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初中英语导学案8A Unit3(1)

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初中英语导学案8A Unit3

课题:Comic strip~Welcome


1. 识别国外著名城市及景点。

2. 能通过简单对话和同桌交流自己的假期旅游计划。

课 前 导 学

I. 复习7B中所学国家城市名称

II. 复习将来时态的表达

III. 英汉互译。

1. 爬山

2. 需要锻炼3.保持健康

4. 玩得愉快

5. 乘船旅行

6. 保重

7. What are you going to do?

8. go past the Opera House

1. Obama is the 44th P____________ of the USA.

2. The children enjoyed t______________ in the park yesterday.

3. ---How many f__________ languages can Lily speak? ---Only one.

4. Please give my best wishes and ____________ (问候) to your family.

5. If you do that, you’ll soon feel much __________(health).

课 堂 活 动

Activity 1: Warm- up activities and elicit the new words.

1.Enjoy some pictures of places of interest around the world.

2.Free talk:

T: What places did you visit before? Ss: Beijing、Shanghai--- T: Yes, they are beautifulT: What places of interest do you know? Ss: The Great Wall、Shui Hui Park、Long Life Garden---

T: What places in the world would you like to go? Ss: the USA、the White House、England、Harbour Bridge---

T: Yes, they are some countries and places of interest in the world.

T: How can we go on a trip? Ss: By bus、by plane、Activity 2: Welcome to the unit.

T: Amy and Simon’s friends’ went to some places of interest. Read the postcards and match them with the pictures.

1. Read postcard .Ask the students to look for the new words and then learn: 2. Look at the pictures and talk about them.

T: Now we have known a lot about these world-famous places. Please talk about these places. The teacher gives a model with a good student then ask the students to do pair work with their desk mates with the help of these three postcards.

3 .Pair work:

4. Game: Quick reading and quick answering.

The students read more information about these places. And then they do multiply-choices. The White House:It was built between 1792 and 1800. The president of the USA lives and

works here.

The Eiffel Tower:It was built in 1889. It is 324 metres tall. It has 1,665 steps.

The Opera House:It was built in 1973.It has 1000 rooms. It’s one of the most famous buildings.

( ) 1. ____ is living in the White House.

A. Bush B. Washington C. Clinton D. Obama

( ) 2. The Eiffel Tower and the River Seine are both in ____ .

A. London B. Paris C. New York

( ) 3. The Eiffel Tower is ____ metres high.

A. 34 B. 134 C. 324

( ) 4. If you go to Australia, don’t forget to go to see the ____.

A. Big Ben B. Opera House C. River Seine

Activity 3:comic strip:

T: Our old friend Eddie will go on a trip. Do you think that Eddie can enjoy himself going traveling? Why?

1. Listen and answer: What is Eddie going to do? Ss: He is going to exercise.

2. Read and answer: What kind of hill is Eddie going to climb? Ss: Food hill.

3. Act it out.

Activity4:Language points:





(1)Take more____________ and you will be healthy.

(2)Doing eye _____________is helpful to our eyes.

(3)My grandfather ____________ in the park yesterday.




eg: She needs ____________(take) good care of your mother.(改为否定句、







eg: (1)Need the boy ___________(type) this letter again?


(2)Must we hand in the exercises now?



c.作为名词含义为“缺乏,需要”;其复数表示“基本需要”。要掌握一个词组:in (great) need of


eg:The factory is in great need of funds(资金)



( )1. All my classmates looked __________and kept__________.

A. happily, laugh B. happy, laughing C. happy, laugh D. happily laughing

( )2. I study ____ my science test____ Thursday afternoon.

A. at, on B. on, for C. for, in D. for, on

( )3. Thanks a lot for ___________ me_____ your party.

A. invite, for B. invite, to C. inviting, for D. inviting, to

( )4. I want to sit ___________the bus.

A. in the front of B. in front of C. in front D. at the front of

( )5. _____ an umbrella with you, it is going to rain.

A. Bring B. Hold C. Take D .Get

( ) 6. I don’t like the table ________ three legs.

A. of B. with C. at D. on

( )7. Which country do you like __________, Australia or America?

A. best B. well C. better D. good


1. 你需要锻炼来保持健康,你应该经常做早操。

You need______ _______to keep_______, you should often do morning________.

2. 来吧Hobo,让我们泛舟昆明湖吧。

_______ ______, Hobo! Let’s ______ a ________ _________ on the Kunming Lake.

3. 白宫是一个带有一个大花园和许多树的美丽的建筑物.

The White House is a __________ building _________ a big garden and many trees.

4. 我们今天下午去埃菲尔铁塔的顶部。

We are ________ ________ the________ of the Eiffel Tower this afternoon.


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