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初一上U1-8 词组和句型



Good morning-Good morning Good afternoon-Good afternoon Good evening-Good evening 2. Hello-Hello Hi-Hi

3. Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, too. 4. How do you do? – How do you do? 5. I’m Han Mei / My name is Han Mei. 6. Sit down, please.

7. How are you? I’m fine/Ok/all right/very well. 8. What is /What’s this? It’s / It is an apple

9. What is / What’s your name? My name is / My name’s Ann.U2

1. Sorry. - That’s all right. / That’s OK. 2. This is Jim Green.

3. Can you spell it, please?

-- Yes, J-I-M, Jim, G-R-double E-N, Green. 4. Excuse me . Are you Mr. Read? --Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. 5. Welcome to China!

6. Where’s / Where is “B”? It’s here.

7. Goodbye! Bye! Bye-bye! See you. See you later.



What’s your (his, her,) number? --My/ His/ Her number is 5 (five). --I’m/ He’s /She’s number 5(Five).

2. He is in Row 1 (One)/ What row is he in?

in Class 2 (Two) / What class is he in? in Grade 3 (Three) / What grade is he in? in Class 2, Grade 3. / What class is he in?

number 2. / What’s his number? / What number is he? 3. He is Number 2 in Row 1. He is number 2, Row 1.

4. What’s one plus one? It’s two. 5. What’s one minus one ? It’s zero. 6. How old are you? I’m eleven.


1. What’s this / that in English? It’s a pen /an eraser.

2. an apple/ orange/ egg/eraser/English boy/old man/ American girl

an “Aa”/Ee/Ii/Oo/Ff/Hh/Ll/Mm/Nn/Rr/Ss/Xx 3. Is this/ that a map? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t


1. Who is this? This is/ She is Toy. 2. I think he’s very old.

3. Who’s that in Picture 1 (one)? Who’s that in the picture? 4. I don’t know his /her/its/your name.

5. Is he /she /it ten? Yes, he/she/it is. No, he/she/it isn’t. 6. Who’s not here? Ann is not here. 7. at school/ at home

8. This is Sam. / Is that Sam? 9. Is Bill in? Is Bill at home?

10. Is your friend a boy or a girl? She is a girl.


1. Here you are.

2. That’s OK/That’s all right/You’re welcome/Not at all. 3. What are/What’re these /those? They are /they’re boxes. 4. It’s very good/nice. 5. banana trees

6. Are these/those your English books? Yes, they are/No, they aren’t.7. Thank you /thanks very much /a lot. 8. come in.


1. Who’s on duty today?

2. Are we all here? / Is everyone here? 3. We have two new students. 4. Their names are… 5. We’re twins.

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6. You look the same

7. We’re American(s)/Japanese/Chinese/English.

I’m (an) American/(a) Japanese/(a) Chinese/English

He’s an American boy/an English boy/a Japanese boy/a Chinese boy. 6. go and see, please

7. come in/come here/come to school/come home/come down 8. have a seat =sit down 9. You look like Lucy’s hat.

8. look after the twins. 9. This way, please.

10. Am I in the same row?

11. Can we put our coats here /there/over there? 12. Put them here. 13. Am I in Row one?

Are we in Row One? 14.


1. fax/phone/bike/room/ID number 2. Ask that man over there. 3. Your car licence number 4. look at this, please. 5. Can I see your licence? 6. I’ll take it.

7. What’s his address?

8. My teacher’s name is Gao Hui. 9. I have two good friends.

10. My home phone number is…


1.family tree 2.in England/China/America 3. Jim and I are good friends. You, he and I are good friends.

4. We go to the same school in Beijing.

We go to different schools in Beijing.

You and Lucy’s hat look the same. 11. She is like her dad.

She looks like her dad.

She and her dad look the same. She likes her dad .

I want a sweater like this.

12. your family photo = a photo of your family.

A picture of Ann’s family = Ann’s family photo/picture. 13.The Green family are at home.

The Greens are at home

The Green family is a big family. 15. Glad to meet you.

Nice/Glad to see you.

16. I teach her Chinese and she teaches me English . 17. have a cup of tea with me U10

6. on the tree(本)/in the tree(外)

on the wall/in the wall(window, door, hole) 8. a picture of a classroom. 9. look at the picture

11. There is a map on the wall in the classroom. 12. It’s a map of China. It’s a map of the world. 14. It’s an SAR 15. Here it is. Here you are. 16.on the fish bowl. U11.

1. What’s in the teacher’s room? There is a desk in it.

There are two boxes and a desk in it.

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2. at the door of the teacher’s room. 3. The door is locked. 4. Can you see her? Can you see her desk? 5. There are many things.

There are some books.

6. We must open the door and get the ball. 7. on a piece of paper. 8. Can you help me? Can I help you?

10. There’s some money in my purse. 11. Don’t worry. Let me help you find it. 12. Let’s (us) help them find her and him. 14. Let me see. Let me have a look.

Let me see the picture.

Let me have a look at the picture. Let me look at the picture.

18. like to play in the tree house. Like playing in the tree house 19. He’s up there in the tree with Bill (me)

He and Bill (I) are up there in the tree. He with Bill (me) is up there in the tree. 21. That’s it. U12

1.a Young Pioneer

2.How many children/men/women are there?

There is only one/there are some(two)/There aren’t any 3.They’re at school/at home/at work. 5. let me count.

6. There is a boat on the river/in the river 7. Is there a light on the desk?

Yes, there is. No there isn’t.

8. There are some animals in the picture. Are there any animals in the picture? Yes, there are. No, there aren’t (any)

There aren’t any animals in the picture.

9. (one) two sheep /fish/Japanese/Chinese/ two people. 10. There is a little sheep there 13. Come on. 14. go and ask Peter/him.

15. There isn’t a cat. /There is no cat.

There aren’t any cats. / There are no cats. 1)How many bikes can you see under the tree? 2)What can you see under the tree?

1)How many hills are there in the picture? 2)What’s in the picture? 18. 1)I have a brother.

2)We have some brothers. 3)It is a book. 4)They are books.

19.There is a sheep over there.

There are some sheep over there. 20. Is there a sheep over there?

Are there any sheep over there? 22. There are two boys in the boat. U13

1. It’s What is it?

What colour is the car Which car is new?

4. It’s black / red /pink /white /green /yellow /blue /purple /brown /orange /grey/dark blue/light blue 5.Can’t you see?

6. One is red and one is grey.

One is red and the other is grey. 7. I like that one.

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8. You have a very nice sweater.

9. It looks very nice/very new /very old.

He looks very young/very old. 10. The one in the green car.

12. The woman in the red coat. /in red/in the red hat/ in the black gloves/ in take off your shoes

13. 1)my gloves are green. What about yours?

2)What about the brown one? 3)What about going to school? 4)He is a doctor. What about her? the brown shoes.

Where is the girl?

Which girl is your sister?

one in Tom’s. Which one is Tom’s?16. in Picture 1 /in the picture. 17. colour it /them green

18.There are five people in my family. 19. We live in a house /We live in Fuzhou. 20. There is a small garden. U14

1. look at the clothes. 2. on Mrs Green’s clothes line.

3. Whose clothes do you think they are?

Whose clothes are they?

4. What colour is Mrs Green’s dress? It’s light purple.

5. What colour are Kate’s shoes /gloves/trousers/clothes/socks They’re dark brown 9. Is this red coat yours? Is this your red coat?

11.These/Those trousers are theirs.

These /Those are their trousers. 12. Put it /them on

take it /them off put your shoes on take your shoes off put on your shoes

15. take them to the classroom 16. beside/ near /at the tree.

18. Who in our class has brown shoes? 19.Whose shirt in Row 2 is white? 20.In the Read family. /in the Reads 23. I’m from /I come from Fuzhou. 24. in the middle of China. 25. about nine hundred students. 26. in our school.

in our class.

In our classroom.

27.Our names are almost the same. 28.She is nice to me.

29.I want to find a pen-friend. 30. Write to me

Whose is this blouse? Whose blouse is this? U15

1.give sb sth/ give sth to sb(宾)

1) give me the book /give the book to me. 2) Give it /them to me

2.Can you look after my watch?(请求) I can see the bird in the tree(能力) You can go with Dad to day. (许可) 3.What’s the time? What time is it?

8.4:30:four thirty half past four.

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9.4:15: four fifteen a quarter past four 10.12:00 twelve o’clock/noon

11.3:25 three twenty five twenty-five past three. 12.3:55 three fifty-five five to four 13.9:05 nine o five five past nine 14.It’s time(to have a )(for) break 15.It’s time (to have a )(for) class.

16.It’s time (to have)(for) breakfast/lunch/supper.

17.It’s time (to play)(for) games/football/basketball/Ping Pong 19. get up

It’s time to I must watch TV

Let’s 23.in the morning/afternoon/evening 28.at night

33.I like my work very much.

>What’s one and one? I’m Number He’s in class It’s > What’s the time?

What time is it? 35. There are sixty minutes in an hour. U13

1. find the differences.

2. What difference can you find? 3. in different classes.

4. What/Who else can you see? 5. go shopping 6. Can I see it?

Can I have a look at it? 7. They look young.

8. Who’s that man between him and her? 9. What’s your email address? 10. Draw some birds over the hill. 11. He has many toys for the children.

12. He gives different toys to different children. 13. The girls play with dolls and toy animals. 14. He is a father of four children. 15. We look like each other(彼此) 16. I catch mice.

17. we can be friends. 18. Let’s be good friends.

19. Nice meeting you.Nice to meet you.

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