to see the street performers. Some people think they are boring, but I think they the most creative are ___________ people. However, the place where you can enjoy your time the most quietly at one _________is of the small coffee shops near the park. You can read or relax there. There is something for everyone at Greenwood Park.

? Fill in the blanks with the superlative forms of the words in the box. good cheap popular comfortably bad 饺子 馆 1.Dumpling House is the cheapest _________restaurant in the city. You can get a big plate of dumplings for only five yuan. 2. ___________place in the city on weekends. 春 Spring Park isthe most popular 天 Many families go there with their young children. Lots of 公 花园宾馆 园 old people like to take walks there ,too. 3. You can rest the most comfortably at Flower Hotel. Their ______________ rooms are clean and big. 调幅109.9(广播) the worst 4.109.9F.M. plays _______music. The songs are always boring and too loud. PEP 高中 5. PEP High School is _______school in this town. They have the best big classrooms, fantastic teachers and an excellent sports center.

Self Check

Read the information. Then correct the mistakes.
A movie ticket at Town Cinema is $12.00. It is $10.50 at Screen City, and $10.00 at Movie World. Screen City is always very crowded. Many people go to Movie World, too. But you can always get a ticket at Town Cinema. The seats at Screen City are very comfortable. The seats at Movie World are a little hard. The Town Cinema seats are very uncomfortable. 1.Movie World is the most expensive. Movie World is the cheapest. 2. Screen City has the cheapest tickets. Movie World has the cheapest tickets. 3. To

wn Cinema is more popular than Screen City.
Screen City is more popular than Town Cinema.

4. Movie Cinema is the most popular. Screen City is the most popular. 5. Town Cinema has the most comfortable seats.
Movie World has the most comfortable seats.或Town Cinema has the most uncomfortable seats.

1. Last week’s talent show was a great success. 上周的天才表演真是非常成功。 success 是名词,它的形容词是successful “成功的” 2. He danced without music . 他无音乐伴奏跳舞。

He left without saying goodbye to us.
without 介词,后跟名词或动名词。

1.the best movie theater 最好的电影院 2.the biggest screens 最大的荧屏 3.the most popular 最受欢迎的 4.the closest to home 离家最近 5.the shortest waiting time 最短的等待时 6.the best sound 最好的音响 7.the most comfortable seats 最舒服的座位 8.the best clothes store 最好的服装店

9.the best radio station 最好的电台 10.the worst clothes 最差的衣服 11.buy clothes the most cheaply买衣服最便宜 12.buy tickets quickly 买票最快捷 13.have the worst music 有最差的音乐 14.play the most boring songs播放最无聊的歌曲 15.choose songs the most carefully 选择歌曲最仔细 16.Welcome to the neighborhood! 欢迎成为邻居

17.How do you like it so far? 到目前为止你对它印象如何? 18.I still don’t really know my way around. 我还是真的不知道周围的路。 19.The best supermarket is on Center Street. 最好的超市在中心大街上。 20.You can buy the freshest food there. 在哪儿你能买到最新鲜的食物。 21. I love watching movies. 我喜欢看电影。

22.You can sit the most comfortably because they have the biggest seats. 你可以坐得最舒 服因为他们有最大的座位。 23.Thanks for telling me. 谢谢你告诉我。 24.No problem. 没问题。 25.It has the worst service. 它有最差的服务。 26.What do you think of 970 AM?=How do you like 970 AM? 你认为970 AM怎么样? 27.We went to the worst restaurant in town last night.昨晚我们去了镇上最差的饭馆。


dance learn do a survey of go think about
1. What did you learn in school today? 2. We did a survey of what movies students like watching. 3. It was interesting to hear what the class thought about action movies. 4. Boys love action movies but girls don’t often go

to see them.

5. Can you dance ? We need some more actors for the talent show.

1. Mr Green often wears (puts on / wears) a white shirt _______ in summer. 2. I think Vera is the best ______________ (perform / performer performer). 3. Who do you think is the funniest _____ (actor / act) actor or 4. Which do you like best, chocolate, apples ___ (and / or) hamburgers? 5. They need some _______ (another / more) singers for more the talent show.

Good –bye

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