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一、 复习目标

1. 形容词和副词的用法;

2. 形容词和副词比较等级的用法。(原级、比较级、最高级)


1. rain---___________ 6. use---____________ 11. health---____________

2. sun---___________ 7. care---____________ 12. love---______________

3. noise---__________ 8. help---____________ 13. wind---_____________

4. friend---__________ 9. luck---____________ 14. snow--_____________

5. cloud---__________ 10. color---___________ 15. salt---______________


1. break---___________ 2. close---_____________3. open---______________

4. worry---_____________ 5. please---________________/_________________

6. interest---__________/____________7. surprise---__________/___________


1. loud---___________ 2.polite---____________ 3. heavy---______________

4. true---____________ 5. terrible---___________ 6. good---_______________

7.bad---____________ 8. fast---_____________ 9. early---_______________

10. high---___________ 11. real---____________ 12. late---_______________


(令人……的) boring interesting exciting relaxing disappointing (某人感到……) bored interested excited relaxed disappointed

surprising pleasant tiring

surprised pleased tired


1. What a ____________ (rain) season!

2. Can you see the sentences on the blackboard ______________? (clear)

3. I’m ___________ (real) sorry for what I have done.

4. It’s quite a ____________ rain. Look! It’s raining ____________. (heavy)

5. There will be________ tomorrow morning. It will be _______ tomorrow. (wind)

6. ____________, he didn’t fail the English exam. (lucky)

7. Helen felt ___________(true) ___________(happy) when he heard the news.

8. Lucy could take ___________ (well) care of herself.

9. Fred always finishes his homework quite____________. (bad).

10. I want to learn how to run _________(quick) and to eat__________(health).

11. ---Can you see the children over there? How ____________ they are!

---Yes, they are playing______________. (happy)

12. ---What’s wrong with you?

---Oh, I feel__________. I’m____________ ill. (terrible)

13. Xiao Mei is a ________ girl. She always does her homework _______. (careful)

14. ---Why do you look so _____________?

---“Because my mother is ill.” She said_______________. (sad)

15. The noodles taste ________________. (well)


( ) 1. Don’t make any noise. Please keep___________.

A. quite B. quietly C. quiet D. more quietly

( ) 2. This is really a piece of _________news.

A. surprising B. surprised C. be surprised D. surprise

( ) 3. The smile on my mother’s face showed that she was_________ with me.

A. sad B. pleased C. angry D. sorry

( ) 4. ---Is the physics problem ________ ?

---Yes, I can work it out ___________.

A. easy, easy B. easy, easily C. easily , easy D. easily, easily

( ) 5. I think football is __________basketball in America.

A. more popular B. so popular C. as popular as D. less popular

( ) 6. ---Are you feeling___________?

---Yes, I’m fine now.

A. many well B. much better C. quite good D. a little well

( ) 7. Most of the people in Guangdong are getting___________.

A. more and more rich B. more rich and more rich

C. richer and richer D. richer and richest

( ) 8. ---Which country is __________, China or India?

---China, of course.

A. large B. smaller C. larger D. the largest

( ) 9.---How will she deal with the work?

---She doesn’t want to do it by herself. She want to ask someone else to do it,


A. yet B. too C. instead D. either

( ) 10. ---Can you work out the physics problem?

---Sorry, I can _______ understand its meaning.

A. almost B. quite C. nearly D. hardly

( ) 11. ---We want to see the movie, __________, all the tickets had been sold out

when we got there.

--- What a pity!

A. luckily B. however C. perhaps D. but

( ) 12. ---Emily, here’s a dictionary .I hope it will help you.

--- Thank you . It’s _______ what I want.

A. almost B. still C. only D. just

( ) 13. I don’t think teenagers can drive, because they aren’t __________.

A. enough careful B. enough carefully

C. careful enough D. carefully enough

( ) 14. Last weekend many people went to the concert, _______ young people.

A. hardly B. probably C. mostly D. happily

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