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Unit 2练习及答案

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Module 4 Unit2



1. Did you have a good j______?

2. These chairs c____ £40 each.

3. You can’t p____ in this street.

4. A bus took us from the a_______ to the city centre.

5. It’s raining hard. H______, I still want to go there.


1. —Peter is _______ than you, right?

—Yes, but he is ___ runner in our class.

A. heavier; best B. heavy; the best

C. heavier; the best D. heavy; better

2. I had to call a taxi because the box was ___ than I’d expected.

A. heavy B. heavier

C.the heavier D. the heaviest

3. — Why is the traffic today moving so slowly? We are running late! — Let’s take ____ route. Turn left over there.

A. a same B. the same

C. a different D. the different

4. Listening is just as ______ as speaking in language learning.

A. important B. more important

C. most important D. the most important

5. Tian’anmen square is one of ____ squares in the world.

A. large B. larger

C. largest D. the largest

6. ___ all the students in his class, Xiao Ming writes ________.

A. Of, most carefully

B. In, the most carefully

C. Of, very carefully

D. In, much more carefully


1. 不要去学校操场以外的地方。

Don’t go ______ ___ ______ __________.

2. 我想预订今晚音乐会的三个座位。

I’d like to _____ _____ _____ for tonight’s concert.

3. 它值多少钱?

How _____ does it ____ ?

4. 他们是为了我们而来到这里的。

They are here _______ ___ ___.


一、1.journey 2. cost 3. park 4. airport 5. However

二、 1-6 CBCADA

三、1. outside the school playground

2. book three seats

3. much, cost

4. because of us

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