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Module 3 sports Unit 1 Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis

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Module 3 sports

Unit 1 Nothing is more enjoyable than playing



1. Key words: baseball volleyball boring exciting relaxing score already matter hurt enjoyable Olympics stadium miss mind plenty of

2. Key structures: What?s the matter with you?

This week?s match is already more exciting. It?s safer than playing tennis.

Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis. 学习重难点:

1. The new words and phrases .

2. Grammar: 形容词比较级的用法。 学习过程:

[课前读词] Read the words before class 一、情景导入:

教师可问学生:Do you like sports? Which sport do you like, basketball or football? 这样会调动学生用英语思维的积极性,以此为情境,导入本课。 二、听力训练:

(一). Listen and number the sports as you hear them. Then match the

words with the pictures.

(二). Listen to the conversation and check the true sentences. 1.This week?s match is more exciting than last week?s.□ 2.Tony played table tennis yesterday.□

3.For Tony, playing tennis is more exciting than watching matches on TV.□

4.Watching the Olympics on TV was more expensive than buying tickets for the games.□

5.Going to the stadium was more difficult than staying at home.□ (三)、Listen and read

Listen and read the conversation, then Complete the sentences with

1. Why didn?t Tony score ? What is the ______ with him? 2. You lost the match? Never ______.

3. I am not good at tennis. I always ____ the ball.

4. The match began ten minutes ago and Spain in ___ winning. 5. The 2008 _____ were in Beijing.

6. Watching football at home is easier than going to the ____. 7. Tennis is a little dangerous because you may ___ your knee. 三、精讲点拨

1. What?s the score?

Spain scored a minute ago.

第一个句子中的score是名词,意思是“比分,进球数”;第二句中的score是动词,表示“得分,进球”。如: ①The score is 2 to 1. 比分是2:1.

②Our school football team didn?t score.我们校足球队没有得分。 2. What's the matter with you, Tony? 你怎么了,托尼? What?s the matter\trouble?

What?s the matter \trouble with…?


=What?s wrong? What?s wrong with…?

如:①What's the matter with John? 约翰怎么了?

②.What?s the matter with Lingling?s pen? 玲玲的钢笔怎么了?

3. Never mind.没有关系,不要紧,不要记在心上,不用担心,通常用在对方向你道歉表示歉意或尴尬的时候的回答。还有不用介意的意思。比如,

----Sorry for losing your pen.非常抱歉把你的笔弄丢了。 ----Never mind, it doesn't really matter.没关系。真的不要紧。

4. plenty of“许多,大量的“后面跟不可数和可数名词都行。相当于a lot of, lots of 如:

plenty of money\sand\rice…

plenty of books\desks\trees…

5. more exciting more relaxing more enjoyable 双音节和多音节词形容词比较级皆在前面加单词more 。如:

careful_____________________ difficult ______________ delicious_____________________




1. This picture is __________________(beautiful) than that one.

2. Football is ______________(exciting) than basketball.

3. Basketball is________________( dangerous) than table tennis.

4. _________(stay) at home was _________(easy) than going to the stadium.

5. Playing basketball is___________(enjoyable) than playing volleyball. 五、Homework: 1. Remember the words and phrases in the unit. 2.Do Activity 5. 3. 预习Unit 2.

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