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What a fine day today! Look....

现在进行时: Present Progressive
概念: 表示现在正在发生的动作 结构: be (is, am, are) + doing 标志语: Look! 、 Listen! 、now

动词-ing形式的构成: 一般在动词原形后 go +ing ask write 以不发音的e结尾 的,去e,+ing take 重读闭音节以一个 get 辅音字母结尾的, run 双写这一字母+ing swim

going asking writing taking getting running swimming

1.The twins are washing ___________(wash) the clothes now. 2.Look! He is playing(play) basketball ________ over there. singing Is 3.Listen! ______ Sally _______(sing)?

How often do you …? (once a week, twice…, never)

I have a friend. His / Her name is…. He / She plays….

一般现在时: Present Simple
概念: 表示习惯、经常性的动作
结构: do、 does 标志语:usually、often、never、
sometimes、once a week、 twice a month、every year

wash 1.The twins ___________(wash) the clothes every day. plays 2.Sometimes he ________ (play) basketball over there. sing 3.How often does Sally ______(sing)? ____

morning afternoon night
-- I went to….

went… visited… …

-- What did you do last Sunday morning?

morning went… afternoon visited… night … Last Sunday morning, my friend….

In the afternoon, he/she…. And at night, he/she…

一般过去时: Past Simple
概念: 表示过去发生的动作
结构: did 标志语:yesterday、... ago、

in 1992、 last week/month…

动词-ed形式的构成: want 在动词后加-ed

answer 以字母e 结尾的动 move 词,只+d die “ 辅音字母+y ” , carry 变y 为i, 再+ed cry 重读闭音节以一个 stop 辅音字母结尾的, plan 双写+ed

wanted answered moved died carried cried stopped planned

get go eat are do cut say

got went ate were did cut said

take swim drink have come put see

took swam drank had came put saw

washed 1.The twins ___________(wash) the clothes yesterday. 2.The day before yesterday he played ________ (play) basketball over there. sing Did 3._____ Sally ______(sing) two hours ago?

pack the towels √ pack the camera X … … water the plants √ -- Have you packed … yet? -- Yes, I have packed ….

No, I haven’t …

现在完成时: Present Perfect
概念: 表示已经发生的动作
结构: has done、 have done 标志语:already、 yet、ever、 never、since…、for…、

get go eat are do cut say



went ate were did cut said

gone eaten been done cut said

take swim drink have come put see

took swam drank had came put saw

taken swum drunk had come put seen

have washed 1.The twins ___________(wash) the
clothes for an hour. has played 2.He ________ (play) basketball since three years ago. sung has 3.How long _____ Sally ______(sing) yet?

过去完成时: Past Perfect
概念: 表示将要发生的动作
结构: had done 标志语:by the time, 或主句为 一般过去时的宾语从句中

过去进行时: Past Progressive


: 表示过去正在发生的动作
结构: be (was,were) + doing 标志语:at 8:00 yesterday 、

when、 while、…

一般将来时: Future Simple
概念: 表示将要发生的动作
结构: will do、 shall do、

be (is、am、are) going to do

过去将来时: Past Future Simple
概念: 表示过去将要发生的动作
结构: would do

be (was、were) going to do
标志语:常用于主句是一般过去 时的宾语从句中

1. 2. 3.
4. 5.

get, got, will get
is knocking

have been
does surf was reading

7. 8.

have heard

went would put
Did happen

9. 10.

was doing

11. doesn’t rain, will go Do play 12. 13.

won’t call

has worked 15. walked, had started 14.

is comes
is drawing

moved didn’t have

used has studies

will visit



Write an article about yourself, tell
us your past、your present and

your future.(你的过去、现在和将来)

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