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( )1.It’s A. fun B. funny C. funer D. more fun

( )2. There are some differences between Tom and Jim ____they are twin(双胞胎)brothers.

A. though B. if C. until D. So ( )3.Mark exercises every day, but I don’t. He is ________ than me.

A. healthier B. more healthy C. more healthier D. much healthy ( )4. If you want to be _____ ,you have to eat ____ food and take _____ exercise. A. thinner, less, more B. thinner, little, more C. thin, few, enough D. thinner, fewer, less

( )5. They______ students.They______ to watch TV. A are both, like both B both are, both like C are both, both like D both are, like both

( )6. —How many children do you have, Mrs Green? —A son and a daughter. And they are _____ students now. A. both B. all C. every D. each ( )7. His funny story made all of them _____. A. laughed B. to laugh C. laugh D. Laughs

( )8. Jim’s bag is _________ than Kate’s.

A. bigger B. big C. biggest D. biger ( )9. My brother is _____ taller than me. A. very B. too C. so D. much ( )10. That book is not so ______ as this one.

A. interesting B. more interesting C. most interesting D. the most interesting ( )11. For my friend, I like doing the same thing ______.

A like him B like he does C as he does D as he is

( )12. The twins ________. Others always mistake(弄错) them.

A. look same B. look like C. look the same D. look diffrent ( )13. Tony is ________ than before, so he has ________ friends now.

A. friendly, more B. friendly, fewer C. friendlier, more D. friendlier, fewer ( )14. I am _________ than Tim.

A. two years old B. two years old C. two years elder D. two years older ( )15. Computers are very popular now and they are not as _______as before.

A. expensive B. more expensive C. most expensive D. the most expensive


Jenny and Ann are sisters. They live than Ann. She likes living in town very much. Jenny thinks living in town is than living in the countryside. Because she likes the lights in town. She thinks the lights night than the stars in the sky. She likes to read books, and she reads more quickly Ann. She often reads until late at night.

Ann likes the countryside better. She likes to visit aunt. She always helps her aunt her work. Ann likes to run. She runs faster than Jenny. In the countryside, Ann can . ( )1A in B on C at D for ( )2A old B older C oldest D the old

( )3A interesting B less interesting C more interesting D most interesting ( )4A in B on C at D for ( )5A am B is C are D be ( )6A as B than C from D in ( )7A she B he C his D her ( )8A at B with C on D in ( )9A also B to C either D to ( )10A do B doing C to do D does 三、阅读理解。(30分)


My name’s Mary.I am a heavy and tall girl with long hair.I like to have friends who are different from me.My best friend is Wang Fang.She comes from china.She is shorter than me.And she has longer hair than me.She is much more outgoing than me.She often tells jokes.Her favorite thing is reading books. My favorite thing is playing chess.But we have one thing in common.We both like playing ping-pang.She plays better than me.We often help and learn from each other. ( )1Mary is______ .

A heavy B thin C little D short ( )2Mary likes to have friends who are______ .

A taller than B the same as C calmer than D different from ( )3Wang Fang’s hair is______ than Mary’s.

A shorter B longer C curlier D darker ( )4Wang Fang’s favorite thing is______ .

A reading books B drawing C playing basketball D singing ( )5Mary and Wang Fang both like to______ .

A play soccer B dance C play ping-pang D tall jokes


Guitar Player Wanted

Are you a lover of music? Can you play the guitar? Can you sing or dance? Welcome to our Sunshine Rock Band. Please call Mike at 5487-6598 or send an e-mail to

sunshine@yahoo.com. Yang Mei

( )11.This letter is from Joan to Yang Mei. Hot Club

Do you like to play table tennis? Do you want to play it well? Mr Zhang is a good ( )12.Yang Mei talks about herself and school in the letter to Joan. teacher. You can come here every Saturday afternoon ( )13. Joan’s father is a businessman and works in a company. from 2:30 to 5:30. ( )14.There are about 2000 students and 200 teachers in Yang Mei’s school.

Telephone: 8665-7868 ( )15.Joan asks Yang Mei to go to her school if she has time. Address: Room 105, Lantian Hotel 四. 补全对话,其中有一项多余。(5x1=5) Swimmer Wanted Peter: Do you know Lily, Sue? Can you swim? Do you like children? Can you Sue: Yes, she’s my best friend. teach them to swim on Sundays? Come and join us. Call Peter: (1) ______

Joe at 8472-9999 for more information. Because she likes to do the same things as I do.(2) ______ Summer Job Peter: Do you like playing table tennis, too? Do you like to talk with people? Do you like to write stories? Would you like to Sue: Yes .But I’m more athletic than Lily. What about you, Peter?(3) ______ work for a magazine? Then come and work as a reporter. Please call Karen at 5561-8823. Peter: My best friend is Tony. ( )6. If you want to join the Sunshine Rock Band, you should play the _____ well. Sue: (4) ______ A. piano B. guitar C. drum D. violin Peter: He is tall and has short hair. ( )7. Who can teach you to play table tennis? Sue: (5) ______ A. Mike. B. Joe. Peter: Yes. Some people say that we look the same. But Tony is a little heavier than I. C. Mr Zhang. D. Karen. 五.根据句意及首字母填词(7分) ( )8. You want to learn to play table tennis. Then you can go to Lantian Hotel on _____.

A. Fridays B. Saturdays 1.Don’t talk l________in the hallway. C. Sundays D. Mondays 2.Bees(蜜蜂( )9. You want to teach children to swim. Then you can call _____.

A. 5487-6598 B. 8665-7868 3.He has talent in music,we can also say he is t________ in music.

C. 8472-9999 D. 5561-8823 4.You can see yourself in a m________.

( )10. The ads above(上面的广告) may be from _____. 5.It’for us to learn English well.

A. a newspaper B. a storybook 6.If you study harder,you will get better g________ .

C. a science book D. a guidebook 7.There is a s ________ ,“Old habits die hard”. C 六、根据下面你和同班同学付怡的比较表完成短文,每空一词。(8分) 读文章,判断正(T)误(F)。

April 3rd,2003 Dear Joan, How are you ? It’s very nice of you to write to me. From your letter I know a lot about you and your school. Now let you know something about my school and me . I’m thirteen years old. I’m in Class Five, Grade Two at Yucai Middle School. My My friend Fu Yi and I are in the __1___class. She is one year__2__ than me. I am father is a businessman. He works in a company (公司). My mother is a nurse. She works

not as__3__ as her. I am quiet, but she is __4___outgoing. Both of us like English and in a hospital. They both work very hard. We are happy. physics. She is ___5__at English than me, but she is __6___talented in physics than me. Our school is very big. It has about 2000 students and 200 teachers. All the teachers I have __7___books than she has. She is my ___8___friend in our class. are very friendly and all the students study very hard. We are working for the people. 1______ 2______ 3______ 4______ Please come and have a look at our school if you have time. 5______ 6______ 7______ 8______ Yours,

九. 书面表达(共10分)




This is my best friend Jim.

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