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一、 熟记下列特殊疑问词。

什么东西 What’s this?

什么名字 What’s his name?

what 什么职业 He is What’s he?

What’s his job?

What does he do?

什么价格 What’s the price of this coat? How much is this coat? 干什么 What are they doing?

what color 什么颜色 What color is the coat? what time 几点 What time is it?

What’s the time?

what day 星期几 What day is today?

what date 几月几号 It’s What date is it?

What’s the date?

what class 几班 I’m in What class are you in? How are you? 你(身体状况)怎么样? / 你好吗?

how 怎么样 How do you like the movie?=What do you think of the movie? 你认为这部电影怎么样? How do you usually come to school? 你通常怎么样来上学? how old 几岁 How old is your mother?

how many+可数名词的复数形式 How many students are there in your class? how much+不可数名词 ( 多少钱) How much milk do I need?

how far多远(指距离) How far is it from your home to school? how long多长时间 How long have they stayed in China? how often多久几次 How often do you exercise?

how soon多久以后(用在将来时态中) How soon will he be back?

how tall 多高(人或树) How tall is the man?

how high 多高(山) How high is the mountain?

how heavy多重 How heavy is the bag?

how long 多长 How long is the river?

how deep 多深 How deep is the hole?

how wide 多宽 How wide is the road?

where在哪里 Where can I borrow some books?

which哪一些;哪一个 Which woman is your mother?

who/whom谁 Who are you waiting for?

whose谁的 Whose backpack is this?

why为什么 Why didn’t he come to school yesterday? when何时;什么时候 When do you usually get up on Sundays?


1. Her sister’s name is ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

4. It’s th today. ___________________________________________


6. It’s ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

10. They’ll be back _____________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________

14. It’s ______________________________________ _____________________________________ ______________________________________

17. It’s __________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ _____________________________________ __ ________________________________________ _____________________________________ ______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

24. This is __________________________________________ ______________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

___________________________________ ________________________________________________ people are waiting at the doctor’s waiting room.


(1) (2)

(1) _______________________________________________________________


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