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3. Sorry, I can’t join you. I _________ study for a test. 4. I ________ have short hair but now I grow it long.

5. What time do you ______________ basketball practice today? 6. Please ___________ the classroom. It’s a real mess.

7. I can’t ____________ which pair of jeans to buy. They both look good on me.

1. You should __________ new English words in a vacabulary list. 2. If

you don’t know

how to _________ new words, look them up in a



3. The best way to improve your English is to _________ an English club. 4. Another thing that he __________ very difficult was English grammar. 5. This kind of paper __________ very soft.

6. I really ________ my friend Tina. She moved to another town. 7. You have to be 18 years old before you are ___________ to drive a car. B

1. I ____________ the sea. I don’t know how to swim.

2. Don’t ___________ things so much. It will make you stressed out.

1. Everyone _________ to have at least eight hours’ sleep a night. 2. I ____________ classical music to pop music.

3. We’re ______________ a quiet place to go on vacation. Do you know a good place?

4. I _________ eating ice cream on a hot day. There’e nothing better! 5. I ____________ hamburgers!They make me feel sick.

6. That man _________ me of my English teacher. They wear the same clothes.

7. Could you __________ me with information about student exchange





My mother is going to _________ Beijing Duck tonight. Would you like to come for dinner?


I’m _________ my mother so I can buy a new bicycle.

3. Shanghai is cold this time of year. You need to __________ warm clothes if you go there.

4. We’re going to Africa on vacation. We _________ to see some elephants. 5. I woke up late this morning; I had to really ________ to get to school on time.

6. Sally ________ me to her birthday party. It’s at her house on Saturday. 7. I was waiting for the school bus but it didn’t come. Then I ________ it was Saturday.


1. There’s a good TV show tonight but it’s at 1:00 am. I don’t want to _________ that late.

2. Do you know where Jone is ? He was going to meet me earlier but he didn’t _________.

3. Be quiet please, class. I’m going to __________ your test papers. 4. My friend Dave _____________ a great idea! We’re going to make a pen pal website.

5. I ____________ some clothes to charity because they were too small for me.

6. On weekends I like to ____________ at the sports club with my friends. 7. Jim ___________ his father. They are both clever and a bit quiet.



1. People in Japan and America ______________ differently at the dinner table.

2. You can ________ how different the table manners here are from ours. 3. In Singapore, the trains always ________ on time. They are never late. 4. On Chinese New Year, people like to ____________ time with their families.

5. I usually __________ my friends in the library on Friday nights. 6. I need a new jacket. This one doesn’t ____________ the cold 7. Customers say the food at the restaurant ___________ terrible.


1. When prices are _________, you can go to the store with the lowest price.

2. Working hard at English can ______________ to a good job.

3. Wait before you buy that watch. Let’s ____________prices in another


4. Have you ____________ the dog and cleaned your room?

5. Don’t forget to ___________ the door if you are the last person to leave. 6. I need to _______________ my cupboard. I never use the things in it anymore.

7. My friend from America called me yesterday. We ________ for hours. H

1. Have you _____________ the new song from Mariah Carey? It’s really good.

2. Why are you ___________a coat? It’s not very suitable for this hot weather.

3. Our school soccer team needs more ___________ . They aren’t doing very well.

4. It’s important to ___________ paper to save the trees.


5. That apartment block is old and dangerous. It should be _____________.

6. Pandas are _________ animals . There aren’t many of them left. 7. The Olympic Games __________ in Beijing in 2008. I

1. I want to __________ for myself when

I’m older. 2. My friends ________ a pet pig in their house. 3. I need to ___________ smart for my job interview. 4. We have to ______________ a uniform to school. 5. One day people ___________ to the moon for vacation. 6. Let’s _________ Joe and invite him to play tennis.

7. You should ____________ about your problems with your parents. J 1. My friend is angry with me. What should I _________ to him? 2. I don’t want to _____________. Let’s forget it. 3. I thought I failed my test but I just _________ I passed! 4. The girl was _________ when she saw a car accident.

5. I was so tired this morning. It was difficult to _________of bed. 6. My flight to New York __________ from Beijing International Airport. 7. It was raining when the plane _____________ in London. K

1. Don’t _____________! I can hear you.

2. Can you ___________ some music CDs to the party?

3. My friend_____________ English so she often helps me with my projects.

4. He didn’t know what was ______________ outside,


5. I’m so cold. Can I ______________your jacket?

6. I’m seeing Sue this afternoon. Do you want me to _____________ any messages?

7. I forgot your address. I can’t _____________ how to get to your house. M

1. If I don’t clean my room, my mother won’t ____________ me meet my friends.

2. The teacher ______________ my moile phone because I used it in class. 3. I ‘m going to __________time with my grandparents this vacation. 4. Can you ___________ the game for the class party?

5. Our class is organizing a talent show to ______________ some extra money for charity.

6. My classmate Larry started _______________ when he was nine and he won the first prize in the school race.

7. My hobby is ___________ old coins. N

1. I didn’t finish writing my test because I ______________ time.

2. During the winter I ___________my summer clothes in bags under my bed.

3. I’m trying to sleep. Could you ____________ the music, please? 4. I’m going to be a bit late. Could you ask the bus driver to _____________ for five minutes?

5. Would you _________ closing the door? It’s cold outside? 6. I don’t know the way to the sprots club. Can I __________you? 7. Sorry, I __________my food half an hour ago and it hasn’t arrived yet. O


1. My English writing is good, but I need to _____________ my listening skills.

2. I don’t ____________ . Could you explain that again, please?

3. The children ____________ watching the film at 2 o’clock and it hasn’t finished yet.

4. Have you ____________ what you want to do after school?

5. He is a tour guide. He has __________ all over Europe.

6. Our teacher said the air _________ moving all the time.

7. In China friends often ________ when they meet.


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