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1 .There are a lot of b in the city.

2 .I like staying at home ,and I d going out.

do housework at home ,so Mom says I’m too lazy.

4. Don’ .

a week.


actor in the play?

8. Let’’ll go to Beijing.

a reporter.


1.I don’t want to go to the museum ,it’.

A. relaxing B . boring C. bored D. beautiful

2.I didn’t go to the mountains the bad weather.

A .so B. because of C .because D but

3.Yesterday afternoon ,we to the park.

A . went B .go C. goes D .doed

4.It’ at home .

A . stay B. to stay C. staying D stayed

5.Don’t forget A .bring B. to bring C. brought D.bringing

’s bad for her health.

A.although B. so C. and D.or

do you visit your grandparents?

--- Three or four times a months.

A. When B. Why C.How often D.How many

8.—How many hours do they exercise every day?

A. Twice a day B. Two C. Once D.Often

9.Please drink some milk ,It’s good A. to B.for C.at D.with

10.She is not good at A .ride B.to ride C. riding D.rides

11.My best friend is good ,but I running.

A .at; in B. in ;at C. at ;at D .in; in

A .is he B. does he C .isn’t he D. doesn’t he

13.He has two daughters;they A both are B.are both C.are all D.all are

do you like better ,this one or that one? do well

A. What B. Which C. Who D. /

15.I think Bob is the suitable person to take the job because he can do the work well

with money and people.

A. less; less B. less; more C. more; fewer D. less; fewer

A. more cheaper B.much cheap C . more cheap

D. much cheaper

A. In B. For C.From D.Of

18.Our life is getting now.

A. good and good B. better and better C.well and well D.more and more

19.Jenny is one of girls in our school.

A. creative B. the creative C. much creative D. the most creative

the talk show?

A. on B./ C. of D. over

21. We’re trying our best A . put B. putting C. to put D. putting

22.It’A. warm something B .anything warm

C. warm anything D. something warm

A, plays B. play C. to play D. played

24.His uncle is a man and he hardly talks to other people.

A. funny B. interesting C.great D.serious

25.All the children expected their to the cinema on


A .to take B. takes C. taking D. took


1.I did my homework yesterday.( 改为否定句)


did she 划线提问)

4.The students had great fun in the park.(改为同义句)

The students 划线提问)

your brother exercise?

6.Mary always has a cup of tea after dinner.(改为否定句)

Mary 划线提问)

every night?

8.I think he is not as tall as his father.(同义句)

I think his father is him.

9.This bike is different from that one.( 改为同义句)

This bike isn’t the that one. 划线提问)

you think should get a job?

11.What do you think of this job?(同义句)

do you 12.He is taller than any other student in his class.(改为同义句)

He is 13.It’s fifteen minutes’ walk.(划线提问)

is it?

14.Nobody is more creative than Jim.(同义句)

Jim is 15.My sister visited the Great Wall last Sunday.(改为一般疑问句)

sister the Great Wall?


John is a famous writer now. But he said he was not a student when he was young. He was often late for and didn’t like doing his homework. Sometimes he slept in class while the teacher was teaching. He didn’t understand(懂得) much, he always thought he understood everything. One day the the students a question, ―When Jack was ten years old,now and is his brother Bob?‖ John said, ―That’s easy. Bob is twice(两倍) as old as Jack, so he is thirty.‖

Another time, the in a science class asked, ―When it thunders(打雷), do we always see light(电光) before we the sound?‖

―But, Miss,‖ said John quickly, ―don’t you our eyes are in front of our ears(耳朵)?‖

( ) 1. A. good B. tall C. rich D. fat

( ) 2. A. sleep B. lunch C. class D. play

( ) 3. A. so B. and C. or D. but

( ) 4. A. sent B. asked C. told D. found

( ) 5. A. your B. my C. his D. her

( ) 6. A. how many B. how old C. what D. who

( ) 7. A. teacher B. farmer C. nurse D. policeman

( ) 8. A. what B. when C. where D. why

( ) 9. A. break B. make C. hear D. smell

( ) 10. A. read B. hope C. study D. Know


John was a farmer. He liked to grow flowers(种花) in his garden when he is free(空闲). One Sunday morning after breakfast he put on his old clothes and began digging(开始挖) in his garden at eight. He dug(挖) and dug. Half an hour later he suddenly(突然地) found a coin(硬币) near his foot. He was very glad. He put it in his right pocket(口袋). A few minutes later, he found another one. He picked it up

(捡起) and put it in the same pocket. The same thing happened(发生) for the third(第三次), the fourth and the fifth time … He was very glad and told his wife about it. She was very glad, too. She said, ―A thief took away a lot of coins from a shop a few days ago. The police caught him but they didn’t find any coins.‖ Then John went on digging some more coins, but just when he began to dig, he felt something cold in his trousers(裤子). It ran down one of his legs. He put his hand down quickly – and the coin came into his hand. Now he knew there was a hole(洞) in his pocket.

( ) 1. There were some in John’s garden.

A. flowers B. coins C. trees D. farmers

( ) 2. John found a coin in his garden .

A. at 8:00 B. between 8:20 and 9:20

C. at 9:20 D. at 10:00

( ) 3. John told his wife that .

A. the police caught the thief

B. he found money in his garden

C. someone took the coins of the shop

D. he lost his money in his garden

( ) 4. There was a hole in .

A. his coat B. his left pocket

C. his right pocket D. his garden

( ) 5. John dug out in his garden.

A. five coins B. many coins C. no coin D. only one coin

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