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( )60. He _________ harder this year than last year.

A. study B. studies C. was studying D. studied

( )61. I think no news ________ good news, he will be back soon.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( )62.--Can I help you? --Yes. I bought this computer here yesterday, ,but it ______ now.

A. didn't work B. won't work C. can’t work D. doesn't work

( )63. --What about the food on the plate? –It _________ delicious.

A. smelling B. smelt C. smells D. is smelt

( )64: What a nice garden! How well it _________ after!

A. has looked B. looks C. is looked D. is looking

( )65. Look! Lily with her sister _________ a kite on the playground.

A. is flying B.are flying C.flying D. fly

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