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单词拼写 (一)

1. I don’ ) to fly to London. ) off the ladder and was badly hurt. 成员 ) soon. 懒惰) student in his class. 他).

6. Don’t quarrel with her. That’ ) of time.

7. We can’慢). 名叫 ) Bob Scott was a robber. 十二) and last month of the year. ).


1.二) tallest boy in our class.

2.商店) are there in this street?

3.花费 ) me five minutes to walk there.

4. ) of workers in this factory.

5. He’ ) on weekdays.

6.宽 ).

7.等 ) for me when I got there.


9.在 ) the playground.

记得) to bring our work tomorrow.



第一) one to finish all the work.

) green trees now than there were three years ago.

4. He has a new car, but I’m afraid he isn’驾驶员). 递) your book to me, please.

) the Great Wall.

告诉 ) that we would have a picnic in the park. 瓶) of milk and some bread this morning.


) you’ll be late.


) English next term.

2. When they saw so many high buildings in Pudong, they couldn

叫) “Great!”

) for two weeks each time. 除非 ) you try.

小 ). 小偷) who robbed the Bank of Hawaii. 在?方面 ) protecting the environment. 生) birth to a very special boy in the barn. 大) in the afternoon.


学习) late at night.

切) things.

) in China.

远 ) is the park from here?


) of blue paper.

大 ) when I got home last night.

借) your pencil?

他), please.

) of the tree.


1. It’大) outside. We have to wait until the rain stops.

2. You’练习) speaking English among yourselves every day. 二 ) floor.

4. When was PRC ________ (成立 ), do you know?

穿过 ) the forest and got home at last.

6. Sharah can’t afford the food. I can’也 )

7. Shanghai is very big. It’) in China.

吐痰) around, please. Don’t forget we must improve our environment.

9. That’) so.

热 ) month of a year in most parts of China.


孩子) on the ground.

) for her to write the composition in English. 我们的 ).

) and told her to have a good rest. 观看) the football game on Sunday?

) in this school for five years.

) in Polly’s cage.

明亮 ).

) the E-mail?

第三) lesson is the most difficult in this book.


著名的 ) for the West Lake.

) ourselves at Linda’s dinner party last Sunday.

快)as you can.

到 ) our school an hour ago.

花费 ) Mr. Green’s family two months to spend their holiday. 她).

惊奇),he found the girl was blind.

但 ) he couldn’t get a ticket.

9. My English is poorer than yours. I cant’跟上)you now. ) a new bike for me.


盒子 ) on the teacher’s desk.

认真地) in your class?

第九 ) floor of the building.

4. The sweater isn’t yours. It’ ).

容易) than any other subjects.

绵羊 ) on the hill over there.

) learn English very hard.

) to all the students, so they all liked her.

9. ---Mike, can we go for a picnic this morning?

---Sorry, Mike. I’疲劳). You know I’ve worked the whole night.

10. –)is the most exciting sport there.

---Hope you have a nice time.


在) 10:30 last night.


地图) on the wall.

4. My ________ (妹妹) is watching TV now.

) in his class.

去) to school on foot.

高兴地 ) in the park.

第五 ) month of the year.

) in this school?

树) were planted last year?

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