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满分:120分 时间:120分钟


一. 听力测试(每小题1分,共25分)


( )1. A. Five years ago. B. For five years. C. Just a minute.

( )2. A. OK, I’ll do it now. B. The weather is bad. C. Sorry, but I have to go now.

( )3. A. She likes movies. B. Which film? C. Yes, I do. ( )4. A. It’s very nice of you.

B. Certainly, I’ll be glad to.

C. I’m really sorry to hear that.

( )5. A. It looks like snow.

B. It’s a happy day.

C. It looks like a cat.


( )6. When should the boy call Charlie?

A. At two o’clock this afternoon.

B. At two o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

C. At six o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

( )7. What did James say about his sister?

A. She is still in the hospital.

B. She can go to school next week.

C. She has been in the hospital for a month.

( )8. Why can’t Jennifer come to Tom’s party?

A. She has to go home early but the party is too late.

B. She has to go to the hospital to see her grandpa.

C. Her grandpa comes to visit her.

( )9. What did Lucy think of the English exam?

A. It was too simple.

B. It was quite hard.

C. She did well.

( )10. What is wrong with Sam?

A. He has got a bad cold.

B. He is mad at Jenny.

C. He has got a headache.


( )11. What does Helen think of giving her father a book as Father’s Day


A. It’s too cheap.

B. It’s not creative.

C. It’s very interesting.

( )12. What does their father like?

A. Playing football. B.Reading books. C. Taking photos. ( )13.What will Helen buy for her father?

A. A book and a camera. B. A camera and a T-shirt.

C. A book and a T- shirt.


( )14. What’s Lisa doing?

A. She is playing baseball in the baseball team.

B. She is looking for her baseball on the playground.

C. She is looking for players for the baseball team.

( )15. How long has Linda been playing baseball?

A. For three years. B. For four years. C. For five years. ( )16. How will Lisa ask them to join the team?

A. She will write to them. B. She will call them. C. She will visit them.


( )17. Where did the speaker have lunch today?

A. At home. B. At school. C. In a restaurant.

( )18. How long has the speaker been playing tennis?

A. Three hours. B. Three weeks. C. Three years.

( )19.What was the speaker doing at half past six today?

A. Doing homework. B. Watching TV. C. Doing housework.

( )20.Who usually helps the speaker’s mother with housework?

A. The speaker. B. The speaker’s father. C. We don’t know.

听独白, 回答21-25小题.

( )21. The sea is not beautiful when ____________.

A. the sun is shining on it B. it is very windy C. it is dark

( )22. ________ of the world is covered by water.

A. Little B. Half C. Most

( )23. The highest mountain is nearly ____________.

A. nine thousand meters wide

B. nineteen thousand meters wide

C. nine thousand meters high

( )24. At the top of the sea the water may be __________.

A. warmer B. cooler C. colder

( )25. We can’t see any ________ in some places of the sea?

A. ships B. plants C. fishes



( ) 26. It takes me hour to finish my homework.

A. a B. an C. the D. \

( )27. ______you help me study my English? I can’t learn it well.

A. Could B. Do C. Will D. Were able to

( ) 28. Do you often help Wei Fang ______her lessons?

A. in B .at C. with D. out

( ) 29 .My brother ______ listening to light music.

A. is interested B .is interested in

C. is interesting D .is interesting in

( ) 30.—How long ______Sam skate?

—He ______for two hours.

A. has; skate B. did; skated C. did; skate D. has; skated

( ) 31.If you work carefully, it will never happen you.

A. on B. to C. of D. at

( ) 32.You have to your voice if you don’t like to be criticized.

A. turn down B. turn on C. keep down D. put down

( ) 33. When I saw someone cutting in line, I got .

A. annoy B. annoying C. annoyed. D. annoys

( ) 34.How long ______ you ______ shells?

A. have; been collecting B. did; collected

C . were; collect D. did; collecting

( ) 35.Could you ________ close the door? It’s so hot.

A. please not B. not please C. please not to D. please to

( ) 36. Would you mind helping me? _________.

A. Yes , I would B. No, I wouldn’t C. Not at all D. Yes, please

( ) 37. I have been skating nine o’clock.

A. since B. for C. at D. \

( ) 38.Don’t the window . It’s very cold outside.

A. open B. opens C. opening D. opened

( ) 39. What about shopping together.

A. to go B. goes C. going D. went

( ) 40.Woud you mind the guitar in your room.

A.me to practice B. practice C. to practice D. my


三. 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分)

Two hundred years ago, people in the west did not know coffee or tea. it was true or not. At that time there were two brothers in prison(坐牢). The wrong. The king said, “I shall let them live but they must drink coffee or ___ the king’s words. ( ) 41. A. happy B. afraid C. strong

D. rich

( ) 42. A. when B. what C. whether

D. which

( ) 43. A. kill B. catch C. call

D. cut

( ) 44. A. life B. live C. lives D. living

( ) 45. A. one B. other C. another D. the other

( ) 46. A. heard B. listened to C. did D. followed

( ) 47. A. both B. each C. also D. all

( ) 48. A. killed B. lived C. died D. dead

( ) 49. A. ago B. later C. old D. before

( ) 50. A. shouted B. spoke C. kept D. knew

四. 阅读理解。(每小题3分,共30分)


In some foreign countries, some people don’t like the number thirteen. They don’t think thirteen is a lucky number. For example, they don’t like to live on the thirteenth floor. My friend Jack has got the same idea. He doesn’t like the number, either.

One day, he asked some friends to dinner. When all of his friends

arrived, he asked them to sit around the dinner table. He began to count the people in his mind while they were having the delicious food. Suddenly, he cried out, “Oh, there are thirteen people here!” Everybody’s face turned white except Mr. Brown. He said slowly with a smile on his face,” Don’t worry, my dear friends. We are having fourteen people here.

My wife Mrs. Brown will have a baby in a few weeks.” All of them became happy again. “Congratulations!” they said to Mr. Brown. They enjoyed the nice food and had a good time that evening.

( ) 51. What’s the main idea of this passage?

A. A story about a woman with a baby.

B. A story about a great evening.

C. A delicious dinner.

D. A story about the unluckily number 13.

( ) 52. One day, 13 people were___________.

A. sitting around Jack’s dinner table

B. were dancing around Jack’s dinner table

C. carrying Jack’s dinner table

D. sitting on Jack’s dinner table

( ) 53. Who made people happy again?

A. Jack B. Mr. Brown. C. Mrs. Brown D. Jack’s friends.

( ) 54. That evening they _________.

A. didn’t have a good time

B. had dinner on the thirteenth floor

C. had a good time at last

D. saw fourteen people around the table

( ) 55. Which of the following is true?

A. The story tells us why the number13 is not a lucky number.

B. People all like the number 13execpt Mr. Brown.

C. Mr. Brown was clever.

D. Jack’s friends didn’t like the food at Mr. Brown’s.


The best way of learning a language is using it. The best way of learning English is talking in English as much as possible. Sometimes you'll get your words mixed up and people will not understand you. Sometimes people will say things too quickly and you can' t understand them. But if you keep your sense of humor(幽默感),you can always have a good laugh at the mistakes(错误) you make. Don't be unhappy if people seem to be laughing at your mistakes. It's better for people to laugh at your mistakes than to be angry with you,because they don't understand what you are saying. The most important thing for learning English is:“Don't be afraid of making mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.”

( )56. The writer thinks that the best way for you to learn a language is ____.

A. writing B. listening C. using it D. learning grammar

( )57. What should you do in learning English?

A. Be careful not to make any mistake. B. Write as quickly as you can.

C. Laugh more often. D. Speak English as much as you can.

( )58. When people laugh at your mistakes,you should ____.

A. not care B. be happy C. feel worried D. be unhappy ( )59. When you make a mistake,you should ____.

A. keep quiet B. keep your sense of humor C. be kind D. get angry ( )60. The story tells us:“_____”.

A. People never make mistakes

B. Few(几乎没有)people make mistakes

C. Only foolish(愚蠢的) people make mistakes

D. There is no one who doesn't make mistakes

五.找出相对应的答语, 将正确的字母填入括号内(10分)

A: What do you collect?

B: A :

B: Since last year.

A: How many do you have now?

A: B: I like the panda best.

A: B: My mother gave it to me.

61. _________ 62. _________ 63. _________ 64. _________ 65. __________


66. It’s hard ________(play) football.

67. People don’t need ________ (spend) too much money.

68. I always get ________ (annoy) when other people are impolite to me. 69. Could you please ___________ ( not drop) letter everywhere?

70. Ben is interested in ________ (read) books.

七. 完成句子。(10分)


your cigarette?

72. 这足以使她的妈妈感到高兴。

It is enough to _______ her mother _________.


She is ________ young_________ go to school.

74.__________________________________? (你介意打扫你的卧室吗?) (clean)

75._______________________________ (自从…..我一直住在这儿) I

________(出生). ( live) (born)

八. 书面表达。(15分)

请根据下面所提供的信息并发挥你的想象力,写一篇题为“My Hobby”的短文.

要求:句意通顺,不少于60词 。





_______________________________________________________________________________ 我喜欢收集很多东西,比如漂亮的石头,电影票,书籍,玩具,等。 我最喜欢收集邮票。第一枚邮票的来历。 收集的时间。 收集邮票的好处。


八下unit6-8 听力部分材料


1. How long have you been in China?

2. Would you mind closing the window? It’s too cold.

3. Have you seen that film?

4. Will you please help me with my English?

5. What’s the weather like today?


6. M: Mom, did anyone call me while I was away?

W: Yes, Kelly wanted you to call her back at about two tomorrow afternoon.

7. W: How is your sister, James? Last month your mother sent her to the


M: She came back from the hospital last week. The doctor said she could go to school next week.

8. W: Hello, Tom. This is Jennifer. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to

your birthday party. I’ll have to visit my grandpa at the hospital.

M: Please come after you meet your grandpa. The party won’t be over until late.

9. M: Lucy, how was the English exam you had yesterday?

W: Well, not as easy as I thought. I did quite well in the listening part but I made some mistakes in the other parts.

10. M: Hey, Jenny. Would you mind turning down the music? I’ve got a headache. I want to sleep.

W: Oh, I am sorry, Sam.


W: John, do you know when Father’s Day is? I think it’s next week, right?

M: Yeah, right. It’s next Sunday. Do you plan to get dad a present? W: Yes, but I’m not sure what to buy for him. Do you have any ideas? M: How about a book? I’m not sure he’ll be pleased with it.

W: I don’t think so. It’s not creative enough. However, he has too many books here and there in his reading room.

M: Then what about a camera? You have told me that he liked taking photos.

W: Hmm. Good idea. But I also want to get him a Liverpool football T-shirt. He’s a fan of the Liverpool football team.

M: It’s a special present.


M: Hi, Lisa. What are you doing?

W: I need some more people for our baseball team.

M: Lots of people like to play.

W: Oh, how about Janet?

M: Sure. Janet has been playing baseball for three years.

W: Good. I’ll call her. Now Linda. Does she play baseball?

M: Yes, she has been playing baseball for five years.

W: Great. And Helen?

M: Helen is very good at playing baseball. She has been playing baseball for eight years.

W: Eight years! That’s wonderful. Anyone else?

M: Sure. Ask Nancy.

W: How long has Nancy been playing baseball?

M: She has been playing for four years.

W: Thanks, Peter. I’ll call them and ask them to join our baseball team?


Today is Monday. It is a fine day. I got up early. After breakfast, I

hurried to school by bike. At school, I listened to my teacher carefully and studied very hard. I had lunch in the school cafeteria with my best friend, Kate. In the afternoon, I played tennis for an hour. I like playing tennis, and I’m a member of the school tennis club. I’ve been playing tennis for three years. I got home at five o’ clock. After a short rest, I started to help Mom cook the supper. I had supper with Mom. Dad didn’t come back home. Usually, I start to do my homework at half past six. But today I had to help Mom with some housework at that time. Helping Mom with housework is usually Dad’s job, but tonight he had to work late at his office. I finished my homework at ten o’clock. What a tiring day!


What do you know about the sea? Everyone knows that the sea looks beautiful when the sun is shining on it. But it becomes very terrible when there is a strong wind. If you study the map of the world, you’ll learn that about three quarters of the world is the sea.

The sea is very deep. In some places, the sea is much deeper. The highest mountain in the world is about kilometers high while the deepest place of the sea is about 11 kilometers deep.

The sea can be very cold. At the top of the sea the water may be warm. But if you go down, it becomes colder and colder. In most places of the sea, there are lots of fishes and plants. Some live near the top of the sea. Others live deep down. But in some places of the sea, no fishes can live at all.

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