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九年级英语unit6 Reading

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新目标 九年级 Unit 6

Fill in each blank with the correct word given. Change the form of the word if necessary. Then make your own sentences with each word. remind can’t stand look for prefer love

1. I _______ classical music to pop music. prefer 2. That man ________ me of my English reminds teacher. They wear the same clothes. 3. We’re __________ a quiet place to go on looking for vacation. Do you know a good place? 4. I ____ eating ice cream on a hot day. love There’s nothing better! 5. I __________ hamburgers! They make can’t stand me feel sick.


1. Whatever you ___ (无论你做什么), _______ ____ do
don’t forget to tell me.

2. I’m going to Hainan for my
__________________ (为期3周的假 three-week holiday

期). 3. I _____ _______ ______ (更喜欢古 prefer classical music 典音乐) to pop music.

填入合适的关系代词。 1. John is the man ________ owns the who/that book. 2. This is the pen which/that I bought on _________ Sunday. 3. Who’s the girl ______________ Bill is whom/who/that dancing with? 4. Are these all the letters _____ came in that this morning’s post?

5. The people _________ used to live who/that
in that house have moved.

6. The bus __________ goes to the which/that
hospital is No. 33.

Read the e-mail and write a reply to Lingling.

One sample version
Dear Lingling, I’m very glad to know that you have a great time in Hong Kong. I want to learn English because English is widely used in the world. It is a bridge for us to communicate with people of other countries,

and to learn the different culture in different countries. If I learn English well, I can read many books,

magazines, newspapers in English.
And I can enjoy many great films in


I listened to a wonderful CD recently. It is about the life on the campus. I like music that has great lyrics and songs that singers sing their words clearly. And most of my friends also like music that they can sing along with.

Last Sunday we went to a very good
restaurant. Chinese food is my favorite.

I like spring rolls, dumplings, smoked
fish and so on. I don’t often go to cinemas. But I often watch films on TV at home. I prefer to see foreign films that have

been awarded Oscar Prizes such as Gone with the Wind, Titanic, Pride and Prejudice etc. I think they are great. Yours,


How important is keeping

healthy to you?

What food would you like to eat? Why?

Look at the diets of two people. Discuss which diet is healthier and why. Linda’s Diet She prefers: to drink water to eat brown bread and rice to eat fruit and fish

Jack’s Diet
He prefer: to drink coffee to eat white bread and rice to eat sweet desserts

I. 根据短文内容完成下列表格, 每空词 数不限。 Name What (not) to eat Peter He only eats food that (1) __________. tastes good He loves to eat (2) _____ that’s meat well cooked.


He prefers not to eat too much food that is (3) _____. fried


ra She never eats (4) ________ or fast food

She never eats meat. She eats

mainly (5) _________________. fruit and vegetables

II. 根据短文内容, 选择最佳选项。 (B ) 1. From what Peter says we know ______.

A. he only eats healthy food
B. he knows his food is not always

C. his food is not healthy

D. Peter is seriously ill

(C ) 2. Which of the following is Tony’s opinion? A. Eating meat is bad for health. B. Eating a lot of meat is good for health. C. Eating a balanced diet is better than eating only biscuits and hamburgers. D. If you don’t like a kind of food, you shouldn’t eat it.

( A) 3. Laura never eats anything that’s been cooked in oil because ______. A. some types of oil are bad for her health B. such food doesn’t taste good C. oil hasn’t been tested in the laboratory D. she doesn’t like burnt food

( D) 4. What kind of food might cause cancer
according to what Laura says?

A. Oiled bread.
C. Dried beef. A. Tony.

B. Fried chicken.
D. Burnt meat. B. Laura.

( C) 5. Who likes to eat barbecued meat? C. Peter. D. All of them.

Go through the conversation and find all the language that is only used when speaking. Add them to the chart below.

An exclamation

Really! Never! Oh! Yes, it is!
er, Hm, um

A sound made to show you are thinking

A tag question

isn’t it? don’t you? is it? shouldn’t they? don’t, Here’s, I’d, it’s, isn’t, that’s, I’ve, shouldn’t

A contraction

Use the information from the conversation to match the statement with each person.
Peter Laura Tony 1.This person spoke last. 2.This person says tasty food is bad for you. 3.This person eats a balanced diet. 4.This person is a strict vegetarian. 5.This person doesn’t mind eating burnt food. 6.This person is shocked by what others eat.

Whose opinions do you support? Why?

Write each type of food or drink from the reading in the correct column.

water, fruit, vegetable, nuts, some meat or fish, well cooked food

cola, fried food, French fries, sugar, sweet dessert, burnt barbecued meat, biscuits, hamburgers, oil

Do a class survey to find out of diets. Check (√)each person’s answer under the YES or NO column. Discuss the results of the survey.
YES Are you a vegetarian? Do you care how much fried food you eat? Do you prefer to drink water when you are thirsty? Do you only eat food that you like? NO

Write a report of what was said in the discussion by Laura, Peter and Tony. Use words like “agree “ and “disagree”.
Peter wants to stay healthy but he thinks food that tastes good is bad for you. Tony agrees __________________________________ __________________________________.

Paragraph one: A vicious circle
eat too much junk food no exercise don’t like the way they look overweight

Paragraph four: A vicious circle:
sleep less work late tired in the day

you are unhappy want to catch up

can’t study well

others unhappy with you

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