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Unit3 错题整理


1.你的铅笔2.他的书包 3.她的尺子4.我的手表5.计算机游戏6.失物招领7.我的橡皮8.他的戒指 9.用英语10.老师的包

二、根据句意及首字母提示提示完成句子。 1.I have a sister. She is my mother’s d_______________.

2.My father’s b________ is my uncle. 3.My grandfather and grandmother are my g____________.

4.—Are these your cousins? --No, t_________ aren’t.

5.Here is a p____________ of my family. We are all in it.

6.I have a good f__________. Her name is Wang Xue.

7.My aunt’s son is my c_________. 8.The g_________ is his sister.

9.—W_______ is he? --He is Jack.

10.These are her brothers and t_________ are her sisters. 三、改错

下列句中有一处是错的,请找出并改正。 4. — Thank you very much. — 四、选择填空(15分)

( )1. --- What’s this __________ English? --- It’s a backpack. A. to B. in C. and D. for ( )2. --- Excuse me, is this your gold ring? --- Yes, ___________.

A. is it B. it’s C. it is D. it isn’t

( )3. _____________ do you spell

baseball? --- B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L, baseball. A. What B. What’s C. How D. How’s( )4. __________ is a girl, __________ name is Jill.

A. Her, she B. He, his C. She, her D. I, my

backpack D. his a backpack

( )5. ---Is that ____________ English dictionary? --- No, it’s ___________

Chinese one.

A. a, a B. an, an C. a, an D. an, a ( )6. --- Is this ____________ English book? --- No, _________ isn’t.

A. you, this B. your, this C. your, it D. you, it

( )7. --- Is he _______________? --- No, he is ________________.

A. English, Chinese B. an English, China

C. English boy , Chinese boy D. a English, a China

( )8. Alan’s computer game is in the lost and found case, please call him _______ 4653539. A. at B. for C. in C. to 五.单词拼写(10分)

1. This is _________ (他的) backpack.

2. --- What’s this in English? --- It’s an _______ (橡皮擦).

3. Is this your ________(字典)? 4. --- How are you?

--- I’m_________________(好), thank you. 5. Look!. Your keys are in the

_________________________ (丢失的) and found case.

6. Your ______________________________(手表) are on the desk.

7. Please ________________________(打电话) Alan at 3691359.

8. ______________________(怎么样) do you spell that?

六.句型转换 按要求写出下列句子的形式 (10分) 71. This is my pencil.(变为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

___________ ____________ _______________ pencil? No, it ________________.

72. What’s the English for this?(同义句转换)

What’s _______________ ________________ English?

73. that, ID card, your, ?, is (连词成句) ______________________________________________________

74. This is a ruler.(就划线部分提问)

_________________ this __________________ ___________________?

75. Four plus five is nine. (就划线部分提问) ________________ ________________ four plus five?

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