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外研社初三上学期 Modules 1-3测试题 I. 单项选择 (每小题1分,共15分) 从每小题所给的四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。

( )1 All Chinese middle school students in the countryside won’t have to pay for school . A. any more B. no more C. so far D. no longer ( )13. — What do you want to be when you ?

— An astronaut. A. take up B. come up C. grow up D. get up

( ) 14. The foreigners enjoyed themselves in Jiuzhaigou and they were _____all with the trip. A. pleasant B. pleased C. angry D. strict

( )2 . — , everyone! I have some good news to tell you!

— What’s it? A. Listen to B. Hear C. Hear of D. Listen up ( )3. — is the Amazon River?

— Some experts say it’s 7,025 kilometres but others say it’s 6,440

kilometres. A. How far B. How soon C. How much D. How long ( )4 — Would you like to visit the museum with us?

— No, thanks. I it.

A. visited B. have visited C. visit D. was visiting ( )5 — Have you ever been to a village Gumtree?

— Never.

A. call B. to call C. called D. calling ( )6. — I’m here to see Doctor Johnson.

------Sit down, please. The doctor will be free ______________. . A. 5 minutes B. after 5 minutes C. in 5 minutes D. 5 minutes ago ( )7. You should not put the glass the table. It may fall down and


A. on the edge of B. in the middle of C. at the bottom of D. on the top of ( )8 — What do you think of my new bike?

— Sorry, but what did you say? I about something else. A. think B. am thinking C. thought D. was thinking

( )9 Lu Xun is known not only a great writer but also a great thinker.

A. to B. for C. with D. as ( ) 10 — Why are you so ?

— Because our ping-pong player Wang Liqin has won the world championship. A. excited B. exciting C. bored D. boring ( ) 11 So far man hasn’t found any things on the moon. A. lovely B. alive C. living D. lively

( ) 12 The dog took a piece of meat and . A. put away B. took off C. ran away D. saw off ( 15. Miss Wang can remember, she hasn’t met the girl before. A. As well as B. As long as C. As good as D. As far as 16—Professor Wang ______ to give us a talk next week. —Really? That’s good news.

A. will invite B. is going to invite C. will be invited D. has invited 17.—____ was the score of the match? —64 points to 48. A. How many B. How much C. Which D. What

18.—Did they _____ the final game? —Sorry, I have no idea. A. beat B. defeat C. win D. look 19.—What do you think of the match?

It was ____ exciting that we were all excited about it. A. so B. very C. too D. quite 20—You missed the bus, didn’t you?

Yes, I did. When I ____ the station, it had already left. A. reached B. got C. arrived D. rode 一用所给词的适当形式填空。(10 分)

1 How about _________ ( join ) the music club? 2 I have a brother _________ (call) Mike.

2 I knew it was there, but there was nothing _________ (see). 3 He __________ ( get) there in five minutes. 4 I’m thinking about __________ ( start) it again.

5 Confucius’ works ________ ( read ) by many people . 6 Everyone is __________ ( surprise ) to see him . 8 A new building ______________ ( build) next year.

9 The film ____________ ( think) to be one of the most popular this year. 10 With Huck he goes __________( look ) for treasue. 二 完成句子:(20分)

1 我要采访贝基,王。 I’ll ________ ________ ___________ with Becky Wang. 2天太黑了什么也看不见。 It was ________ dark ________ ________ anything. 3 他正站在峡谷的边缘。 He is standing _______ _______ ______ of the canyon.

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